Nice chair for the cost, leaves a few things to be desired6/19/2018 1:34:45 PM

Pros: -The chair is very nice and sleek, compares to most racer chairs I have seen and used -Locking backrest and lumbar pillow are very nice and relieved a lot of pressure off of my back - Good height range to fit my desk, as it sits a little taller than most

Cons: -Non-adjustable armrests aren't ideal, but it works perfectly with my setup -Cushioning is a little stiff on the bottom, but may just need to be broken in more -A lot more flimsy plastic cover with 1-2 screw holding it in place. More would be nice to make the covers on the hinges seem so flimsy

Overall Review: -Overall, I suggest this chair if you want something with good support in the racer style for a low cost, maybe just snag an extra cushion to bring it right where you want it -If you want adjustable arm rests, you may want to look somewhere else!

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Works perfect for our one bedroom apartment4/5/2018 9:07:14 AM

Pros: -Great for sweeping hardwood and carpet as well, we have no issue with it going from our main hardwood floors to the carpeted bedroom -Scheduling is super convenient to use, though sometimes it seems to 'forget' the scheduling -Makes a huge difference in the amount of pet hair shedded from our dog -Cleaning the brush and filters is very easy to do, I was actually surprised at how accessible they both are

Cons: -The back tank is a bit small, usually, I have to clean it once or twice while it runs and cleans the whole home -Likes to go in circles around my computer chair, so sometimes I have to move it -Sometimes it won't go fully under the couch

Overall Review: Overall we love having it and it was a great buy for the price!

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