Lemon?7/9/2020 4:29:18 PM

Pros: -Very impressive aesthetic -Nice subtle RGB -Fully loaded motherboard

Cons: -Very heavy -A hassle to dis/assemble -GPU lock for the top slot has the potential to be a pain to disengage, especially with the M.2 heatsinks. Fortunately I saw that my GPU would cover the M.2 heatsink screw that would leave me SOOL had I not have the foresight to remove it. However, I did still have a hassle disengaging the GPU lock.

Overall Review: This is an impressive board. I mean, its the equivalent of going to the dealer and buying a fully loaded sports car. The board provides you with several accessories and onboard features. The monoblock is very impressive to look at and has a very premium feel to it. It's not cheap plastic, but very well built. However, it's a pain to assemble. Especially since the block is very heavy and Gigabyte expects you to also connect very thin wires to very fragile connectors while balancing the board with one hand and connecting them with the other. It really is a balancing act since you're also trying to not touch the thermal pads or the paste. Make sure you have reviewed and installed everything the board requires. Otherwise, you will need to unscrew the brackets that hold the CPU block, the screws around the CPU bracket and the screws around the chipset. Then also re-visit pulling off the block. This makes it potentially frustrating for any troubleshooting (more on that in a sec.) I really love Gigabyte products, especially their Aorus line. I was an early adopter of the Aorus laptops before the brand became what it is now. So I was excited to make this purchase when I got my 10th gen chip. It looked very gorgeous in my setup. But I'm fairly certain I got a lemon. I spent two days troubleshooting, researching, second opinions. However, nothing I did resolved the thermals. I strongly believe this board was doing something weird. Completely stock, no fiddling other than fan settings. My fans would ramp up very frequently. I would be browsing with three or four tabs open, spotify and discord running, my temps would be fluctuating between low 50s and mid 70s. The voltage would be going from 1.1 to 1.4. Again, this would be stock. Locking the voltage to 1.3 with an OC of 5GHz, temps would immediately spike to high 90s in a stress test. My 9900k never reached those temps on my z390 master board with those same settings. It did weird things to my GPU as well. Playing Resident evil 3 remake, my watercooled 2080ti would suddenly jump to 70c while simple standing in a small room with little to render. Going back to the BIOS for more investigating, I noticed that my CPU was hitting 70c while simply being in the BIOS. I gave up and just deemed this board a dud. With all the hassle of disassembling the board, it really made me decide against exchanging it for another.

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Quality control lackluster & poor RMA service12/14/2016 9:22:21 PM

Pros: runs games on ultra at 4k amazingly. Currently playing skyrim with several hi-res texture mods at 4k. I average about 45-60 fps at 4k. At 1080, I get about 100 fps

Cons: Parts are junk. After a few weeks, the pump started to become very audible. As if specks of sand were thrown into the loop. I had the card RMA'd, Gigabyte's response verbatim was; "No trouble found after tests with multiple configurations". I get the card back, noise is still present and additionally, now the fan is making a whirring noise as the reaches the rpm to cool it. So now I'm having to manually adjust the fan to about 45% for this whirring to stop, but now the fans are insanely loud. I don't see the point in requesting another RMA and waiting another two weeks for a "No trouble found after tests with multiple configurations" results. I'll most likely sell this brand new card and buy MSI's Seahawk.

Overall Review: TL;DR: Compared to other reviews, you're gambling $800 a ticket for quality of parts lottery. Consider that when purchasing this card.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for your comments. We apologize for your difficulty with your GIGABYTE product. Please contact GIGABYTE RMA department for further assistance about warranty service for the fans at 1-626-854-9338 opt. 4 Monday through Friday from 08:30 ~ 17:30 PST. GIGABYTE VIP Support Team
Amazing piece of hardware12/13/2016 9:31:03 AM

Pros: Initially, I was going to purchase the 3k variant. But ended up going with this one for the 120Hz. Mainly because I feel 1080 is perfect for this screen size. Many others will prefer the 3k resolution, so you'll have to consider which works best for you. They're both amazing panels. Go to Best Buy and see if they have any 3k laptops to have a hands-on feel of what feels best for you. As you would expect, game performance is amazing on this. I've been playing Overwatch on epic settings and the game runs smooth. Fan noise gets loud when fan mode is set to gaming. Customizing this will let you lower this, so the fans aren't blaring so loudly. Fans will ramp up more if you're running gamecast to record footage. Other than that, there's only 2-3 fps loss when running this alongside games. The keyboard software is nice and simple. I like how it allows you to create profiles that will automatically switch the lighting configuration to match the game/application you opened. It's nice to see Aorus adding the individual RGB keys to their laptops. This laptop also comes with little folding stilts you can attach anywhere on the bottom of the laptop, lifting it for better airflow. They flush nicely to the height of the rubber feet when folded closed. I only wish they were easy to fold out, since you have to flip the laptop around to get a good grip to unfold them. Overall, the laptop is snappy. butter-smooth display movement. I work with 3D programs like Lightwave and CAD, this laptop has no issue running these programs (simultaneously) while also playing music.

Cons: Unfortunately, I believe this is a TN panel. Color shifting doesn't occur much on left/right/top view, but adjusting the screen back, the image will darken. Also the killer wifi NIC is junk. I have gigabit speeds at home and transferring a 200mb file from my personal server at home, was taking over an hour. I can feel the browser throttling due to the file transfer. I will be looking into upgrading the NIC to an intel 8260NGW and see if that makes a difference. Keyboard switches aren't anything to write home about. They're pretty standard and pressing keys feels a little spongy. I previously had x7 v5 SLI and really liked the jewel caps for the G keys that came in that model. USBs could have been spread out more. They're all on the right side (and one at the back) and being right handed, it gets annoying having wires/USBs getting in your way when you're using a lap-desk on the couch.

Overall Review: I initially had an issue with the screen flickering and submitted an exchange request. Fortunately, I discovered this was an issue with nVidia's software. I went into nVidia control panel and set power consumption to maximum and ensured v-sync was off and no more screen flicker. Also major shout-out to Dakota from the Newegg Facebook page. I sent a FB message, but didn't get a response. So I initiated live-chat here on Newegg.com, about the Aorus bundle that didn't come with my laptop. The guy I spoke with basically said I was out of luck, because I had ordered this laptop two hours before the bundle went up for inclusion. Then comes Dakota who responded to me on FB, later in the evening asking for my order number. Her next message was that she's corrected this and two days later I received my bundle.

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Great investment2/13/2013 11:36:25 AM

Pros: I originally had the AMD FX-8150 and my workstation was unable to keep up with my daily needs. After contemplating for two weeks, deciding on the 3770 and this CPU, I finally chose the 3930K. I do a lot of video editing and intensive 3D animation and the render times were worth the pricetag. All other performance has been very satisfying. I was rendering a scene that had all cores at 100% and decided to play a game during that. The game did not hiccup once and the end product of my render was flawless. Fortunately my H100 was 2011 socket compatible and I overclocked this CPU to 4.8Ghz with full-load temps at 65~ degrees (1.4v). So far, I am very satisfied in the investment of this CPU.

Cons: So far nothing.

Overall Review: I have this CPU in a P9X79 PRO board and unfortunately I am only able to OC the turbo portion of the clock. But I guess I don't need to be burning my CPU at 65 degrees all day. I get the power when I need it most.

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