Decent... for 2 Months10/15/2020 3:03:09 PM

Pros: Seemed to move a decent amount of air. Relatively quite while doing do. All Black, without obnoxious LEDs

Cons: Purchased 8/16, failed 10/15. Screws strip out easily. Looks a little cheap. Induces vibration in the case, causing anything loose to rattle or hum.

Overall Review: I had purchased 2 of these fans. Installed them in a new build. They are decently quiet and move a good amount of air but they feel cheap in your hands. Like they used budget plastic. Overtightened one of the screws, didn't feel like I put much effort into it and it stripped. Out of the blue, one started making noise. Sounds like a bad bearing but after looking at the offending fan closer, the drive magnet in the blade/hub portion has come loose and spins independently from the blades, making a scratchy noise while doing so. Fan still is "running" but barely moves any air and can be stopped by a gentle touch, while the magnet portion keeps spinning. Also had another Phanteks fan fail on me, purchased in the same time frame. That one failed within a week. Second guessing buying their products, I feel they may indeed be junk (as others have said) When I contacted their customer service, they sent me a replacement, a month later, and it wasn't the same as the one I contacted them about...

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