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Incredible performance at low price4/26/2009 3:14:43 PM

Pros: Works great. Despise some people's claims of not getting gigabit in a mixed gigabit/100mbit setup, I have no such problem. I've got four gigabit machines hooked up and four 10/100 machines hooked up. Three of the gigabit machines are linux boxes and get about 950 Mbit transfer using iperf (a network performace testing program). The other is a Windows 7 beta machine, and it gets about 500Mbit connecting to one of the linux machines (also using iperf). I'm not sure why the Windows machine is only about half speed (the cabling does go near a number of electrical lines, so it may be an interference issue), but it's still 5x better than a 10/100 connection. The switch also supports quality of service (QoS) which was one of the major reasons for buying it (my old switch was getting packet loss when saturated). However, I haven't really need QoS, because even with it turned off I haven't had any packet loss issues even under heavy load.

Cons: Can't really think of any.

Overall Review: The switch does seem to have an issue determining whether a switch is connected at 100Mbit or gigabit. Of my 4 gigabit machines connected to it, 2 of them have a green light (indicating a 100Mbit connection) instead of orange (indicating a gigabit connection), despite the fact that those 2 machines are achieving gigabit speeds. It doesn't have any negative effect on the functionality or performance...merely a cosmetic issue (and possibly a little confusing).

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Great feature, performance, & price3/24/2008 12:08:06 PM

Pros: Great device. It's performance is excellent, it handles a mixed speed network gracefully, it has low power consumption even under heavy load, it's inexpensive, and it even supports quality of service.

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: The performance of this switch is excellent. Despite what I've read in some other reviews, this device does NOT slow down to the speed of the slowest device. It runs each device as fast as it can...I've verified it. I connected a pair of 1 Gb machines together and was able to stream data between them at about 950 Mb (the missing 50Mbit is probably due mostly to communication and processing overhead). I then had a 100Mb computer start streaming to the first machine. It achieved 95Mb, and the Gb machines only slowed down by the same 95Mb. Adding a third machine gave the same sort of results. No matter how many and what speed the machines were connecting to it, it always achieved the same 950Mb combined throughput. I also tested it bi-directionally between the Gb machines. Each machine was able to simultaneously send 950Mb/sec to the other (total of 1.9Gb/sec transmitted).

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beautiful design with one fatal flaw3/17/2008 5:28:44 AM

Pros: Great design, wonderful layout, good front panel controls. Basically, everything I want in a case, except....

Cons: The LCD panel is WAY WAY too bright. If you want to see pictures, do a google search for "Moneual 832 review" , and view the thread from the AVS forums. It's so bright, it can light a room at night, and the text on the LCD is unreadable from more than few feet away because of it. Moneural customer service even responded that they are aware of the problem but can offer no fix for it.

Overall Review: I'm quite disappointed. This was the first case I saw that I felt right away it had the perfect design. Its just too bad the worse-than-useless LCD kills the deal. If it had a better LCD, I'd buy this in a heartbeat.

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11/28/2007 10:59:14 AM

Pros: Extremely quiet. Performance is great (it might benchmark a tad slower than some other drives, but I certainly don't notice it).

Cons: A few bucks more than other drives in its class (but worth it).

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