Solid attempt from CM for a SFF Case!10/29/2020 2:57:30 PM

Pros: - Spacious and well thought out design with excellent compatibility for up to a 280 AIO. - excellent airflow - magnetic dust filters - easy to remove side panels for access - plenty of room for future expansion, or even custom loops

Cons: - Top panel is flimsy - removing causes flex leading to slight distortion on the mesh panel in front corners that’s noticeable in certain light/view angles. - technically SFF but a tad larger than i expected (given the amount of space for expansion and wide range of compatibility this technically wouldn't be a negative for some)

Overall Review: One thing that would have made this case above and beyond would have been a more robust top panel/framing to support a top mounted AIO. At this price point, I can’t complain! Looking forward to finalizing my build!

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