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Fantastic3/1/2011 1:14:28 PM

Pros: Fantastic build quality, it's sturdy enough that you can type on the laptop while it's on the stand. Looks amazing - very impressive in that regard. It's fits a wide variety of laptops, not just Macs. I've used it with my old PowerBook G4, now with my new MacBook, and also with my work Dell D620, and new work laptop - HP EliteBook. I have one on the right of my work workstation with my Macbook on it for personal stuff. I'm thinking about adding a second on the left with my work laptop. Why? The angle - for me - is PERFECT for using either with Synergy or with a keyboard and mouse with the laptop.

Cons: Nada

Overall Review: Like I said, I love this thing. $50 is well worth the quality you get, I've tried others and they just don't compare.

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Absolutely brilliant1/29/2011 6:54:56 PM

Pros: Bought two of these for two Hyper-V hosts. In a word? Brilliant. Transfer rates are exceptional, the included Windows GUI is fantastic and very intuitive, true hardware RAID, and the ability to add battery backup if needed. Migrating a SQL server from a 6 year old Dell with 10krpm Ultra 320 drives to a VM with this card on the host and SATA disks (WD 2TB Blacks) showed a performance gain. We were shooting for even, but wow. RAID-6 support is brilliant. We had two drives fail out of the box after the array was created and up, using the gui utility while the host was running we were able to take the drives offline, then move the VMs to a failover host.

Cons: The GUI BIOS is pretty laggy. Save yourself the frustration if you're able and just use the cli in Linux or Windows utility.

Overall Review: Like I said, the RAID-6 support is brilliant. Two drive failures, and we were able to move the VMs over to a failover host via GigE in a very short period of time (saturated the Gig link), then take the array offline without physically shutting down the host. These are generally features I don't expect at this price point, frankly. No hot-plug, but dang, one can't get too spoiled. I'll be getting a pair of the 8i's when we re-do our SANs next year.

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3 out of 8 have been bad (so far)1/29/2011 6:47:04 PM

Pros: Extremely fast for the storage size, and the price is pretty hard to beat when you need the most storage possible in a dense environment. Bought because we've got a ton of 1TB Blacks already and they're fantastic and reliable drives. Newegg's support of their customers, as always, is top freaking notch.

Cons: 2 out of 8 were DOA, and 1 just started throwing media errors (which is a sign it's on it's way). Not exactly what I was expecting.

Overall Review: Even with that in mind, the price for the performance is pretty impossible to beat. We built two new Hyper-V hosts in 2U Supermicro cases with 2x8 core Opterons with 4 of these each in a RAID6 tied to a LSI 9260-4i. Running in RAID-6, when they run, they're quite the screamers. I was frankly pretty impressed.. when they run. Although you've gotta love the LSI controller. Even with two failed drives the array still stayed up, and I was able to migrate to a failover Hyper-V host in < 10 minutes, saturating the gig link between the two.. even in degraded mode.

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Manufacturer Response:
We apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced. Should a hard drive exhibit signs or possible concerns regarding failure, we recommend performing a few steps to rule out any factors that may not be related to the drive, and isolate what you may be experiencing. If the drive is connected to a RAID controller, please connect the drive to a single stand-alone SATA connection on the system and run our diagnostics tool; WINDLG. If the drive passes, then there may be some other concern, such as power or data. You will want to consider trying a different cable and power connectors within the system, and if possible, an entirely different system altogether. Should you require further assistance from our support team, contact us at 1 (800) 275-4932, or via our support website at: http://support.wdc.com/rs/. Indicate you are replying to a Newegg review.
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Fantastic for Hyper-V1/24/2011 5:28:21 PM

Pros: In the past I've used HP's with quad core Xeons and VMWare, but after some research we decided to try to build two Opteron-based hosts running Hyper-V on Server 2008 R2 Datacenter. What can I say but.. whoa. We coupled it with System Center Virtual Machine Manager and so far have converted four physical hosts to VM's on two host machines that are identical. Blazingly fast, one of them is a SQL server that I was hesitant to VM but.. not anymore. Can you say "wow"? I can.

Cons: Benchmarks lower than a Xeon that's priced twice as much with half the cores. Um.. okay?

Overall Review: We're probably going to order a dozen more like this.. and a couple with Quadra's for desktop virtualization. seriously. Build: 2xOpteron 6128's 32GB Kingston DDR3 Supermicro dual socket G34 barebones 2x250GB Western Digital Enterprise Drives (Boot/OS) 4x2TB Western Digital Caviar Black (Data/VM's) LSI MegaRAID SATA Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter

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