Died about 1&1/2 months in4/8/2020 4:26:23 PM

Pros: plays games great came with 2 free new AAA game to play on it. wasn't too loud

Cons: after using it for about a month and a half it died, Was in the middle of a game and i go to get something from the kitchen and come back then my computer is off. wouldn't boot back up. Contacted XFX support and they are being Redundant with their questioning after I already explained the issue and my testing.

Overall Review: tried a different power supply, and a whole other computer, found that the card itself is causing the power issue. both computers boot up fine with another card or no card but with this card in place both do the same thing. Update: I was able to get the card replaced and the new card worked fine for about 3 months. now almost all my games crash sometimes within 10 minutes sometimes an hour. I really feel like quality control for xfx or Radeon is somewhere in the mist. i have a friend that has the same pc build that I do and he has a 1080 and never skips a beat. I think i'm going for team green from now on.

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So many updates11/28/2017 4:12:34 PM

Pros: great looking phone, smooth interface loud front facing speaker oled screen is beautiful moto mods are neat usb type C is best usb easy/smart to use motorola only features should be brought to all android phones.

Cons: fingerprint magnet on front and back. Worst part is that the phone came with 3 extra moto mods to enjoy with this phone the main one that i was looking forward too is the extended battery bank that enables wireless charging for the phone, ( that was a big selling point to me!) i was like heck yeah 400 for all those mods and a decent phone with a not to bloated OS of android. But alas it was all a lie, the tumi wireless charging power pack is miss labeled and represented on the site it is does not allow Qi charging or wireless charging of any kind wheither its connected to the phone or on a Qi pad by itself. nothing of the actual box for that mod says anything about Qi/wireless charging but the newegg page is all about it.

Overall Review: don't buy this if you were hoping for wireless Qi charging being an option, i really think they should knock off $100 for the total since is straight up lying to everyone.

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NOT QI Wireless charging capable11/28/2017 12:17:03 PM

Pros: none as of yet that i can tell

Cons: came completely empty 0% out of the box. doesn't actually wirelessly charge.

Overall Review: This might be a deal breaker for the phone bundle I got it seemed like a great deal with this being a wireless battery bank but now that i know this isn't Qi Charging capable I may want to send everything back and just get my money back entireley

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Oh My goodness! Shipping8/14/2017 10:34:00 AM

Pros: Shipping was super fast, everything in the box looks really nice and better than the pictures here do it justice

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: haven't been able to use it yet waiting on other parts to come in so i can get to soldering but will keep you guys updated asap.

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Works well but everything isn't there!6/30/2017 9:40:20 AM

Pros: Starts without a problem and preforms well. string was already ready in head and just needed to be pulled out after assembling trimmer shaft to engine shaft also very easy to do.

Cons: Didn't come with Trimmer guard for the base, came with the screw for it to be mounted to it but didn't come with actual guard. causes debris to fly at me a lot more and if you don't have a face mask expect to get hit a few times. also one i got doesn't have a curve like the one in the picture, its just a straight trimmer.

Overall Review: would have a full 5 eggs if it weren't for the guard missing. but i guess that's what you get when you get a reconditioned one. I've looked online for a guard but i can't confirm with any of them that its the proper one. I'm hoping i can get one for around $20 so because anything more than that for a missing part is kinda bananas.

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Acer wants more6/9/2017 10:09:01 PM

Pros: runs great and preforms well so far. boots up and runs fast, really enjoy having the speed of an SSD already in a brand new computer.

Cons: doesn't come with additional hard drive mount caddy in box.

Overall Review: Well because it is recertified Acer tells me I am not eligible for the free caddy to install an additional hard drive, none of the warranty info or FAQs I could find gave any light to this fact, because of this I will probably have to return and just get a different one direct from the manufacturer's web site. sorry to make Newegg lose my money due to Acer's folly.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Anonymous, Sorry you are unhappy with your Acer recertified laptop. While the free hard drive upgrade kit is eligible for new products only, the kit is still available for sale for those who purchase recertified VX 15 models. If you received the email from Acer explaining this, there is a direct number you can call, to purchase the kit for $9.95US plus applicable sales tax. We hope this clarifies and that you continue to enjoy your Acer VX 15 recertified laptop. Best regards, Acer America
Absolutely Doesn't have night vision4/7/2017 7:13:28 PM

Pros: Super cheap, not bad quality video during daylight

Cons: Is advertised with infrared night vision support. and i mean if is just a shoulder for infrared night vision to lean on then yeah i guess it will support it but it does not have night vision at all.

Overall Review: if you can and you need to record what is inside y our car and not just the road get a better camera that offers actual night vision.

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Give it 8 months2/23/2017 2:27:04 PM

Pros: It worked for a bit

Cons: Makes a lot of noise after about 300gb full. dies completely after about 8 months,

Overall Review: don't buy refurbished unless it comes with a year warranty. don't store anything on refurbished unless you're okay with losing it.

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A bit long but i knew what i was ordering.3/28/2016 1:12:33 PM

Pros: super sharp, ordered this for my GF so she'd make me sammiches and cut them in half like it like. think is so freaking sharp its really awesome how it stays that way.

Cons: Doesn't come with wet stone and proper sheath. Kinda pricey,

Overall Review: Don't let anyon un-experienced with super sharp knives handle it, IE kids

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Very useful and quick.7/1/2015 8:00:45 PM

Pros: Really fast phone and keeps battery for me for almost 2 days. Screen is beautiful and very responsive, multitasking is a breeze, has super fast 4G,LTE service, works great on straight talk and other GSM carriers. my favorite thing about his phone is the double tap to wake and a lot of the asus features are pretty nifty and very useful, The GPS is really quick to pick up and very precise compared to my last 2 phones. So far it doesn't have a lot of bloat ware that i don't find useful the clean up tool that is included works pretty well (though it is ad supported) asus is keeping it up to date as well I've had it for about a month and have had 2 updates so far not for the android direct software but the asus zen ui with no changes to the functionality of the phone the sound quality is really good but not the best.

Cons: Non removable battery why it doesn't get a full 5 eggs Getting a case takes about 2 weeks from econobay is tough try not to scratch or drop the phone while you wait for one. The ones that asus offers should be included with the phone when you buy it makes no sense to offer something like that for a no contract phone and not just charge a bit extra for including it with the phone or at least include a screen protector.

Overall Review: For the price and what you get its pretty unbeatable a 3 dollar screen protector should still be included with it tho. I would recommend a kickstand/fly grip for this phone it helps in keeping it more firmly in your hand since the back is curved it slides a bit more easily.

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Great phone for the price6/16/2015 2:12:27 PM

Pros: Great speed and quality of video, user interface is streamlined for fast pace phoning, 4gb of ram and 64 gb of storage with expandable up too 128gb (yes 128gb works)

Cons: the biggest problem I've seen in the past few years with phone manufactures belief that its a good idea to make their products with non removable batteries, this is why it has lost an egg. I new it had a non removable battery when i bought it doesn't stop the fact that i don't like the practice of this. I understand that its probably done like that to make the quick charge tech work better and have a more conductive connection for the amount of power, but i'll take being able to remove my battery and save my phone from potential devastation (due to liquid/short circuits ) over charging my phone quickly any day. To me this could be considered as a manufacture defect in the build. Not being able to prevent shortages because you can't fully cut off the power flow is a defect.

Overall Review: other than the battery problem this phone is great! really well rounded and better than my previous phone (BLU life pure). It;s super fast, has beautiful picture and video quality, it trumps most phones 2x its price. Asus has set a new standard towards where our money is going for the "more powerful" mobile equipment, Its not the best but is a great phone for asus to get its start on the us market to bring better more cost effective products to the consumer base.

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errors out4/26/2015 6:08:21 PM

Pros: cheap, Boots windows, will allow me to play most games.

Cons: keeps operating system running but can't play anything with any kind of load on it. My GF has one as well and plays game with oc ability just fine all the way to 4.5 ghz where as mine only does 3.8 before it locks up and reboots windows with all sorts of errors.

Overall Review: Maybe mine was one of the bad bunch but with the serious lack of oc ability and the extreme problems while trying to play games i'd recommend saving for something with a little bit more capability.

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Not For LGA 11503/11/2015 9:36:25 PM

Pros: Keeps the cpu cool, and make the case look pretty elegant.

Cons: It isn't meant for LGA 1150 without cutting some of the back bracket. and lining up the holes independently. I don't know if its a miss label from newegg or Corsair but this isn't meant for a 1150 It should be updated also it shouldn't be included in a combo option with a processor of the lga 1150 socket type (how i bought it).

Overall Review: I really hate giving a 1 egg on products that are still good it deserves a 5 really but it is way too frustrating to have to pretty much mutilate a new product just to get it to work when it shows to be compatible on the site. The reason i gave it a 1 egg is so this review will get noticed and hopefully the site or the product will get changed.

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Best Customer Service Ever9/2/2014 12:47:45 PM

Pros: Great sound, Great range, awesome customer service,

Cons: Original back beat go set that i had broke down in about 7 months after purchase. Right ear bud started going in and out like a wire or connection was loose. Cost 3 bux to ship to Plantronics to get replaced,

Overall Review: I had the problem stated above but with the customer service i received and even the upgrade I got because of it i'm extremely satisfied with my purchase 7 months ago. All i had to do was e-mail photo copy of my receipt to Plantronics and within a weeks time of me sending my original ear buds in i received a full on retail package of the Back beat go 2 set, my original ones were the back beat go. I'm extremely satisfied and would recommend them to any of my friends. I didn't buy mine on newegg i payed about the same price at Rad*o shed. and still i'm happy with my purchase. the range on them are awesome. I'll never go with any other brand

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Super Pleased4/3/2014 11:57:32 AM

Pros: Got this to go along with a work computer i'm building for a friend's company, It boots and runs properly as it should,

Cons: Installation of the heat sync/fan was kinda annoying but never a real problem, just only a complaint I've always had with most stock heat sync's.

Overall Review: Goes along with Team Elite Plus 8gb ASUS H81M-K LGA 1150 Intel H81 Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB ATI 4770HD and all being powered by RAIDMAX RX-450K Continuous 450, Perfect build for a cheap low end work computer with a better warranty you could get from dell.

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EUFI Bios Make this board4/3/2014 11:51:17 AM

Pros: Got the board within 2 days of ordering, Loaded windows 7 with a WD10EZEX 1TB, the whole thing boots up before the windows sign can even show all the way.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: Got a ATI 4770 HD and 8gigs of Team Elite Plus ram running through this baby along witht the western digital hdd and intel pentum 3.0ghz processor. this computer scoots and boots.

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Not DOA4/3/2014 11:45:53 AM

Pros: So far its good. no problems, the 2 year warranty though Raidmax sold me on it, for the price,,

Cons: Needs a 6 pin video card connector, had to hunt for a adapter, for it to work.

Overall Review: Powering a ASUS H81M-K LGA 1150 Intel H81 Western Digital WD10EZEX 1TB Intel Pentium G3220 Haswell 3.0GHz Team Elite Plus 8GB Ati 4770, Doing good so far

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Why I only buy From Newegg4/3/2014 9:51:13 AM

Pros: Its a fine case with all the necessary hookups for someone wanting to make a cheap work/gaming computer,

Cons: A bit convoluted on the wiring hookups and their placement but other than that it work well and is quick to setup,

Overall Review: Newegg did me a solid on this one, I didn't want to pay for the shipping so i did the 4-7 biz day on shipping but all my other components had shoprunner 2 day I got everything on Thursday after ordering Tuesday, Best customer service and experience ever. Thank you newegg thank you!

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can't go wrong for the price.11/8/2012 9:17:35 AM

Pros: Great mobo for the build I was after takes care of everything.

Cons: Only holds 16gb of memory maybe bios update can fix that.

Overall Review: For the price you can't go wrong. first time with asrock and found their pretty nice. Will buy from again. My build This mobo pentum dual core. gskill value 8gm dimm ati radion 4700 hd ~ i know i'll upgrade this when i do the processor. helps me keep everything i play on high. great for budget gaming.

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out preforms old intel core 2 quad11/8/2012 9:12:16 AM

Pros: Great for the price and beats out my core 2 quad. Quite pleased.

Cons: none. Wasn't free.

Overall Review: Don't bother with a i3 if your going budget this thing is cheaper and plays everything I throw at it. plus its great for getting your gear when your saving up for an i7. If this thing out preforms my old core 2 quad, I can't wait to see what an i7 does.

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best 23 bux i ever blew3/9/2012 7:07:31 PM

Pros: I've had so much fun with this thing in the short time I've had it. Its kinda payed for itself. its really durable and can take a long fall like a champ. worth every penny.

Cons: none so far doesn't have the best of range outside and isn't best used outside actually at all.

Overall Review: If you got an extra 20-30 bux to blow on somethin when your doing an order for some pc parts or other electronics get this you won't be sorry. I may get another one for my nephew he loves this thing already.

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3yr old Laptop plays portal2/24/2009 12:20:06 AM

Pros: Put this memory in a laptop thats over 3 years old and now it plays portal with out much problems.

Cons: none

Overall Review: Laptop is a Compaq prisairo v2000 AMD Sempron ATI 200m 2gig pqi Ram runs super nice now that i got the ram in it.

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Haven't broke yet2/24/2009 12:15:54 AM

Pros: Work like there supposed to and sounds pretty good. Haven't got to use them with a2dp playback because my G1 doesn't support that yet (anger over 9000!!!!)

Cons: Have heard alot of bad stuff that the ear arround piece breaks even from a co-worker. I figure its nothing a hot glue gun and some rubber cement won't fix...maybe epoxy.

Overall Review: I bet when my G1 Finially supports a2dp i'm gonna get like an hour of play out of these headphones then have to fix them with my plan above. None the less I won't be sorry for the purchase. You can't beat the price!

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Price went up!4/25/2008 12:26:13 AM

Pros: Got a Great deal on it. and it plays crysis at 44fps with xp and 36fps with vista. Busts through everything else like it was melted butter.

Cons: Isn't mine. Had to put it in someone else build. was gonna get one for myself to go along w/ my msi 8800 but price went up right after it arrived at my door.

Overall Review: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2gb of A-Data DDR2800 Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G XFX PVT88PYDD4 GeForce 8800GT RAIDMAX Hybrid 2 RX-530SS Sunbeam Transformer IC-TR-B Blue Steel ATX Full Tower Case sorry if this is a double post.

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Others might as well give up!4/25/2008 12:24:33 AM

Pros: partitioned fin and no bad sectors. Runs smooth and loads quickly.

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: the other components in this build are. Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Kentsfield 2.4GHz 2gb of A-Data DDR2800 Gigabyte GA-P35-S3G XFX PVT88PYDD4 GeForce 8800GT RAIDMAX Hybrid 2 RX-530SS Sunbeam Transformer IC-TR-B Blue Steel ATX Full Tower Case

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