10/10, second laptop I've bought from this series. Expandable ram.9/17/2016 7:47:07 AM

Pros: Perfect gaming set up. SSD for OS and a few games, HDD for storage. 8GB ram with an extra slot to expand, I did an extra 8 and have 16gb. i7 skylake. 2 3.0 USB and 2 regular USB, Micro sd. Chiclet backlit keyboard

Cons: Display won't be as nice as led BUT the glare is nonexistent.

Overall Review: 10/10 absolutely recommend.

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Beautiful picture, trash speakers.9/17/2016 7:42:53 AM

Pros: Easy to set up Aesthetically pleasing (very slim) Came with every cable (HDMI, aux, etc.)

Cons: Speakers are absolute garbage. I mean literally both my laptop and cell phone have better speakers than this AND there's no audio out so you can't easy fix it. If your rig is close and headphones work then get this, but seriously reconsider if you wanted to use it as your main audio.


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Great!9/17/2016 7:38:10 AM

Pros: Super easy to install (depends on your device) Looks super cool (no one should see it) Comes with sticket

Cons: none

Overall Review: Recommend 10/10

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