A solid gaming laptop3/17/2015 4:16:11 PM

Pros: Good, solid gaming laptop. Also does a good job doing renders of 3D artwork. Graphics card hardly blinks at just about anything you throw at it. Hard Drive is nice and fast. Steelseries keyboard with the pretty lights is not something I'd normally find necessary but it is very appealing. Probably my favorite feature is the button that lets you optionally kick the fans into high gear... it will do this automatically when the CPU or GPU reach a high temperature, but I like that I can pre-empt it. Even doing high-caliber DAZ3D renders, with the fan on full, the CPU and GPU stay well below 50 C. Very nice.

Cons: I only have one major con for this laptop - the calibration of the monitor is insanely cool blue. I have not measured it with an external device yet, but reports from tech sites have it at 13,000K. That is insane. Standard monitor color temp is around 6500 K.

Overall Review: Overall, this is a solid machine and I would recommend it to someone who wants a high end laptop, because in most every aspect, this computer rocks. But I do not understand why MIS hass set the monitor's color temperature to be this cool. And since there is no easy way to set the color temp of the monitor in the software, I'm probably going to have to buy a $100+ external device to recalibrate. I find that pretty darn annoying given all the money I spent to buy this high-end ubermachine... after all what is the point of an 8 GB super-vid-card when the monitor is putting out badly calibrated color? On the other hand, I mostly notice this while trying to work on artwork, not while gaming... so if you are going to JUST game on this thing, it may not be an issue for you.

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