ATI Radeon 48905/19/2009 12:43:21 PM

Pros: I have one word to describe this card! AMAZING! my dad ordered it may 04th this year, got here wednesday may 06th at 10:30 in the morning! Good service, SPEEDY shipping! went from an EVGA 9600GT to this card and it makes a HUGE difference, especially when playing games. I can MAX out any game i have, fallout 3, Left 4 dead, Fable the lost chapters, Crysis, UT2004, Red Alert 3, u name it! the beauty of it is is that this card will run on a 500 Watt Power supply! my first biostar card ever, and I will rely on them!

Cons: this card is LONG AND HUGE! fan IS loud at 100%, but, temps r 35C on idle and it varies around 40 to 50C for load, but its moving a LOT of air! didnt get the 2 6 pin power adapters that I needed, but I emailed them the invoice and they sent out 2 of them friday via USPS, and got here monday afternoon, so no problems there other than that! this card has a ONE YEAR warranty, I did email them about that, so if u have questions about this cards warranty, it is ONE year!

Overall Review: A buddy of mine actually suggested this card to me after comparing an EVGA geforce GTX 260 to this Radeon card. he suggested that i get the ATI card because he and I like the strategy of making this card run cooler and faster. it was cheaper to get this card because I only have a 500 Watt PSU right now, but, im getting a bigger one soon, so no problems there!

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