VVVVRRRROOOOM!2/5/2012 10:05:31 AM

Pros: FAST FAST FAST! Had my doubts at first if this card would even fit in my mid-sized case but it fit with an inch to spare. (10 1/2 inch) Overclocks like a dream using afterburner and runs Modern warfare 3 and Skyrim Maxed!!! (Avg 48 fps) Furmark bench mark was 51 fps at 71c on extream burn in with stock fans and only a slight bump in clocks

Cons: It didn't install itself

Overall Review: I'm wondering just what I can do eith two more with a Formula V setup XD

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Great kit2/5/2012 9:59:23 AM

Pros: It has every thing I need for learning computer repair. Some of this stuff I don't even need yet but its nice to have. Even come with a soldering kit!

Cons: Was shipped separately from the rest of my order for a hidden $26 fee :( they should probably make you aware that the $26 overnight fee was going to be doubled O_o

Overall Review: should also come with one of those static straps.

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