Does the job well.4/18/2021 2:03:36 PM

Pros: - It comes with 2 pieces of high-grade double-sided sticky tape for mounting this screw-less, as well as 2 screws. I used both the tape and the screws, for extra security. - It's nice that because of where I installed this and the hinge/folding action it has, if my knee hits it, it just flips up.

Cons: N/A - This simple product does the job, so I don't see any cons. Price, packaging, and quality are all good.

Overall Review: The soft part is a sort of hard foam. I think this is the correct material choice, as it keeps headphones from scuffing/chafing on the metal without being grippy or hard to work with. It's simple and it does the job correctly.

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Cheap product + gets the job done = great value4/18/2021 1:59:02 PM

Pros: - Cheap - Does what you need it to do - Doesn't look too bad, either

Cons: - Cheap materials: bolts chattered if even slightly overtightened - Cheap packaging: one bag ripped open and materials *could have* fallen out of the box during shipment (but luckily didn't).

Overall Review: If you want a low-budget dual-monitor gas spring mount, this is perfect. Just remember it's cheap and treat it with care so it can last you. Tips: - Double-check you have all the materials before you start. The install guide has a bill of materials on the first page... count everything. (Contact support if anything is missing, or just go to Home Depot and buy what you need.) - Take out all the cable-channel bolts before mounting... one bolt for me was very hard to get out and I couldn't get a screwdriver in at the right angle without taking the mount back off the desk. - Use your own screwdriver too, and don't over-torque bolts! (Screw them in slowly, a little at a time, so that when they snug up, you don't blow past it and chatter the head.) - Plan your install. - Spacers are included for mounting your monitor as "optional if needed". Just use them. For the cost of this mount, I highly recommend it. It doesn't look cheap, it just has cheap bolts and packaging, so be cautious during setup.

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It's a long cable.4/3/2021 11:45:26 AM

Pros: It works. Decent quality. Long.

Cons: The in-line cylinders just before the connector are a little big, but that's not an issue. (This could also be related to the length of the cable.)

Overall Review: With simple products like these, they either get it right or they don't.They got this one right.

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Budget cordless bluetooth earbuds that do the job4/3/2021 11:39:10 AM

Pros: - It's exactly as advertised.- Customizable: it comes with several (silicon?) inserts in addition to the usual earcushion sizes to accommodate larger ear sizes.- Cheap.- Fairly great sound quality.

Cons: - The right-ear bud is the actual Bluetooth device that pairs with your phone, the left just connects to the right or something. So, if you want to only use one earbud, you have to either use the right ear, or use the left ear and keep the right ear on , usually by leaving it out of the case somewhere (since it turns off when it docks). I will sometimes just "undock" it by turning it sideways in the case and leaving it in the partially-closed case to keep the audio connected.- The case dock doesn't connect with the earbud once in a blue moon... you have to wiggle the bud in to place if the light doesn't turn on. (Not a big deal, but it's worth knowing so you don't pull out your "fully charged" earbud only to hear "battery medium".)(( I imagine the following issues are universal to most, if not all, wireless earbuds. ))- If you pick too large of an earcushion, it creates a suction. This isn't bad, but it's not a feeling I want. (I downsized the earcushion so it's less snug).- Too large of an ear-size insert will cause your ears to hurt after a few days.- Too small of earcushions and ear-size inserts will cause these to fall out of your ear occasionally.

Overall Review: If you want to get cheap bluetooth earbuds, get these.Not bad for the low price I paid.That said... next time I have some pocket change, my next purchase will be over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones.

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It's a good, long cord.4/3/2021 11:27:55 AM

Pros: It does the job. It's long, it fits, it seems of decent quality. I assume the advertised power ratings are good as I haven't had any issues while using it.

Cons: The right angle went the wrong way for how I needed it? That's my problem though, not theirs.

Overall Review: With simple products like these, you either get it right or you don't.They got it right. End of story.

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It does the job excellently.4/3/2021 11:25:54 AM

Pros: Good quality, attractive design. It does what's required.

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: With simple products like these, you either get it right or you don't.They got it right. End of story.

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Great for the cost. Does what I required.4/3/2021 11:24:13 AM

Pros: - Fairly simple install. Minimal issues.- Magnetic antenna stand with cords is exactly what I wanted.- Having the option to switch to antennas directly on the card is nice to have, though I doubt I'll personally use it.- WiFi 6. It's fast. (I don't have the capability or desire to do a speed test... it's faster than my previous solution and that's what matters.)- Bluetooth. It does the job. (I occasionally use it for controllers or hooking my phone up.)

Cons: - Bluetooth is just okay. (Audio sucked, and using TV as a bluetooth display was awful, too, but this product alone is not the sole issue, and neither scenario are why I bought this card anyway.) That said, my controllers connect with no notable issues, and that's all I need it for.- Bluetooth uses one of your USB motherboard connector slots (the ones that your external slots plug into if you've ever added USB ports to your computer case). Not an issue for me, but it caught me by surprise.

Overall Review: This product was a cheap solution to not only get my desktop on WiFi, but to keep it on WiFi without upgrading again for several years. It came with the bonus of Bluetooth, which I didn't need but wanted the option of having, and it does that job fine. (If Bluetooth fidelity is important to you, consider a separate stand-alone Bluetooth radio instead.)This product delivered exactly what I needed at the price I was willing to pay. To anyone trying to balance cost with quality, this product does not disappoint.---Note: the antenna cables aren't as long as I'd like (they're about 3ft, I think) but that's not a con. I'm currently shopping for extension cords right now anyway, so there's certainly a solution.

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it blows.3/22/2012 12:32:00 PM

Pros: ...really well, might i add. :D If I recall correctly, I think I get about 2500rpms out of it near top speed.

Cons: If I HAD to pick a con, I'd say it's really bright (which isn't bad, either). I hardly notice though, since it's INSIDE after all. :P Also, it's not SUPER quiet, so if you're going for a ninja fan, go throw a few extra bucks at a step up. However, it's not loud, either. If you're just looking for a fan that's not too loud, this'll do.

Overall Review: If you need a [blue light-up] case fan, get it. (oh, fun fact. I don't recall if it came with mounting screws or not... I think it did, but since I didn't have a space to mount it appropriately in my case, I just ziptied it to the frame. It holds fine. :P)

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