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I'm definitely pleased10/23/2008 7:56:35 AM

Pros: Nice and big, even lighting throughout the panel except for some minor changes in the corner (which is easily within acceptable limits for the price of the monitor), no dead pixels. The first thing I did was run it through some monitor tests at Lagom, and I was very pleased to see that once the brightness was lowered from 100 to about 75 the contrast lines were visible all the way from 1 through 30, and I could just barely make out the brightest 2 variations. Passed sharpness testing and black level like a champ, but had some difficulty with the white saturation tests (could view through 250). Will probably improve with some further adjustments, but I did just get it yesterday, so I haven't quite had time.

Cons: The stand was a bit of a chore, but not nearly as difficult to install as some of the earlier reviews would lead you to believe (I put it on the bed to get a little leverage, as was described by another reviewer, worked well enough). I also didn't hear any click when mine finally went in (I was just pushing and pushing, then I lifted it up to get it better situated to keep pushing and the base came up with the screen... pulled on the base with some decent force and it stayed put).

Overall Review: I went from a 17" Samsung circa 2004 to this and my head's still spinning. I also wasted most of my night finding wallpapers instead of working, so I recommend that anyone upgrading to something like this try get a good collection of walls to choose from before it arrives or you may not get any work done for the rest of the week.

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