Didn't even last 6 months4/13/2021 1:29:27 PM

Pros: -None

Cons: Signs of failure were very sudden, three days ago it was working well enough for me to not notice something was fatally wrong (I could even play games!). Now my computer barely runs. I can't repair/reinstall windows or write any new files/programs to the drive. Backing up the disk is now impossible so if you have this model make sure you back it up ASAP.

Overall Review: - I wouldn't recommend this at all. Go with a more expensive SSD, it's worth the price. Luckily all my files were stored and backed up on another drive.-SMART displays different disk status values to different programs. The disk monitoring software, shows all vital signs are ok, but when you check the disk via the command line is says the disk is going to fail.

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