Asus G74sx-bbk79/13/2015 5:06:11 PM

Pros: Fast, works as advertised. Cheap

Cons: None

Overall Review: These 2 modules added another 8 GB to my Asus G74sx. Since the original ram was 1333Mhz, these new ones automatically downclocked to match my existing RAM no problem. I mainly use this computer to run virtual machines so the slower RAM was no problem.

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Solid keyboard8/27/2015 6:42:55 PM

Pros: Sturdy, heavy keyboard. Appears to be made from quality materials Nice key actuation Genuine Cherry Mx keys Matte finish prevents fingerprints Long braided cable

Cons: LEDs are super bright. Don't look at it directly otherwise you'll get blinded.

Overall Review: As a software engineer I wanted a nice quiet mechanical keyboard for work since I'm typing 8 hours a day. The brown keys are excellent for the work environment. They're only *slightly* louder than conventional dome keyboards when bottoming out. They're perfectly acceptable for an office environment. One thing to note is that when you're holding down the backspace key, normal operation would delete one character, pause for a little, and then spam backspace continuously for deleting entire sentences. The delay before spamming backspace on this keyboard is slightly longer compared to my other keyboards. Most won't notice this though unless you're looking for it.

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