Works as advertised6/4/2021 8:05:29 AM

Pros: Works as intended in a 128GB set in my X299 workstation build. XMP works as intended on my platform Price competitive with slower modules I was comparing to

Cons: None observed

Overall Review: This is a great RAM kit and I have no legitimate complaints to offer. I bought this kit as it was on the lower end of cost and higher speed than the other modules I was looking at. Cost was a main factor as I was buying four of these 2x16GB kits to fill out my X299 platform build. I'm very happy with my XPG RAM and NVMe products. I would have preferred a more toned down heat spreader, but It really doesn't matter enough to pay more for another RAM kit and I'm going to shove it in a box and not look at it. :)

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FIt for my need, no problems6/18/2020 8:20:50 AM

Pros: Gigabyte @BIOS tool let me easily customize the boot image for a themed build Accepted my i3-8350k chip and existing DDR4 ram's XMP profile without issue

Cons: N/A

Overall Review: I needed a cheap, in stock, from Newegg motherboard to build a system around my spare 8th gen chip. This board, for my scenario, was perfect. I prefer the Gigabyte management software to the MSI management software on another board of mine. The fan management is easier to use. I also appreciate that the Gigabyte software doesn't rely on any Microsoft Store resources.

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Do you want to max out your Mac? This.6/8/2017 7:39:13 AM

Pros: Exactly what I needed. Worked perfectly. No compatibility issues. Gluten free. Plutonium free. No trans fats.

Cons: Not a significant source of riboflavin.

Overall Review: Was so happy with first order that I ordered a second kit for my other unit.

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