Great12/31/2007 3:01:41 AM

Pros: Its ram, it works very well. overclocks smooth. low latency and super low price.

Cons: will not cook, or clean. pretty much useless at chores in general.

Overall Review: this is my second experience with pqi and i couldnt be happier. when i go vista i'll buy another kit, and i just ordered more pqi for another build.

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2112/31/2007 2:52:44 AM

Pros: excellent for the price. Very light. PSU actually worked, but I won't use it for anything important. Great starter case if you need something cheap. 3x80mm and 1x120mm fan slots keep the case cool if you install them. handle seems stable, I'm optimistic. As mentioned before, the case really tightens up after you get everything in.

Cons: Light case = thin metal. not really a con but a fact to expect with a forty dollar case. usb and front panel connectors are single pin. pretty loud with all the case and component fans.

Overall Review: gigabyte m57sli-s4 5000+ black ed @ 3.0ghz pny xlr8 8800gt oc'd stays pretty cool with my overclock settings, thats a perk.

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nice deal10/24/2007 7:03:43 PM

Pros: Worked right out of the package, no need to format.(did anyway) filled it up and worked great. no transfer errors. not oem, comes with adapter and case. extra cheap with combo deal.

Cons: Didn't serve my intended purpose. but thats my cell phones fault, not the flash memory.

Overall Review: You would think it would be as easy as just assigning an mp3 to a ringtone, not the case. at least with the samsung r510.

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great ram8/6/2007 3:08:30 PM

Pros: Bought this for an older compaq (sr1303wm) and with this and a video card im gaming with the best of 'em

Cons: none

Overall Review: there was a review that said this memory didnt work with the motherboard model: ASUS A7N8X-LA. well thats what i have and i gambled and bought it. my computer started up the first time. no problems to speak of.

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back to life8/6/2007 3:02:42 PM

Pros: Solid hard drive, brought an 8 year old laptop back to useful status.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: with this hd and a memory upgrade i got a p3 laptop up to surfing the net and other minor tasks.

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great budget hard drive8/6/2007 2:58:59 PM

Pros: Great budget hard drive if you have no sata support. Quick and solid reliability for price

Cons: None that i can think of.

Overall Review: for not too much more you can get something larger and with a 16mb cache. but for the price its great.

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