Best Gaming Laptop for the Money3/3/2021 12:29:16 PM

Pros: - Lightweight - Portable - Solid Build Quality (Screen wobble has not been an issue on mine) - Decent Thermals - System performance for all applications - Screen color and picture quality - Flexibility of power usage. I like the ability to go into the Aorus Control Center and put the system performance where I need it for the particular thing I am working on. - Keyboard size and keys. I have a similar keyboard on my work laptop, so it's a smooth transition. - Sound seems good to me. - Aorus Control Center - auto driver updates. - Fast wifi card - was able to pull 600Mb/s during my day 1 game download/install binge - Bluetooth works nicely with my Xbox One Controller

Cons: - Setup took a little getting used to moving from a desktop - Defaulted to Intel Integrated Graphics instead of the 3080 at start-up, had to troubleshoot what was happening

Overall Review: The Aorus 15g is the first laptop that I have bought since 2005 for myself. Man, these things have gotten so much smaller since then. This laptop is 4 pounds lighter than my last one and probably twice as thin, so the 15g is very impressive to me. I wanted this laptop for gaming and video editing while I am on trips with my family. After some testing, this was the perfect laptop for me. I purchased one of the pink Razer Blade 15s for my wife last year, and with only an RTX 2060 in it, it heats up and cranks up the fans to max while just browsing the internet or working on productivity software. Unfortunately, there's not a great deal of information available for this 15g with the 3080, so hopefully this review helps you with your decision. Regarding thermals and fans, the fans have a silent mode, where I think they turn off completely because I can't hear them at all. I would use something like this for internet/youtube browsing or even watching a full length movie. Then you have moderate and game modes for the fans that you can switch to. In game mode, when the GPU is maxed out, the sound of the fans isn't that bad, it's definitely quieter than my RTX 3090 in my desktop. The temps max out at about 80* on GPU and 90* on CPU, which was expected at 100% usage. I have also overclocked the GPU (100Mhz core/300Mhz memory). Despite how warm the components get, the cooling system does a great job of transferring the heat away from the user. This was not the case with my wife's Razer with a much less powerful system. The screen is really nice. I have not noticed the brightness issues that others have mentioned, and I am pretty picky. My main rig is connected to an LG C9, and I have not been disappointed in this laptop screen. The sound is not on par with my desktop logitech 5.1 speaker system, but I have never expected greatness from laptop speakers. They get the job done. If you don't like them, plug some headphones in. As far as performance, I haven't tried all the latest games, but I did try out Cyberpunk 2077, Watch Dogs Legion, Doom Eternal, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Jedi Fallen Order. I have been running Dynamic Super Resolution through Nvidia Control Panel. I don't usually care to run my games higher than 60fps, so I apologize for those who were looking for higher frames. Cyberpunk 2077 - 1440p Maxed out - No ray tracing - DLSS Quality - Solid 60fps (with ray tracing on the framerate drops to the 50s). Watch Dogs Legion - 1440p Very High Settings - No ray tracing - DLSS Quality - while driving, the framerate drops into the 50s). With Ray tracing, the framerate drops into the 30s to 40s. Doom Eternal - Plays at 4k 60 maxed - flawlessly Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Plays at 1440p60 maxed out - No ray tracing - DLSS Quality Jedi Fallen Order - Plays at 1440p60 maxed out.

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Work like a charm10/14/2020 7:26:58 PM

Pros: - XMP Profile worked correctly at 4000Mhz! - Cheap for the performance and capacity

Cons: - None

Overall Review: - This ram just works.

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Ultra is Correct2/23/2009 6:59:18 PM

Pros: Easy to use BIOS interface, a lot of info online as it has been out a while. ****Make sure to flash to the newest BIOS version. OC's everything flawlessly. Room for many upgrades (Tri or Quad SLI) YES Please!!!

Cons: NONE

Overall Review: This thing has been great to me.

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Master is Correct2/23/2009 6:56:02 PM

Pros: 1. Size 2. PSU @ Base of Case 3. Tooless install worked flawlessly 4. Maximum Upgradablility 5. Price is right 6. Fan locations are ideal for air cooling 7. Filters (WOW) 8. 3.5" Drive Bay Block (WOW) 9. 200mm side fan (WOW) 10. Easy access front media connections

Cons: NONE!!! This case rocks. I am not biased as this is the first cooler master case I have purchased.

Overall Review: I got this case for my first new build setup and I chose wisely. This case holds any hardware you could wish for. The tooless system for install is brilliant and worth the extra cash for this case. I don't know how anybody could cut themselves on this case, maybe they were modding and made a sharp edge with a dremmel? I have no problems with the power button, that's not to say there aren't any, but I don't have the problem. ****Do not get a huge CPU Cooler as it may not fit. I got a cooler master Hyper N520 and it works flawlessly and costs lots less.

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