Update6/5/2014 7:01:08 PM

Pros: Virtually silent Good brand

Cons: Don't push much air Work well only in vertical orientation, start grinding when placed horizontaly

Overall Review: This is an update to my review from 04/10/2014. Bought two pairs on sale (4 fans in total). LED lights on one fan were different shade of blue then the other. Each pair in a box had fans with mismatched color of blue LEDs! As I bought two pairs, I was able to match each two fans to correct shade of blue LEDs. I wanted to run a pair of these in horizontal position, but two fans immediately developed slight grinding noise when I installed them horizontally. When placed in vertical position, no issues.

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Nice5/28/2014 10:05:47 AM

Pros: Solid, customization options galore, aluminum body, nice weight. Lights!

Cons: My right hand ring finger keeps hitting right side buttons when the mouse is moved around. I have nothing assigned to those buttons, so no big deal (for me).

Overall Review: Bought it for the bling and that is where it delivers!

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Amazing PNY customer service3/11/2014 8:52:57 PM

Pros: PNY - a great brand

Cons: no cons this time

Overall Review: I recently posted a review about my 120 GB SSD which failed after 7 months of use. I just wanted to tell you about my RMA experience. Filling out the web form was a breeze, RMA was approved in a day and it only took 11 days in total since I mailed by defective SSD to receive the replacement. Well, the replacement was not refurbished, nor it was the same SSD I had. It was a brand new, 120 GB PNY Prevail Elite! Thanks PNY! While I am still bummed that the first one failed, PNY knows how to take care of a customer :)

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Excellent12/12/2013 6:11:42 PM

Pros: Fast, easy setup, smooth YouTube playback and Skype conversations. Google Play access. Android 4.2.2

Cons: cheap, low quality sound headphones included

Overall Review: For the price you pay, you get a lots of technology and performance. Would recommend it to anyone

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Great mobo7/27/2013 10:47:19 AM

Pros: Fully featured, UEFI BIOS, USB 3.0, easy preset over-clock, multiple case fan control, dual CPU cooler fan headers

Cons: none

Overall Review: Bought this mobo for friends' build. It has nicer features than my GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3. Very impressed with everything you get for the price

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Meh..7/27/2013 10:35:15 AM

Pros: Fast read times..

Cons: Slooooow write times..

Overall Review: I recently built a PC for a friend with Samsung 840 Series 120 GB as an OS drive. While the drive was fast in opening apps and loading Windows, the write performance was on par with standard HDD. Just spend the money and get Samsung 840 Pro to get the the speedy write times too..

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Nice RAM1/21/2013 4:28:13 PM

Pros: LED's look great. RAM works well and overclocks nicely.

Cons: Not really a con, but there is no Linux support for The Crucial Ballistix MOD utility

Overall Review: If you are going to use Linux OS, the default LED colour will be green. I have 4 sticks in total and they create nice green LED patterns on their own. - PC Case: LIAN LI PC-X900R - CPU: AMD FX-8150 - Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 - RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer DDR3 1600 (4 x 2GB) - GPU: ZOTAC GeForce GTX 480 - Power Supply: OCZ Fatal1ty 550W - OS: Linux Ubuntu 12.04

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Very pleased9/12/2010 8:28:03 PM

Pros: Bought it to replace a defective ASUS board. Using it with AMD Athlon II 245, Asus GeForce 9800 GT & DDR2 800 Crucial Balistix Tracer RAM since April, with no issues. Installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Linux 64bit on it and everything runs just lovely.

Cons: BIOS is not really overclocking friendly

Overall Review: Really, there is only one reason why I bought this particular board. I needed something with similar looks and layout to my old ASUS in order to fit nicely in my moded case without messing my cable management to much. I wasn't familiar a great deal with ECS before, but based on my experience, I would recommend this little board for general computing. On the same note, when time comes for my new build, I would definitely consider looking into some of the higher ECS motherboards.

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Very nice drive7/23/2009 9:47:13 PM

Pros: Thin enclosure, fast, barely audible (even during seek times), OS installation had no issues.

Cons: None

Overall Review: So far so good, hopefully it will go like this for the long time....

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