Working well and looking nice11/24/2020 8:48:12 AM

Pros: 5 bays for the price is a great deal quite operation nice magnetic lid speedy enough

Cons: no hot swapping difficult inserting and removing drives

Overall Review: looks really nice, i hope it holds up, ive had a few orico drive bays die so it would be a shame to lose all 5 bays. for the most part all my orico stuff have lasted very well. here are some transfer speeds i noticed. 80 mb/s 8tb external hd to 60 gb ssd inside the docking station 67.5 mb/s 60gb ssd to 60 gb ssd within the docking station 338 mb/s 60gb ssd in the docking station to 8tb external HD (also usb3.0 orico single drive bay)

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback. Hope to deal with you in the future. If you have some other questions, hope you can be free to contact us. My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best regards Maite
good sharp image but muted colors in low light10/20/2020 12:07:07 AM

Overall Review: great in good lighting, smooth frames even if its just 25fps. Image is sharp but the colors can be very muted in low light, such as just lighting for rooms at night, works great in the daytime. I don't notice autofocusing at all, but the lens ring will rotate and I've been able to focus that way.

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after 6 years it died9/30/2019 7:34:09 AM

Pros: worked like a charm for 6 years

Cons: didnt last forever, didnt have a cover

Overall Review: not bad for 6 years. i was angry at first but i realized not all things last forever.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Thanks for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Sherry from ORICO customer care team. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Should you have any further problem ,please feel free to contact ME. Our E-Mail is ,we will try our best to help you. Thanks again for choosing ORICO as your preference. Best Regards ORICO Customer Care Team
Really good ram9/11/2013 10:00:30 AM

Pros: Clocks to 2133 at recommend voltage (1.6) just fine. able to overclock my 4.3 ghz AMD FX 4170 to 4.8 no problems. heat spreaders look good matches the blue elements on my motherboard.

Cons: not cheap

Overall Review: Motherboard - ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 AM3+ AMD 990FX

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works well for the price5/1/2013 9:52:23 AM

Pros: Plays most games at highest settings fine, stays pretty cool and is easy to overclock

Cons: makes alot of noise in sli setup cause the two cards are close it cause the fan on the top card to be less efficient.

Overall Review: i added all in in one water cooling systems on these cards via, "AKA the mod" and now notice max temps only reading up to 49c. im able to over clocked the core to 950mhz

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Ownership: more than 1 year
still working5/4/2010 9:10:56 AM

Pros: still works! use as a cpu heatsink fan. now it's a case fan for my mini tower.

Cons: got a lil noisy but not that bad honestly.

Overall Review: the screw points dont exactly work the same way as the plastic housing fans. (this one has metal housing) fat stubby fan screws will not work on this.

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works5/4/2010 9:07:59 AM

Pros: right angle, saves space.

Cons: connector is bulky. didnt fit with my gtx 260 covering the sata slots.

Overall Review: this one bends the other way compared to many of the 90 degree angle ones. i was specifically looking for this kind.

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Nice box, bad PSU5/4/2010 8:42:55 AM

Pros: nice, small, sleek, but big enough for mutiple HD's and ROMs.

Cons: PSU died after about 2 months of continuous use. Replaced with antec 380watt psu. If you have noisy components this box will not keep it down, i used some dynamat round fans and HDs and the thing is still kinda annoying.

Overall Review: the panels are kinda flimsy metal but that either bad or good, bad cause it can be easily bent but good cause it's so dang light.

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So far so good3/12/2009 7:27:19 AM

Pros: Small, i totally forgot that i bought a micro atx, i was more concerned about the good price. has good room between the ram and cpu socket. on board hdmi is a cool feature. booted right up no problems.

Cons: I got this to replace an asus that died on me and when i stuck my 260 gtx into this it covered half of my sata ports. L shaped sata cables are still hard to get in between the port and the gfx card. no big deal really since im not running that many drives. the bios is a little confusing with IDE and SATA chipset having to be enabled for the sata ports that arnt blocked to work. the software it came with crashes all the time in winxp 64bit. but i guess that's what i get for running that os. not a big deal either since i dont plan to overclock. wish it had more usb ports but oh well, micro.

Overall Review: Great board either way, i only gave it 4 cause i havent had it long enough. but no problems so far. :)

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Works great9/11/2007 9:06:06 AM

Pros: works great, playing all my old pc shooters like farcry at max settings with np. been playing fear with no problems either, actually makes the games seem puny in the graphical sense. pretty awesome

Cons: it's not a 8800 hahaha.

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works great9/11/2007 9:03:31 AM

Pros: looks great on my black aluminum case. works fine, been ripping dvd's with no problem.

Cons: none so far.

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No problems so far9/11/2007 9:01:21 AM

Pros: works great, cool heatpipes makes me sure im getting the best performance. sure looks cool. nvida ecc certified so i know it'll work well with my video card.

Cons: nothing i can see so far, other than the fact that the heat pipes take up some extra space that mess with my cpu heat sink. make sure you have room, heat pipes almost doubles it's height.

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
works well, but not perfect9/11/2007 8:55:48 AM

Pros: works really well, sorta, it does keep the temps well below 40c when idle, which is ALOT better than the stock heatsink/fan that came with the cpu (AMD AM2) all copper so i know it dissipates heat really well.

Cons: the only way you can orient the heatsink is with the heatpipes towards the memory slots. I had to kinda ad hoc the installation by having it installed in a diagonal manner because it rubbed up too close to my memory heatpipes. so even tho the heat sink is on, its not very secure. it keeps the cpu under 40c when idle but when i start playing games it goes up close to 50c, but never to 50c.

Overall Review: when i stop playing games, it quickly drops back down to under 40c in a matter of seconds, so it must be some issue with the fan not moving enough air, but the heatsink itself is working very well. i would recommend if you have memory slots that are far enough away and dont have heat pipes on them.

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Works fine8/31/2007 9:25:32 AM

Pros: Warranty offered by EVGA gives me ease of mind. runs all my old games (far cry, quake4, doom) at max setting with no discernible degradation to quality. Runs FEAR and Star Wars Empire at War perfectly fine as well.

Cons: none so far, maybe the only con is that it isnt a 8800

Overall Review: 4200 dual core 64 AMD, 2gb OCZ reaper 6400. Windows XP x64 edition.

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