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VERY clearly Superior to the Logitech M5103/11/2020 1:02:47 PM

Pros: I've used and LOVED the Logitech M570 for something like 2 decades and more. The Logitech suffered quality issues over long term use. Buttons would double-click or not work at. I found myself replacing it every couple of years. Only time will tell how long this Adesso iMouse T30 will last. But even this only lasts as long - it is STILL superior. The feel and function of this Adesso iMouse T30 is immediately noticeably superior to the Logitech M570 in every way that I can test over the course of the hour I have it so far. Supremely useful 5 Levels of sensitivity - select-able on the fly. And EACH Level can be tweaked for acceleration to the nth degree using the nifty and easy to use Software that is downloaded from Aesso's site. Very, VERY, cool. I'd say more positive things about it, but sorry. I gotta go blow up some stuff up! (YES! this is FANTASTIC for ANY type of gaming - including wicked fast FPSs!)

Cons: It wasn't free (of course). Other than that - NOTHING Con to say about it at this time.

Overall Review: I've purchased and tried at least 3 other similar thumb Trackball mice over the years whilst looking for something better than the Logitech M510. 1 or 2 of those where at least as good, but not really any better. If you LOVED the Logitech 510, BUY THIS Adesso iMouse T30 and LOVE it even moar! It'll cost you less too. Thank You for your heroic deeds, Adesso! You guys nailed it!

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Both female USB ports are very sloppy.12/14/2019 2:42:28 PM

Pros: Light construction. Pretty much silent, as claimed. 4 small and 1 large fan brings up plenty of airflow, keeping the laptop cooler and my lap. Tiltable - able to put the keyboard up into a more comfortable position, for me.

Cons: USB ports do not hold USB connectors solidly in place. Connectors are sloppy in every direction.

Overall Review: I wish Rosewill hadn't used such cheesy, low quality USB ports, where otherwise I'd be very happy with it. This is not say that plugs fall out without some physical action, but there's very little of that required.

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