Finally An Excellent Audio Card!5/1/2021 4:56:45 AM

Pros: This Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus has very Clean Sound Quality and does not Dull out at High Volume Levels as the Creative Sound Blaster Z did. The Creative Sound Blaster Z was a very Poor Quality Sound Card and the Software was even more frustrating. This AE-5 Plus sounds better than the EVGA Nu Audio and even better at Higher Volume Levels. The EVGA would dull out the High Frequencies at 90% Volume levels. The EVGA was way overpriced for what it was and had no What You Hear Software, so no Music Audio was not possible to Record with no Stereo Mix options available. That to me was an EVGA Rip Off to not include What You Hear Stereo Mix.

Cons: For Audio Studio use, stay away from the EVGA Nu Audio Series. No allowed Music Audio recording, as it is not possible due to the lack of Quality, and no What You Hear Options.

Overall Review: Creative finally got another good Sound card out. The Creative Sound BlasterX AE-5 Plus is a very Good Card and decent Software, an it also has the Native Speaker Check Testing Software that the XFI Series had.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Not what was Pictured!3/26/2021 10:15:44 PM

Pros: Not Happy with the latest Physical Quality.

Cons: Just a cheap Black front Bezel. No White lettered Silk Screen anymore as Pictured.Looks as if the Quality has severly dropped due the times.

Overall Review: Will not Purchase again!

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Bright & Beautiful, Fast Memory!10/13/2019 4:20:52 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the Retail Box, set XMP 2.0 and the Memory set to 3600mhz without errors. Got the Correct Memory Stick Color ordered, (White). Timings were spot on 18-19-19-39

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Slightly Faster than the Team Group Night Hawk PC-3600 that runs at 18-20-20-44. I was expecting more than just a few FPS Faster with the Corsair at 18-19-19-39. But still all in all the Corsair has much better looking RGB Leds, than the Night Hawk has.

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Hynix inside, Performance Lacking.9/17/2019 3:58:40 AM

Pros: Pretty to look at, Gold Color.

Cons: The Team Group Night Hawk PC 3600 18-20-20-44 Timings beats this PC 3466, 16-18-18-38 Hands Down, and is hard to find again, or I would Purchase the Nighthawk PC 3600, 18-20-20-44 if it was available for what I had Paid for it Months ago. Returned for a Refund, not worth the Cost. LEDs not very Colorful, Lacking Vibrancy that the PC 3600 has.

Overall Review: Rather spend my Funds on a X570 Motherboard.

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Perfect For Raid-0 at Times 48/28/2019 9:21:29 AM

Pros: Installed into the Cooler Master White Stryker SE Edition PC Case, can see them thru the Side Tempered Glass Window. Runs a Stable 2 Gigabytes Per Second in Raid-0, Read and Write. Tested with SSD Benchmark. I now have over 2 thousand Hours on them and still running strong and reliable. Just now Purchased another New W.D. Blue SSD 1 terabyte for the Internal Backup,, I was Tired of the Very slow 1 Terabyte W.D .Blue Mechanical Drive, dipping down to less than MBs Transfer Rates on large Texture Files.

Cons: Needs to have a better looking Cosmetic Label on them.

Overall Review: Great Product for the Price!

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Absolutely no Good, Not PCI-E 3.0 Capable.5/2/2019 5:36:21 PM

Pros: Nothing.

Cons: Will not run in the PCI-E 3.0 Bios Settings, only Stable at PCI-E 2.0. Also causes Stuttering and Poor game Performance. Freezing the OS when 3.0 is enabled. These Cables are not properly Shielded and a Waist of Purchase Funds. Had to remove it and re-install the Video Card Directly to the PCI-E Slot and all is good. Worthless for a Video Card Vertical Mount unless you want serious Performance issues.

Overall Review: Other Products from Cooler Master such as their PC Cases are Awesome.

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Good!3/13/2019 7:29:24 PM

Pros: Low Cost for a Simple older Laptop Memory Upgrade.

Cons: None.

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Awesome PC Case, A+A+A+3/13/2019 7:16:43 PM

Pros: I have the other Whit Stryker Version of this Case and it is Awesome also. Very easy to work with and lots of Room for the 280 Water Cooler. Side Vertical Mounting of the FTW 3 Video Card looks beyond Good. Using the Corsair LL RGB Fans, Great Eye Candy.

Cons: None! Just Heavy when all is Built, Back Breaker, Lol.

Overall Review: I feel Lucky to be able to get these PC Cases, before they went out of Stock and the 3rd party Sellers charging more then the MSRP.

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Good Board, Performs Well!2/4/2019 11:59:31 PM

Pros: Nice High Tech Look! Is Stable as long as you raise the CPU Voltage from 1.2 to at least 1.35 or it will Constantly Crash.

Cons: Default Bios CPU Voltage are to low and causes freezing and hard Shut Downs. !.2 Volts for the Ryzen 2700+ is no enough for Stability. Also Memory Voltages were to Low by default for the Crucial Ballistix RGB. Crucial Rated Volts are to be at 1.35 not 1.25.

Overall Review: Needs to be at Minimum Locked at 1.35 for Stability for the XMP Memory Controller to work Correctly. I Have my CPU Voltage set at 1.37 and it runs an average of 14C Cooler, was overheating at 1.2 Volts is to not enough Voltage and was causing a 57c Idle with a Water Cooler due to more Current Draw trying to Survive for Stability. Now Idles at 37c to 42C.

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Good! Now Years Later And Still Working.2/4/2019 10:49:11 AM

Pros: Works very good! Used this one to replace my poor quality 800 watt XION Lan Party PSU that cost way more than this one did. Very happy with the Piper Rock Modular design, Leds all light up as they are way better that the other Modular units. 1300 Watts. Over kill for my rig but nice to know it is available on demand.

Cons: None. got it at a very good price. New Retail purchase.

Overall Review: Would buy this again. Newegg ROCKS!

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Distorted Sound! You will Lose 40% Benchmark Performance1/25/2019 8:53:38 PM

Pros: Nice Looking Device, Looks Professional. Poor Software.

Cons: In Windows 10-64, has Very Poor Quality! Ruins the Video Performance by at least 40% in all Games. Although the ZX does work in Windows 7-64 and has no issues with the Performance loss that happens with Windows 10. But EQ still causes Distortion. Went back to the XFI and a Night and Day Difference, The ZX is pretty much just Poor in quality. VERY BAD SOUND when trying to use the EQ Sound Distorts very badly when the EQ 8k is raised up for more Treble Starts to Compressing the Audio. The older PCI XFI Champion has no issues with the EQ at all and will adjust to Max without Distortion or Compressing Artifacts. If Turned up to 100% on the PC Volume Control also Distorts the Sound Quickly starting at 65% Volume maybe got a Bad Card, I do not know what would cause such a poor Sound. Has a Poor Interface, nothing as good as the older XFIs had, The Z Series looks very non Professional. Absolutely NO TECH SUPPORT Available! Listed Phone numbers are redirected to Medical Spammers.

Overall Review: I suggest that you do not Purchase the ZX Card as it has very bad Driver Support, I Defaulted back to the On board Realtek Sound, and it Sounds Great and the EQ works as it should without Distortion and no Compressing Effects. Will try and find something better than this one. My Older PCI XFI has none of these issues at all, but there are no old type PCI slots on the X470 Boards

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jon, This is definitely not a standard case with this product. The Zx measures out with much higher output results than the vast majority of motherboard solutions. This has been documented in countless user and professional reviews. This sounds like you have received a defective product and we should get you in the RMA process to get you an operational card. I'm not sure what you're talking about regarding phone #'s that are listed for support as our listed options are email and live chat support (no direct phone #). If you have phone #'s or a link to the site that has these phone #'s listed please contact us at so we can investigate this further. We take this very seriously and are very eager to hear more on this alleged phone #.
Great Ram, Ballistix Reliability!1/7/2019 7:08:08 PM

Pros: They work Perfectly as expected from this Manufacture. RGB does work as intended, using the Ballistix LED and Temperature Software.

Cons: RGB is kinda of a Con, they are very Blah looking. Had to remove the Plastic LED Cover for better Brightness and Colors.

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Extra USB 2.0 Do Not Work.1/3/2019 4:25:27 PM

Pros: Works good for the RGB Fan Controls

Cons: USB Extra Hubs are Dead! Very Disappointed in this product, Mother Board did not have enough USB 2.0 Sockets to run everything that is required for Water Cooling.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Jon, Please contact our Tech Support at 888-222-4346 or submit a ticket at and we'll be more than happy to troubleshoot the technical issue. You can also exchange the product through Newegg for the first 30 days. Thank you, CORSAIR Customer Support CORSAIR Support Email: CORSAIR Support Phone Number: 888-222-4346
Very Silent Fans! A+A+A+12/29/2018 4:50:55 AM

Pros: Amazingly Silent at 3000 RPMs, very good Cooling for the Memory, works perfectly. Purchased 3 of the Kits as they are hard to find.

Cons: Shipping Time was slow, due to the Holidays, but no big Deal, was not in a Hurry for them. At least I got them in good Packaged Condition.

Overall Review: Best Memory Cooling I have found so far, as they have a High Static Air Pressure and quiet, Cools the Memory very noticeably when the Memory is Hot and then turned up, Temps drop quickly.

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Faster Than My AMD FX 9590.12/18/2018 1:09:44 AM

Pros: Love this Processor 40% Improvement over my AMD FX 9590 Rig. Runs Cool with the EVGA 280 Closed Loop Water Cooler.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Will be Purchasing more of these in the Future for my other PC Upgrades.

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Same As Performance GTX 1080 Ti SC 28/26/2018 1:58:10 AM

Pros: Same Performance as the GTX 1080 Ti SC 2, except it has 3 Fans and is Longer and Wider in Dimensions. Runs all Games at Max Settings Smoothly.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Would Recommend for the High end Gamer's.

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Perfect Fit For The Cooler Master Stryker SE Case8/24/2018 2:10:21 AM

Pros: Good, All Leds are Present and Working. Quiet.

Cons: None as of yet.

Overall Review: Hope that the LL 140mm Move enough Air for the EVGA Closed Loop 280 Water Cooler. RPM is a little Low compared to the EVGA Default Fans

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Works Perfectly!8/22/2018 1:25:14 AM

Pros: Purchased 4 x of these for a Raid Setup, Tested each one after a Format, Works as intended, Extremely Fast.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Good Price for the Size. Will see if they Last over Time.

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Works Perfectly!8/22/2018 1:16:12 AM

Pros: Worked Right Out Of The Retail Box. Fast and Smooth Transfer Rates. Do not Drop them! Got a Collection of Different Colors and they are Working Perfectly.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Treat these Types of Drive with care and Respect and they will last many Years for reliability and use,

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Works Perfectly!8/22/2018 1:12:39 AM

Pros: Replace older Memory that had Address Read Errors, and Now the Errors are gone. New Fresh Memory replacements to replace worn out Sticks.

Cons: Cost.

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Perfect Fit For The Cooler Master Stryker SE Case8/22/2018 1:10:19 AM

Pros: Neatens up the Water Tubing into the Bends to fit better.

Cons: None.

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Perfect Fit For The Cooler Master Stryker SE Case8/19/2018 9:53:17 PM

Pros: Perfect Fit For The Cooler Master Stryker SE Case, Looks very neat and Clean, for the 4 SSDs that can be shown thru the Side Window. 90 Degree end was made for it.

Cons: None!

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Perfect For A Mid Tower!8/19/2018 5:42:14 PM

Pros: Fits the Apevia X-Cruiser3 in the Rear Fan Slot. Cools the AMD FX 9590 4.7ghz CPU Perfectly.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good EVGA Product, would recommend.

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Works Perfectly Out Of The Box!8/17/2018 6:55:32 PM

Pros: All is good, fast USB 3.0 Transfer Rates A+

Cons: None

Overall Review: Love the Color Choices, have Purchased all of the Different Colors. Just DO NOT Drop it on a Hard Surface and then Blame the Manufacture for Defects. These Types of Drives can not be abused, and or Dropped to the Floor as they will Malfunction after that.

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Excellent At This Price!8/15/2018 7:34:39 PM

Pros: Works as expected, Noticeable Performance Improvements. All Bench Marks where improved over the FX 8370.

Cons: Runs Hot, will need a Good Water Cooler. The EVGA Closed Loops Cool it Perfectly. My Electric Bill? Lol.

Overall Review: Helped Smooth thing out a bit in the FPS of Games. A+A+A+A+A+

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