Just what I needed.2/4/2015 9:05:12 AM

Pros: Needed a couple 50 ft cables, maybe 1 extra for testing. Found these at a great price so easy choice for the third. The cables are sturdy and the interfaces don't feel like they're about to fall off with some regular handling like I've seen on some older cables. The neutral black is perfect.

Cons: I wish these cables could be rolled up to come out straight as an arrow, if that were even possible.

Overall Review: If these cables are cheap at the time you're looking at them: they're solid, delivered pretty quick, even with the eggsaver shipping, and reaches the 120 Mb/s Internet speeds I was expecting.

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What a GPU10/29/2014 12:41:24 AM

Pros: - Easy installation - Decent temperatures under heavy loads (under 70 Celcius so far) - Factory overclocking is impressive (1404 max boost so far) - Doubled my 3D Mark Firestrike score, coming from a GTX 760 which OC'd kept up with my XFX 7950 OC'd (sometimes even better frames) - I use a 42" TV as a monitor, so it's limited to 60 FPS, but this card won't dip under that 60 mark with most settings set to the highest they go - Fairly quiet cooler looked well-made from what I saw on the card and looking at a review where they took it off - It's a pretty handsome card

Cons: When using a TV as a monitor, some games will have a scaling issue, especially when turning on Vsync. It can be little annoying to have to try different combinations of settings just to get a game to show right (FIFA 15 for example I cannot get to show Fullscreen correctly, has to be windowed) The XFX 7950 had the least issues like this, the GTX 760 a little more trouble, now this GTX 970 is similar to the GTX 760. (But I do realize I'm not using a monitor that's meant for a desktop) Having to register just to get their OC tool is a little frustrating, I wish you could install it from the DVD. For now I am still using MSI afterburner, will probably register the GPU soon and try out EVGA's software.

Overall Review: This card is incredible, it is smaller than some but packs such a punch. The bench-marking is amazing. This card does not have the cooler setup that frustrated some people about other GTX 970 cards (where only 2 of 3 heat-sink pipes were touching the CPU) - I have not heard any coil-whine or other weird noises. (Does not come with an SLI bridge)

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Final verdict is not in10/2/2014 6:29:11 AM

Pros: Cheap cheap cheap. I could buy 2 for less than the cost of one ... so I got 2 :) Does what it's described to do, extends the length of the front audio jacks.

Cons: Not sure here if it's the cable or my front audio jacks, but my mic doesn't pick up my voice very well (especially compared to when using the rear jack)

Overall Review: Personally I rarely have used front jacks so I've usually left them unplugged, just plugging in the USB and hiding the rest. Recently I wanted to be able to use them after using a mic more and more with the back panel being less accessible than in the past. My Mobo was too far away from those ports, so I couldn't plug them in. This extender lets me reach just fine... HOWEVER: the main purpose was for the mic, so this was the first thing tested. (new build, no mic settings had been changed) - I was having a very hard time getting my voice heard even though I could tell the mic was working by the levels reacting to (loud) noises. Basic troubleshooting including reseating all the connections (mic cable with an extender) and even taking out that extender completely, boosting mic levels in Windows, checking drivers and restarting computer. Eventually I plugged it into the back panel again, works fine. I will be testing this again soon and will reseat the external audio extender connected to the mobo, trying the other one I got, and If possible, I will also be trying newer front jacks. If there is improvement I will see if I can change this review. The cable basically does what it was designed to do, still trying to figure out if my issues are related to it, or faulty front jacks. (audio with headphones seem normal)

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Not quite a filter10/2/2014 6:20:04 AM

Pros: Cheap, easy to install, easy to bend (and stay sturdy) for specific situations.

Cons: Not quite as much of a "filter" as I was hoping, more of a grid. (This will stop some of the dust) and I was also expecting it not to necessarily be a full-fledged filter, judging by the images on Newegg.

Overall Review: For my purposes the lips got in the way (or are pointed outwards) - I'd expect that if these were attached directly to fans they'd fit quite well with the bit of play they have. I might try removing the lips off the spare one I still have left over, to see if it can be done cleanly. I still gave them 4 stars, basically what I was expecting, they fit where I wanted them to and do help keep dust out, just not quite as much as I was hoping. Will be looking for some cloth? filters soon to add under these.

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I'm just not sure10/2/2014 6:01:11 AM

Pros: An extra fan (and exhaust) in a hot case is usually a good thing, price is fair, in general it works as described. Does push out A LOT of air.

Cons: Not quite having the effect I was hoping for, not sure I can blame this on the Evercool or the GPU that needs the cooling. Also louder than I was hoping it would be, the loudest thing in my case when the GPU is idling.

Overall Review: GPU: XFX 7950 DD - after a couple years this card is starting to show its age. It came slightly OC'd but my latest mobo didn't seem to agree with that, so I decided to start pushing it. (980 coreclock and 1450 memclock for those interested) It already ran pretty hot under stress, pushing mid to high 70's with a fan curve that would catch up practically percentile for degree, so at almost 80 degrees C the fan is at 80% and sounds like it's taking off. In comes the Evercool, more out of curiosity on my side, hoping to allow a few extra clocks. The XFX is not very good at venting the heat out of the case, it dissipates inside the case more than anything. I was hoping for a 3 - 5 degree drop, however it seems to be max a 2 degree difference, this is judged after minimal testing (and probably partly wishful thinking) It might make more sense if there were some add ons to specifically help certain types of GPU coolers, so you can specify exactly where you want it to pull hot air from instead of "just putting it close to the GPU" - like 2 types of cheap plastic "Air flow modules" - I might try to create something like that myself if I stick with this GPU. I wonder how much of the GPU's air it's actually stealing rather than helping out as the only place I can put it has the fan practically counter-acting one of the GPU's fans.

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Does what it says10/2/2014 5:42:34 AM

Pros: Easy install, decent price, Performs as expected, very smart multi-purposing of USB ports and a 2.5 bay

Cons: None - arrived on time and works as expected.

Overall Review: I'm giving it 5 stars based on what I was expecting, what I needed and what I got. Exactly as described, no issues so far whatsoever, both ports work (USB 3 devices, USB 2 and peripherals like controllers) The cables are long enough to work with (hiding them) If you're going to add 2x front USB 3.0 ports to your desktop, might as well get this with the 2.5 bay instead of one with just the ports. Same prices.

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Powerful lil guy10/2/2014 2:29:30 AM

Pros: Small, silent, powerful, easy install, handy software, good support, stays cool, factory Overclock with extra OC settings.

Cons: Nothing really, the screw holes didn't quite line up when installing it. I left it as is since it's not very heavy and my case is horizontal anyway. There were a few slight vibration sounds because of this (I think) - so will probably try that screw again soon. (Also just a temporary install)

Overall Review: I bought this for an ITX build I'm planning and couldn't pass up a great deal. The Bitfenix Prodigy would fit a full GPU but only without 3 of the 5 HDD bays. The build will be a NAS with 5 drives, so I was looking at cheaper Mini GPU's that would fit. It doesn't need this powerful GTX, but I don't like building rigs that can't game properly. Until I can fnish that build, I've put it in my main desktop instead of the XFX 7950 DD I've been using for a while now to test it out. I wasn't expecting the performance to be this good! Before purchase I started looking at benchmarks and comparisons, in the end the GTX 760 Mini keeps up with my XFX 7950 DD, even performing better in some cases: In Far Cry 3 there was a part I was testing with different OC speeds on the XFX, consisently there were a few parts that would drop the FPS from 60 (V Sync) to 50 - 55 ... with the GTX this did not happen in the same spots and in general Far Cry 3 seemed to like it a little better. FIFA is the only game that doesn't really like the card a little. Full screen on my 42 Inch Dynex TV looks off: about a 20% loss of quality and some weird stretching. I assume this is because of using a TV as a monitor (Had similar issues when using Win8 preview back in the day), I will be troubleshooting this soon (Windowed mode returns the quality ingame that I'm used to) Great, great ... great little card. Very impressed by it, very happy with MSI product, software and support. MSI GTX 760 Mini: 256-bit with 2GB of RAM XFX 7950 DD: 384-bit with 3GB RAM The 760 is on par if not better, still have to run more tests.

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Overclocking ease9/11/2014 10:30:53 AM

Pros: Fast Overclocking is very easy Seems to be decent price for what you get

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: I'm new to overclocking so I've been running tests with the Gigabyte Z97 Easy-Tune Utility and learning from the changes in the BIOS. It has multiple profiles, I've tried 4.1 and 4.3 and 4.5. At 4500 the hottest I can get a core has been 74° C Realtemp's CPU loader at 100% Switched off with playing games, mostly FC3 and Mirror's edge As the day grew later and my room got warmer: 63° (30 mins at 11:00 - 100% load) This was with 4.3 68° ( 30 mins at 12:00 - 100% load) Then switched to 4.5 72° ( 30 mins at 12:45 - Far Cry 3) 73° ( 1 hr at 14:30 - Mirror’s edge) 74° (30 mins at 15:30 - Far Cry 3) It's been at 4.5 for the past 2 hours since booting it up today, no tests or games, just browsing, videos, copying and downloading. It has maxed at 63° C and is currently hovering in the low 30's. Using the big Noctua NH-D14 Heatsink: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835608018 Average roomtemp has been 75 ° F

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Fast little guys9/11/2014 9:58:49 AM

Pros: Hardware RAID 0 480 GB with 2 of these Plenty of space for my (favorite) Steam games Crazy fast boot Cheapest for its size, from a company that averages 4 stars on similar products.

Cons: "Just the drive" - No tray, Although there is some sort of stick-on plastic riser that I ended up using.

Overall Review: These drives do exactly what I wanted them to. I was torn between 1 or 2, ended up with 2 so there would be RAID options. Easy install (Although trays would have been nice) RAID 0 was configured from BIOS to install Windows 7 64 bit (Which has the necessary RAID drivers, I did not have to pre-install them) The longest part of my boot is the Windows logo spinning. Within hours of Windows running, half of the 480 GB was taken up by games that had already copied over. Quickest Windows install and configuration ever.

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Excellent board9/9/2014 9:52:58 AM

Pros: 32 GB High speed RAM supported PCI E 3 with 8x USB 3 and 2x Thunderbolt 2 Supports an i5 4690K and solid/easy overclocking 9 SATA III ports with hardware RAID options Easy install with good documentation

Cons: Thunderbolt 2 still giving me hiccups, wished it was plug & play (not really mobo problem tho, my OS knows what the devices are, just doesn't see HDDs) - I would like more info on the BIOS Thunderbolt 2 settings, the manual is very vague.

Overall Review: This was just under $200 for me. It's easy to install, easy to work with. The best looking BIOS I've used, if anything over-the-top "stylish". The manual helps a lot, which is in pdf form at Gigabyte.com. OC'ing has been easy with the Gigabyte Windows 7 Utility. I tried using the app center to update itself, but it maxed at under 100 kb/s even when Speedtest.net was giving me 115 Mb/s Used the @BIOS app to flash from a file.F4, downloaded from Gigabyte Support which went well. Had version 2, went to latest version 4. Tried to update from server which crashed 4 times.

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So friggin huge ...9/4/2014 1:29:23 PM

Pros: ... it's awesome. Lots of heat dissipating surface with nice, quiet fans. Easy install.

Cons: Got my fingerprints all over it during installation. I wish the fans were black.

Overall Review: In between fan has to come off to install, but that's easy. The front fan had to be moved up, also easy. If you have an LGA 1150 socket, remove the rubber X from the mobo backplate, same installation as 1156. Make sure your RAM is compatible: http://www.noctua.at/main.php?show=compatibility_ram_gen&products_id=34&lng=en

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About to buy number 211/21/2013 11:26:07 AM

Pros: I bought this mouse about 5 years ago when I finally got a nice desktop and a decent monitor... 85 % of the time since I have used this mouse, got it because I love FPS's. It has been awesome for gaming, took some getting used to for normal use. It's starting to go, so I'm getting another one. Other reviews say it should be bigger, I've got decent sized hands and I think bigger would have been too clunky.

Cons: At about 2.5 years, the mid-range sensitivity started jumping. At 3.5 years one of my thumb buttons gave out. 4.5 thumb button nr 2 followed suit. Now I've been struggling with the high sensitivity setting jumping regularly. But this happens to every mouse I own...

Overall Review: - Buying another one after 5 years - Got what I paid for on the first round. - Get used to the pinky spot asap because it will add a lot of accuracy to your movement. - If one of the sensitivity settings starts acting weird, change to another one. (Purple - blue - red)

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