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Great product held back by cheap blower fans6/24/2018 6:30:33 PM

Pros: - Amazing performance in a compact design, novel chip with built in AMD graphics - Easy to put together and start using - Exception amount of ports and customization options - Fancy retail box (if you like that sort of thing) - Runs very quiet, very well vented

Cons: - Inaccessible blower fans (see note) that had bearings start to fail within weeks - You have to disconnect the skull lights every time you go into the machine, very delicate cable that is probably best left alone - Hilariously large power brick - it's like the size of a VHS tape - Not as sturdy as previous NUC machines

Overall Review: I really liked this machine and was using it for 4K video work and gaming, but things started to go sideways after about a week and I had to send it back. Let me explain - it has 2 blower fans attached to a large heat sink on the underside of the machine, under the motherboard that you can't get to. In my case, one of those blower fans had bad bearings that started to fail after a week, producing a very annoying grinding/rattling sound. The bearings are so bad that even when powered off, the machine rattles when you pick it up ... On previous Skull Canyons there was only one blower, and it was easily accessible should you need to maintain it. Not so in this case. RMA'd the machine, hoping the replacement is better. Would give it a solid 5 if it wasn't for this, but am now deeply concerned about the quality of parts Intel is putting into these machines...

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