Surprised and impressed:11/30/2018 6:33:00 PM

Pros: - Clarity is REALLY good, I'm impressed at what I'm hearing in sound that I wasn't before. I really thought that my onboard was fine, until I got this as a "why not" gift for myself. I figured that it'd at least give me a physical switch to turn up and down music, it does ALOT more than that. - I'm impressed at how much more distinct sounds are. Listening even to shows on youtube, or streamed online, I can hear sounds far more separately, and clearly. This really adds to music especially. - Fixed a problem I was having where my audio channels on my headset were backwards (My right audio came out my left, and vice versa), it seems to be common online, and this is a fairly expensive way to fix it, but it did fix it.

Cons: - It doesn't create two audio interfaces so it's easier to switch between outputs, you HAVE to do it in their software. I'd really prefer that they simply have both outputs appear as physical outputs on a computer so I could easily switch using built in methods.

Overall Review: It's not often I have a product like this that I order and really impresses me.

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Great Yellow fans, good look:12/1/2017 5:08:34 PM

Pros: Inexpensive for the pack, and very quiet fans, was surprised to find that the three pin adapter has a molex attached to it as well, it unfortunately wouldn't fit with the extra cord, so I cut off the molex, and used the standard 3-pins and sealed the other wires. The result is very good and quiet.

Cons: I didn't go to yellow fans sooner, it's a good and unusual look in a computer.

Overall Review: This really looks like an OEM pack, it's a cardboard box with the fans in it, nothing special, but then again, I didn't buy it for a fancy box.

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Good USB 3.0 card12/15/2013 9:15:35 PM

Pros: Good quality easy to use USB 3.0 card, installed freshly on a new copy of windows 8.1, I didn't even need to download drivers, windows picked it up and worked immediately.

Cons: Nothing major, I had to open the case to use it? It didn't install itself?

Overall Review: I would wish that all USB add in cards could prove this easy to install, I've had my share of USB 3.0 duds, but this one is a winner.

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Good Zotac for the money11/28/2012 5:50:06 PM

Pros: Not a bad card for the money, got it on a good sale on black friday and haven't really looked back since then. It runs on an old AMD socket 939 well and does quite a bit to make it feel like a more modern computer, best upgrade it's ever had.

Cons: Not a very wonderful warranty, though everything else on it is wonderful.

Overall Review: If I had to choose again, and this was on sale? I'd buy it everytime.

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Not bad10/7/2011 6:23:05 PM

Pros: I can't say that I'm regretting buying this monitor, it's quick, looks really good, is very bright, and has all the connections I could want: 2 HDMI, and a VGA. Did I mention it was bright?...

Cons: So bright that I can't stare at it when I wake up? or that you can see my silhouette outside my window? But despite this it does have actual shortcommings: Mine came with 2 stuck pixels, though a quick massage fixed them, they come back every so often, but rubbing again stops the eyestrain. They seem to be happening less, but I will say buying a warranty with this is a good idea. I hope I never have to use it.

Overall Review: It's refurbished, but for a first time from Hanns-G I think they may have made a customer for life: if this is refurbished, how nice are the new ones?!

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Ownership: less than 1 day
Quality Manufactured4/1/2011 2:34:51 PM

Pros: Good quite and fastly shipped Sobering agent, used silently in my bathroom this morning to get fresh. Being a tech I can't walk into the office drunk, Newegg came through again, in a tough pinch.

Cons: Ate too many of them following a rather rushed job to look sober after a night out... tried applying them towards making myself seem less drunk, but found out after several reviews that thanks to an erratum in the yolk they don't really sober you up that much. Will definitely be returning these eggs to Newegg for replacement, or for a refund.

Overall Review: I couldn't find out where to put my egg in an envelope so I just sent the remaining egg of my lot back in my rating, I hope that Newegg is satisfied with this. though after this review I recommended not uploading it, this Eggshell is difficult to get out of a USB port...

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What is the case?3/5/2010 4:03:53 AM

Pros: For the price, it's not all that bad of a case, having a nice power supply mounted firmly, as well as holding decent temperatures for most of the time, this case isn't all of too bad in it's value. But it does have some flaws:

Cons: it's roomy enough, but hard drives don't fit well next to ATX boards (especially if they are angles PATA connectors.), as well as SATA drives. Fan is noisy on startup, and tends to vibrate, being replaced may help though. The Bar through the center of the case is annoying and was also quickly removed, the case is tough, but it doesn't need to be that tough.

Overall Review: All in all a decent tower for a family member, I'd probably buy it again if need be.

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7300 buys and counting:3/4/2010 6:21:50 PM

Pros: Of all the cards I've ever seen on Newegg that I often wish to use for an HTPC I can't say I can find one that at the moment I would recommend more then this 7300 LE, Not specifically for it's power, but far more for it's price. 20 Dollars for a card of this power in comparison to on-board machines, especially older ones is a big leap. plus even though it is old, it's power consumption isn't so bad. The fan could be a little quieter, but when is there a fan that shouldn't be? This thing can play Civilization 4, Spore, and a host of other lower end games well, and does a decent job of encoding and improving movie quality. If you have onboard graphics, the jump in quality as well as power may be worth having, at the worst It will let Windows 7 use it's shiny new Aero interface. IT HAS A DVI, AND VGA SLOT AS WELL! Newegg doesn't mention this!

Cons: Elder technology by standards, and although it's superior to onboard graphics cards in every way, it doesn't have too much RAM, graphics processing capability. It's also a RAM leecher and a machine with more RAM to feed both itself and this little machine will be a happy one. Doesn't process CUDA, has a Fan, and most other graphics cards will smoke this, but if you absolutely have to have a graphics card, none will do better than this. The technology may be many years old now. (around 4) But in some cases it's far better than nothing. ESPECIALLY IF YOU THINK THAT THIS DOESN'T HAVE A DVI OR VGA SLOT, WHICH IT DOES.

Overall Review: Small, But not low profile, or at least it didn't come with the brackets, it's got a single fan, and both Dvi and VGA out in addition to the S-Video it talks about. Doesn't run too hot, but if it did switching out the fan I wouldn't think would be too difficult.

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8400 yes's3/4/2010 6:04:58 PM

Pros: Was shipped to my house within three days, and was received well wrapped, well bubbled, and box was as clean and new as the factory. (Ah the smell of new hardware.) But to the meat of it: This particular 8400 GS from Sparkle came as it is labeled, a passive graphics card, and stays at a balmy 60C consistently, Onboard graphics and this card have nothing in common, in the same manner that those who live by the sword are shot by those who don't. I can play Civilization 4, Supreme Commander, and Oblivion with good framerates at 1024x768, if you are a standard home user this would be about as much as you could possibly need for a long time. Windows 7 loves the extra power, and windows Media player's visualizations don't lag anymore. (Comming from an intel gma950, differences are strong, as well as the jump from a CRT monitor to an LCD monitor.)

Cons: Didn't come with a bigger box? Sparkle isn't too well known? Didn't get here in two days? I'm drawing from a shallow well here guys. The card does run at that warm 60C and is passive so extra fans may be in order if you have a small case, or an already warm one.

Overall Review: This card is a low profile card, with the DVI being dominant as the output, it is warm, but not warm enough that I wouldn't consider putting it into an HTPC, I may just wind up buying two more to have on hand, the differences are worth the trouble. (and for 28 bones plus free shipping, not all that expensive either.)

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A Neat Little Cord:12/20/2009 11:38:38 AM

Pros: A well built small Sata 2 to USB cable that although doesn't thrill audiences with it's death defying speed and amazing aesthetics does instead fill a different niche that most cables do not. It can handle any Sata 2.5 drive that you throw at it and allow you to access their contents without all the warning of drive failure, or anything else that could interfere. (It's USB it can't transmit that data.) But the Data that it will transmit is anything else on the drive that you could possibly need. A very handy little cable that I've used on many drives already, I plan on carrying it everywhere I go with an old laptop drive to "rig up" a cheap and easy portable drive.

Cons: It's kinda small, lacks completely in instructions, and feels somewhat cheap in the Plastic SATA head, but it's durable enough. It doesn't transfer very fast, and most flash drives will overpower it in sheer data transfer. I will repeat this only once: IT DOES NOT WORK WITH 3.5 Inch Drives! Be sure to leave them at home, or buy a larger dock to handle them. This is for SSD's and Laptop Drives only!

Overall Review: If this little bugger could only handle 3.5 drives They'd have a switcher for life in me. I could learn to love having a few of these around with me to help backup drives as well as migrate between computers for customers. But until then I'll have to make do with purchasing a larger dock, even so this little guy will continue to hum away, and for the price it's not so bad. He's already paid himself off in saving mine and several clients data very quickly and reliably.

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Good Fan, with good controller:6/27/2009 1:51:47 PM

Pros: This Slot cooler among all others has allowed my Thermaltake Lanbox (Classic with the handle) to ditch quite a bit of it's excess heat. Although it's a Micro ATX build it's a LAN sleeper so it gets very hot in it's small confines. It's because of this that adding extra fans helps out quite a bit. I added another 60 mm as well as this cooler and my temps all fell around 13 C apiece, a new CPU cooler killed an extra 5. But in any case the two fans do work well together even smooshed in-between my Video and Sound Card, the fan can turn 180 degrees once and angle downward as well, and for those with room can angle it out the back as well (90 Degrees), both work well to cool anything around it, as well as the rest of the case. The Built in Fan Controller also lets you set it comfortably, from Hair Dryer to Fly buzzing on a hilltop 40 miles away. (Silent.)

Cons: Somewhat expensive, but the cost is well worth it, this one introduction has cooled fown my 9800 GT from running at 75 C all the time to 58 C usually, And only reaches that temperature while gaming. This is good considering I live in a desert.

Overall Review: Blue LED matches my case well, and Newegg still has it listed under Red LED. It fits in well with other cards, and it's little blue prongs on the bottom fit in a PCI Express as well as PCI slot. 4 Pin Molex is a pass-through for easier cabling. My build: Thermaltake Lanbox Asus P5Q-EM Creative XFI Extreme Audio Evga 9800GT Asus Pci-e Physics Card Coolermaster GeminII S Heatsink

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Decent Fan, Wrong angle:6/17/2009 4:31:11 PM

Pros: A small and somewhat powerfull fan, I found it tolerable enough and moving quite a bit of air. Silver sheen and strong metal construction is nice, blades are plastic and somewhat shiny, but not in any way unattractive.

Cons: I noticed that I had mounted it backwards and was having it run contrary to the flow in my case. After a head scratching moment, I unscrewed it and reversed it to find out that it cannot be reversed, even once taken apart. So it's an extra now, but no fault of the fan, I can fault my eyes for that order.

Overall Review: So no fault on the fan, but merely on myself. Even with this bit of hassle it's a good fan and I plan to use it on something else in due time. And whatever it is will have an excellent fan ready for use.

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Evga and it's 9800GT1/4/2009 8:37:41 PM

Pros: A very strong Mid-level card, with probably one of the best price performance ratios currently on the market. This card is a beast for most who wish to game. I myself have never moved up from a 1024x768 resolution (never had the monitor space for it.) So I see very VERY good frame rates in any game I throw at it. Crysis is almost a constant 40 on this, even in a raging firefight. Before this I had only ever had onboard graphics, so now I understand what the Voodoo 3D revolution was all about. And even though I'm on a low resolution, this card pumps out enough power that if I ever can upgrade I won't have to worry about performance suffering, this card will take it and then some.

Cons: The Card is fairly large and is permanently stuck at 40 Percent fan speed, However a quick adjustment by a Riva tuner Fan Profile keeps it nice and cool. The Excess heat used to crash my computer until I realized that this was causing the problem. It has been rock solid ever since.

Overall Review: A single slot card of this calibre is gold in my P5Q-EM since it has only so many slots (Micro-ATX), and I need everyone of them. This card has given me outstanding performance, while letting me keep my other slots open. It may not be an ATI HD4870, but it's cheap and very strong. The card itself is almost another half of a motherboard attached to my motherboard. The lifetime warranty by Evga is good, and registering is worth the time. Thought about using Step-up but I may never need to thanks to how well this is going so far.

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Werewolfdale1/4/2009 8:28:30 PM

Pros: Very strong Stock core Speed, and even better overclocking, This small wonder should find it's home in many machines, even with the new generation of i7 Intel processors out. The Stock cooler isn't completely worthless and with Arctic Silver actually manages to keep the processor very cool: 35-40C reaching maybe 43C once in it's entire existence. This is my first dual-core and after reading up about it online, find almost everything about it to be true. It is a brilliant processor, and it's getting cheaper. Many games can't use both cores just yet, but in everyday computing compared to single Cores, the power can be felt, you can burn a CD, watch 3 movies, defragment, and maybe even sneak in an Antivirus scan while you are at it.

Cons: Stock fan is a terribly monstrosity to have to clamp on compared to AMD fans, but this is already well known and fairly legendary. Wires on the outside of my fan were loose and got out of their clamps, so a quick re-adjustment ensures they were hacked to bits by the fan of the heatsink. Standard Heatsink Compound is decent, but it never hurts to replace it.

Overall Review: The Wolfdale is unfortunately one of the last big names of LGA 775 and with the introduction of LGA 1156 (Not LGA1366) in the near future, we won't see many more upgrades on this socket. But nonetheless, this is a very capable processor and it is a very hard thing to find any program that even begins to fully stress it.

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Arctic Conditions for your CPU:1/4/2009 8:14:19 PM

Pros: Cools BRILLIANTLY! I was never a complete believer in having third party Heatsink Compounds, especially since many compounds will simply: "just do". However I've gotten a taste of what this can do, and I have to say I'm converted! Application is easy for both AMD and LGA775 Processors, two dabs the size of a grain of Rice and simply rub it around until the metal of the processor is gone. (I use a sandwich bag usually, plastic gloves would work even better. Be sure not to have sandwich in bag as well.) Clamp on the heatsink and watch this stuff do it's magic. I've ran under the impression it has no "burn in" time, and it has kept My personal E8500 at 40C almost since I first put it on. (Stock heatsink), Other builds with third party heatsinks do even better. (usually killing another 3-6 C's at minimum.) Has many processor applications in each tube.

Cons: Can be messy, since it has silver in it, expensive for a small tube, but worth the expenditure since it can be used quite a few times. Not seeing any degradation in it's capabilities yet, but don't expect to.

Overall Review: Application is fairly easy, Tube releases it's contents slowly, and the compound itself is fairly thick, it won't look like it can cover much area, but as soon as the metal of the processor can't be seen, you've already plenty on there. This is to help contact between the heatsink and Processor after all, it doesn't cool on it's own. Is generally easier to put on AMD processors thanks to better Stock Heatsink design, but any problem intel heatsinks will give you will be because of their pins, not because of this compound. Be sure to rinse off old compounds off other heatsinks and processors before applying, Rubbing Alcohol works great for this, and a soft cloth, get the surfaces clean, and apply to the processor only. Easy process for easy gain.

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A Gaming Box on another level:10/20/2008 12:32:05 PM

Pros: Where exactly does one start here? I myself saw the box and fell in love with the idea of its design, so took it upon myself to save up for it, and every second of that wait was worth it. The box itself is indeed modular and covered in thumbscrews, and thusly getting into and out of the box is cake, the motherboard tray and entire backside of the case come out, for an extremely easy Motherboard install, as well as general upgrade should the time come to it. (Move video cards will fit fine, I stuck a 9800GT in and was scared when I first saw the monster, but it fit in very well, and doesn't even come over the side of a MicroATX board. I bought the Silver VF1000SWA instead of the black, but don't regret it, since I wished to go with another color scheme for this build. The Handle is very strong and has seen very heavy use from myself, and I've still yet to have any problem with the computer even with constant moving to LAN parties, as well as friend's houses. An Incredible Case in short.

Cons: However it isn't without any sort of blemish, the case itself runs surprisingly hot for being all aluminum, but I've not seen it nearly as bad as others here, My Graphics Card is a single slot, so it does indeed pump hot air directly into the case, but even that doesn't raise a single reading past 40C With the exception of the card itself. I still haven't purchased another 60mm Fan for the back, but may consider it optional since cooling hasn't been too bad. Front Optical Drive Module is machined slightly off, but fits in fine nevertheless, Not all CD drives seem to fit the opening perfectly though... My Asus drive is a little too short... Optional 7" bay seems worthless. Screwing in any screws too many times begins to wear out the aluminum, but its a small price to pay for the extra cooling it provides all the parts in it.

Overall Review: Overall this was by far the most show-offy purchase of my new build, but it was worth it, I've had few not say either: "that is a stupid design" or "Awesome case." And without fail it has proven to be portable to a whole new level, as well as being able to accomodate all the parts I need for a strong gaming machine, as well as possible future media machine, when I build a larger gaming rig. I'm sure it shall see many years of service, and I won't look forward to the day that it loses its spot for me. Indeed it shall probably remain my main computer until the day MicroATX is replaced.

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Strong RAM, Strong Company:10/4/2008 1:28:00 PM

Pros: Without a doubt the best Set of RAM I've probably ever Puchased. They ran perfectly to their specification on first boot (Asus P5Q-EM) and have remained there almost untouched and Rock solid since their first run. I've been living in DDR Hell for years now with only 512-768 Megs of RAM, enjoying the power of 4 gigs at once almost blows me away.

Cons: Of all the Products I have bought when it comes to this particular build, I have been able to find a small con... this is the only exception, I would gladly do it over and over again, Mushkin knows how to produce RAM.

Overall Review: Without a Doubt Mushkin has made a lifetime customer out of me. Corsair was my old Passion, but Mushkin has found itself a home in all of my Machines from now on.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Solid Strong, and lasting:10/4/2008 1:20:05 PM

Pros: Without a doubt a strong and solid PSU, with two 12v Rails. It's probably the best at it's price point and its very well built. It's provided strong and stable power for this particular build the entire way, and has been carrying this system effortlessly. It's been powering a 9800GT just fine, but I wouldn't say for sure how it would handle anything bigger, or even a Dual card configuration,

Cons: Packaging was sparse, but its no real surprise, Cable included was a dud, and scared me to no end when it looked like it shorted out my system (No silicon smell though, so I was a little relieved). All was forgiven though, when another cable revived my system, and the old went in the trash. I would keep an eye on it, but it may have been an isolated incident.

Overall Review: for the price, I would say it is probably the best buy for a mid-powered system. If you want to have 4 graphics cards, a small refrigerator as well as an atomic collider attached, something larger may be required.

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Definitely not Jurassic:10/1/2008 3:19:51 AM

Pros: Without a doubt the fastest Drive I've ever used, I've been living in the era of 7200 for way too long, and although SSD is almost a stone's throw away, I do believe this little fellow will keep my computer nice and quick for the next year at least. Was my main drive with the build and Installed Windows X64 in 6 minutes. :) Doesn't have a gimmicky window that costs 20 dollars more.

Cons: Cost, The Price per Gigabyte is nearly insane, also the quick scare, when it was first released of a possible bug, kept me in check for a few days. Next to that, the recent price hike is also not appreciated, making buying another not an option. I would prefer space with the first as my OS drive.

Overall Review: Stays very cool, but while installing windows made a rather high pitched squeeling noise. It hasn't done anything of the like since, and has been very quiet. I only notice it when I need speed, and I never doubt that it can give it to me. I haven't run any benchmarks on it, but I have nearly no doubt its the same strength as it's 300GB brother.

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64-bit now, with the stability of XP:9/30/2008 10:31:33 AM

Pros: Without a doubt by far the most stable version of XP I've ever used, Windows XP x64 is probably the pinnacle of XP in all of its uses. I've been using it myself for nearly two months now, and without skipping a beat, I manage to find all of my drivers for it, (For rather exotic cards as well: The Asus PhysX card, along with a 9800 GT) As well as a humble card reader. The only driver I couldn't find was for an elder NAS that is about to be replaced anyway. x64 bit computing is without a doubt more stable and feels almost twice as fast. This system was built new fom the ground up, but its Snappier thanks to XP x64. The jump from x86 (32 bit) to X64 isn't as big as I thought. I can see all the ram I could ever need now... All 8 gigs, nevermind the extra 512 MBs in my graphics card.

Cons: Internet Explorer 64-bit is nothing to Minefield 64-bit (Firefox), but without compatible flash both are somewhat lacking... Finding A Firewall and Antivirus was somewhat of a challenge for awhile, but a quick google search liquidates all worries. (I'm using Avast Anti-virus, and Comodo Firewall) Graphics Cards Monitoring software (Ntune, And the ATI Equivalent) don't seem to function but Riva gets around that. Crashed for about a week until I noticed my Graphics card was too hot, and Riva fixed that rather quickly.

Overall Review: Without a doubt, my most iffy part of the purchase of a new computer, I now don't regret it for a second, and don't ever wish to go back to x86 (32-bit). Searching for 64-bit programs is fun, but if you can't find them, simply get the 32-bit one, it will almost certainly work fine. It will be a dark day when I can't find something to get around any sort of trouble this Operating system is supposed to give users. I've heard more ill-will versus Vista and Especially Vista x64 then this x64.

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