RTX 3060ti9/2/2021 7:36:41 AM

Pros: Amazing videocard

Cons: kinda high

Overall Review: yes, I would recommend whoever can get one, because GPU's are still kinda scarce;

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Malwarebytes.... the best malware fighter5/4/2021 8:27:15 AM

Pros: Works great! Been using it for years, what else can I say?

Cons: None

Overall Review: Highly recommended for any PC user, can be used with Mac as well.

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Malwarebytes, always a great software for your computer4/27/2021 9:17:42 AM

Pros: I've used Malwarebytes for years, and it never disappoints, and the deal I got was fabulous. It takes care of deterrents that normal anti-virus doesn't take out.

Cons: The only thing that I'd like to see is that if you used one license, that the other's wouldn't be affected. Meaning, I purchased 3 licenses, and you don't always use those licenses at once. So, when you start one license, the other ones will start too. So, if you have 3 licenses, and use one, and don't wait a month until you use the others, then they lose a life too.

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who has a PC.

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EVGA Gaming Mouse6/24/2019 11:01:38 PM

Pros: Appears to be a very nice gaming mouse with 4000 dpi 5 profiles 8 buttons wired--so it will allow the best connections I didn't have to pay for it, most likely worth around $30 or so. A nice gift for someone who doesn't have a nice gaming mouse, or mouse for any matters.

Cons: Nothing. My son will have to wait for his birthday, which isn't too long. He doesn't know it anyway :D

Overall Review: How can I complain about a gaming mouse that came with my EVGA 1660 videocard? It's going to be a gift, because I already own one myself from another company. As long as it's functional, and my son likes it, heck, I don't care...He's been using a regular mouse for a long time, so this should be a real treat for him.

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Fortnite 2000 V-Bucks!6/24/2019 10:55:56 PM

Pros: Hey, it's like all the cool skins, accessories, and 2,000 V-bucks so I can get more crazy skins or dances,emotes, etc on Fortnite! It came with the awesome EVGA 1660 Videocard I didn't have to pay for it, it was a gift. Very happy about that. I didn't have to fork over another $30 or more to get it.

Cons: -The person getting the gift will just have to wait.--He doesn't know he's getting it anyway.

Overall Review: For your average 10 year old who plays Fortnite, it's like icing on the cake. My son will go bonkers when he knows he will get extra "v-bucks" for his already collection of Fortnite stuff. It would cost you like around $25-30 normal retail price, even thought it's priced at $45. I've seen this same package sold on other sites for around $12-27. I personally, myself could care less, but those kiddos playing Fortnite would all love to have it. And, yes, I play Fortnite myself...Just not so "gung-ho" about having every single skin, accessorie, emote/dance on Fortnite.--But my son would! That's the main thing...I got it for free with my videocard, and it's going to be my son's birthday gift, among other things.

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Excellent Videocard upgrade with bonus's!6/24/2019 1:55:25 PM

Pros: I'm impressed with the graphics, especially when playing Fortnite: It's clearer, and faster. I liked the idea of getting an EVGA gaming mouse, and I really liked the idea of getting a Fortnite package which included 2000 V-bucks, skins and other things--which all will be used for a gift. I would say that there's definitely a noticable difference from my 750ti card that I bought several years ago; which will go into my wife's computer--she's not much of a gamer, so it really won't matter.

Cons: --I can't say that I've noticed too many cons, I mean a great card, a gaming mouse and a Fornite "gift" package for $220, that's a pretty good deal.

Overall Review: I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to upgrade their videocard, but, like I've said before that my 750ti card wasn't bad, computers around the house needed upgrades, so I was glad to have an "excuse" for upgrading myself. As, myself, I don't have the $500-1,000 cards I can't compare them to mine, and I'm good with that. I'm just happy to see the difference. If someone had a good card, and wanted to know if it would be worth an extra $220 to them, it's kind of hard to say. Some people notice those graphic differences, while others may not. About every 3-4 years I upgrade, and because of the extras that came with it, definitely made me very happy to go ahead and spend the money on it.

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Great SSD for the $26!!9/24/2018 8:06:09 AM

Pros: It's really fast and reliable. Definitely faster than the regular hard drives. If you're looking to build a computer that you don't put a lot of photographs, videos, and other things to take up space, this one is more than sufficient to add to your computer, whether you have Windows OS 7 or 10. And, that also goes for your Mac lovers as well.

Cons: None, thus so far.

Overall Review: I would recommend to anyone building their own gaming computer, and they weren't going to put a lot of photos on it. I used it to replace my sons' computer that had the old school hard drive, and for $26, it didn't rob my wallet!

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Wow! What a steal! and with i5 CPU as well!!9/13/2018 8:47:57 AM

Pros: I can't help but say, WOW! What an amazing computer for the price!! I got this computer as a backup, and my wife said: "not another computer!!". OK, so I fix computers for a living, and you just never know when one will bite the dust! Nonetheless, I put it all together and it worked flawlessly! The keyboard, a mouse came with it. Good general accessories. How in the world can I complain Windows 7 Professional. (FYI: for those who don't know, the OS alone will cost you like $150). 64-bit system with 4 gb ram and 225 gb hard drive after the OS. It initially has 250gb. No bloatware. Wonderful!

Cons: :( I didn't get my Skittles. LOL!

Overall Review: I would highly suggest this computer to ANYONE needing a computer: Student, Grandparent, Wife(you watch, she'll want to start surfing on it) I mean, really it was an amazing deal. If I could purchase 10 of these for my customers and set it up in their homes, I'd do it. Hey, that gives me an idea! For those who love Windows 10, deal with it. It's a great deal, upgrade if you want. If this review allows me to put up photographs, I will. I didn't see that option. Get one! You won't regret it!!

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Works like a charm!4/27/2016 8:06:33 AM

Pros: Super easy to set up, just connect to your router, then use the extra 4 outlets for other pc's: desktops or laptops. $4 after rebate! What a steal! How can you go wrong? Should have bought a switch a long long time ago. We'll see for longevity, but, if it lasted me a year, I'd still be happy.

Cons: Well, not too much of a con, but you do lose a port. Would be cool if the port was in the back so you'd have 5 ports, instead of 4...not a horrible con, though

Overall Review: I'm super happy with this product, and for me, repairing computers, and I don't have to put those computers on my wifi is awesome! Was so simple to set up, no cd's, no downloads, nada. Plug n play, and ready to go!

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Great little PSU4/9/2016 8:43:00 PM

Pros: I liked it because it's a budget conscience PSU that is a great little workhorse for your general/non-gamer type computers...for most of my customers who don't need a high performance PSU for their every day usage...works great for that.

Cons: I need more power for my own personal usage, but hey, for what it is, it's a great deal!

Overall Review: Yes, I would recommend it for other people; if you have a basic HP or IBM type computer that the PSU went out on it, heck yeah. For those crazy gamer guys who demand performance, no way. For most computer usage, and for most people it works great.

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My Smart Wedgie10/25/2015 9:21:13 PM

Pros: It was FREE! Antec had a promotion going on, if you had purchased a PSU from them, wrote a review on it, they sent me one. I'm pleased. For what it is, the sounds are clear, and will fill a 10x10 room pretty good, or your cubical at work--or in my case, my office space. Heck, it's definitely better than the speaker on my phone. It is what it is...but still the sounds are very good.

Cons: May not be as powerful as the JBL portables I've seen. But,. who cares, it was FREE!

Overall Review: All in all, I'm thankful for the portable speaker. It allows you to charge it up, plug your phone in, or use blue-tooth. Great deal, even if you do pay $25 for it. It's really small too. It's really amazing what sounds comes out of it.

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Rockin' Awesome!10/7/2015 8:00:30 PM

Pros: Very powerful, and still working fabulous after a lot of gaming! Using for other uses as well, simple computer programs: MS Office, PS5, Lightroom, etc. Outperformed the corsairs that I thought were top notch!

Cons: a little pricey, but well worth it.

Overall Review: I'd buy it again!

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Blue Flash Drive mini6/7/2014 8:43:16 PM

Pros: It is still working...going through my orders on how much I spent on my Dragonslayer II, and saw that one, and now it's only $13!! great deal--love it even better than the sandisk ones. Never any problems.

Cons: none

Overall Review: definitely one of the most reliable thumb/usb drives around!

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Super CPU!6/6/2014 10:00:31 AM

Pros: Fantastic processor and blazing FAST FAST!! I've used the 2500K for about 3 years, and mainly for gaming, but the every day usages, and oh, boy video editing--major stump with that one. I anticipate much greater responses and workability with the hyperthreading. So, when I'm doing photo editing, or video editing, it was worth the extra $$$, and the WAIT! It was still worth the wait.

Cons: Price....Yikes, well to most people maybe that's not a biggie, but looking at the 2500k/3570k cpu prices, it was tempting--but still glad I invested the extra. Not really, it's very stable--and worth it

Overall Review: If you're going to game, not necessary most likely needed, if you're going to do photo/video editing, the hyperthreading is really worth spending the $100 that I would have spent over the 2500K/3570K CPU's. This is my DRAGONSLAYER II Antec 1200 V3 ASUS P8Z77-V LX LGA 1155 Intel Z77 Intel i7-3770K AMD 7890 GPU 16 GB GSkill 1600 OCZ 750W PSU Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 120GB SSD WD Red 1 TB HD Zalman CNPS 5X CPU Cooler enough fans to cool your house down! LOL!! Windows 7 64bit

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DRAGONSLAYER II6/6/2014 9:36:53 AM

Pros: The motherboard is a fantastic gaming board and it gave awesome ratings with my i7-3770K CPU..allowed enough memory, and even works with my cpu so that I can have a 2nd monitor on the on-board video, even when another monitor is on my videocard.--It seems to slightly over clock my cpu without me doing anything to it. Very happy on the most part.

Cons: Not enough fan inputs for my Antec 1200 v3---still nice mobo. not enough to lose a star.

Overall Review: I had to wait 2 years to get my cpu to finish it!

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Webroot SecureAnywhere 201412/3/2013 10:51:38 AM

Pros: Incredibly great priced for one thing: I first tried this product when it was a "free" after rebate. Well, nonetheless, it's worth even a couple of bucks if you have to pay for it. So, at $10 for 5 users or $2/computer, that's a really sweet deal. OK for the financial part. For the real reasons: Very complete and finding malware, virusus, rootkits, etc. the 25 GB back up for no extra charge It's very FAST! Doesn't take a lot of your computer energy to work. My personal favorite of Security software-I used to have AVG free in the past--but this one has really taken the cake! After the computer finds some kind of virus or malware it re-scans itself.--As a double check. Also has a system analyzer to check your hardware You can't beat it, try it, you'll really like it--and won't go broke, either!

Cons: No CD, but other than that, really none.

Overall Review: I have a lot of computers, so I can purchase a 5 pack very cheaply, and have them all covered. I have even given a copy to a person because I wanted them to have the same protection.

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Raidmax Tornado3/19/2013 9:21:13 AM

Pros: It was cheap. Think like $19.99 w/free shipping. Good basic gaming computer for those who don't have a lot of $$$, or your first build.

Cons: It's cheaply made. Don't expect Corsair, CoolerMaster, or Antec quality here. But, it is what it is.

Overall Review: All in all there may be a lot of gamers out there that love it, others hate it. It's just a simple cheap made case. Wouldn't buy another one again, unless a customer really wanted one.

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Windows 7 Home Premium3/19/2013 8:55:43 AM

Pros: Excellent OS; and even comparing it to Windows 7 Pro, and others, the 7 HP isn't bad, at all! I like it. It's very easy to set up, run, and of course you get the updates, as needed--because it's a little older expect a lot more in the beginning.

Cons: None..

Overall Review: Like I said before, expect a lot of updates in the beginning, but it's really a great deal, no problems.

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32bg sdhc flash cards/readers1/16/2013 8:59:58 PM

Pros: Very good value, and on the most part it is 30~ish gb on a micro sd card. Put it in my nextbook and cell phones!! Hopefully the last cards to put in those devices....forever!!Paid like $18 w/ free s/h...can't really complain too much. Just put that sdhc baby in your tablet, iPod, whatever, and you just added 30+gb to your memory!

Cons: The reader really doesn't work. It's totally useless. tried it several times, and with other cards to my computer. Not a super bad con, but for someone who would like to do that, forget it.

Overall Review: Was a pretty good value, and I'm hoping it does last a long time. I didn't time it to see if it was super slow, or fast, but it does primarily what it's supposed to do--add memory, so for that fact, I'm not too concerned about it.

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DOA SEAGATE HD1/16/2013 7:08:36 PM

Pros: was cheap

Cons: yet, it's dead.

Overall Review: Hopefully newegg will work with me on this one. They're usually really good, so no worries.

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headphones11/21/2012 9:11:43 PM

Pros: They were in a promotion. I got my money back!

Cons: They're probably junk! Like Rosewill cases!

Overall Review: I got them free with a rosewill case, which was junk and returned them. Yippee! Newegg really rocks, though because they worked with me on getting my money back. They should really drop rosewill cases though

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The Rockin' 1200 V3 Golliath!11/18/2012 9:42:33 PM

Pros: It's big, lots of fans, lights, and lots of room to put your parts in. I like it, and it's for one of my infamous builds: The Golliath, so I'm proud to use Antec's cases for my builds. Lots of airflow through it. All around just an awesome built case, like all of Antec cases are.

Cons: I want it for myself, I don't want to just build and sell it!

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Duke Nukem11/18/2012 9:39:46 PM

Pros: It was free with videocard I purchased for a build

Cons: Not sure how to judge it yet, just played it a bit. I'll give a review later on if I play it more.

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Cooler' Gamer Mouse11/18/2012 9:36:02 PM

Pros: Works really nice. Granted, I don't own a lot of those "razor" mice, I can say it works well. Even family members using the computer have noticed a large difference in the quickness of it. SO, all in all, I'm satisfied, and for $15 after rebate, I think it's a good deal.

Cons: None yet

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Nippon Ties11/18/2012 9:33:52 PM

Pros: They work, for what they're meant to.

Cons: I haven't had any issues yet

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