Lovely5/11/2011 9:43:28 AM

Pros: Money very well spent. It's 8gb of ram in total!!! I've been running off of 2gb's of ddr3 for a while now... and now that ram is so amazingly cheap you can't go wrong with only paying $70 for an 8gb set (in my case anyway) try and catch it when it's a shell shocker or using a promo code. I remember around this time last year when I built my rig I just got a set of two 1gb sticks and that alone was $50-$60 when it was more expensive. So now's a great time to be buying ram. I plan on getting another set here soon to max out my memory.

Cons: I've used Crucial and Kingston in the past for builds and now I will gladly use G-Skill again. Would buy again, no DOA, NADA put them right in and they work like a charm.

Overall Review: Don't waste your money on getting a 1600 set when you can easily get these 1333's to 1600 as well.

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Good for awhile12/19/2010 10:56:57 AM

Pros: It's comfortable and cheap. Good gaming mouse when it works too.

Cons: Okay Ive had this mouse for about eight months now and the scroll wheel went out in it... and when I say that I mean it became very stiff over time to the point where I couldn't really even game with it anymore. Surfing the internet was fine but still very annoying how hard it was to use it. I even took it all apart just to make sure nothing got into it and there was nothing in it... put it back together and still the same. So now I'm back to my 3/4 year old dell mouse in which still works just fine. So out to the garbage can it goes.

Overall Review: I'm going to go on ahead and try out the Logitech MX 518. A little more pricey but still may be worth my money.

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Good5/6/2010 6:15:35 PM

Pros: Works with Xbox 360. Also seems to be a little bit faster than my old 20gb I replaced.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Buy it!! Especially if you don't want to buy Microsoft's overpriced 250gb...

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Good1/14/2010 10:42:28 AM

Pros: It looks very nice in my Antec 900 case, supports 16GB of DDR2 memory. Has many features a more high end board seems to have. The Sata connections are near the very bottom right side in which is useful if you are going to be running a full sized video card so they won't be covered as easy like on most micro ATX boards. I got this board in a combo deal with a Phenom X3 8750 2.4GHz and was able to over clock the CPU to 2.8GHz stable with the stock cooler. I think I could get it higher up to 3.0GHz if I had better, faster ram.

Cons: Not a full size board with SLI/Crossfire capability's, although this wasn't really a concern for me since I only just throw one beast of a card in there. I had to update the bios for two of my memory sticks to work right before then I kept getting the blue screen of death but it's running fine now after updating it :)

Overall Review: Good budget gaming board or perhaps an HTPC build, it should do very well for either one.

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Great Processor!1/9/2010 10:14:34 AM

Pros: Very good Budget Gaming CPU in my opinion, i stepped up from an x2 5000+ and there is certainly a difference here. I can multi task very easily play a game (Dragon Age Origins) in witch is a game that benefits with multi core, watch a movie, browse the internet, listen to music all at once, it takes it all in very easily like it's nothing. I was surprised I could play such a game that is so heavy on the CPU and do all these other task at the same time. It also has some nice L3 cache compared to my old CPU in witch it did not have. If you can catch it in a good combo deal then go for it! Other wise just get the Black Edition it's cheaper than this one now. I'm not really a total freak when it comes to alway's wanting to upgrade when really it's unnecessary to for my needs. I think it should hold off for the next couple years or so and then I'll do another upgrade to a nice Quad or something depending on what's out at the time if needed. Oh know!!! Running out of room here...see cons

Cons: Really nothing is a con with this CPU except it's not the Black Edition with an unlocked multiplier. You can still over clock it from the Bios. The price has gone up for it to $87.00 where as the BE is only $73.00 at the time of this review. If your like me and on a tight budget then it's a good route to go for a Triple core over Dual, yeah they may be faster in speed sometimes but there are more and more games on there way... Hungry for more cores. Dual core is fading out don't be a fool just at least future proof yourself with a nice AMD X3 it doesn't matter Phenom or Phenom II they're around the same price as a Dual core! If your lucky enough you may be able to unlock the fourth core on some of these chips and get a nice Quad :p

Overall Review: AMD = More bang for buck, good performance :) Intel = Overpriced!!! You know what I mean MF's... yes they may have a little better performance sometimes but also realize you will pay $$$ for it too. I got this in a combo deal with an ASUS M4A785-M Motherboard for $126.00 at the time of purchase and the board is normally $80.00 so the CPU ended up being under 60 bones! Not bad for a triple core :) I haven't messed with it much when it comes to over clocking it but I have managed to get it up to 2.7, 2.8 GHz stable from the Bios. I did get it to 2.9 but it started blue screening on me but that's understandable since the ram I have isn't really that great. It still can be over clocked higher 3.0 GHz and a little above that, just do some research on Google and you will see. FEARMeekMeek out!

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