High Quality!10/23/2020 8:10:07 PM

Overall Review: I'm blown away, the jakemy tools are really good. This set includes just about everything I need to disassemble and reassemble my laptop and tower. Great tools.

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Great mouse7/6/2015 11:15:17 AM

Pros: Excellent mouse, high quality all around, extremely responsive and highly customizable.

Cons: None really

Overall Review: Upgraded from the Steelseries Sensei. Big time Battlefield guy, but play a whole variety of games other than FPS. Also use this mouse with Office in a lower sensitivity as it has a rocker sensitivity adjustment button on the top. And have weighted mine down as heavy as it will go. The feet pads are great and replaceable. Basically, I really like this mouse.

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GTX 670 and the Alienware X515/21/2012 11:03:58 AM

Pros: So after buying the Alienware X51 (i7-2600k and GTX 555, 330 watt powersupply model), I was happy. But after awhile, I started to notice that when sitting 3 feet away from a 52 inch screen that Anti;aliasing was needed in most games to not feel like I was playing a playstation 1 (from jagginess). The GTX 555 simply isn't fast enough to run most of the recent games with 4-8xAA. Thus I upgraded. My search came to a halt with the introduction of the GTX 670. Wow, 95% the power of a 680, with the TDP of a 560ti? I had to give it a shot. And it went really really well. Here are a few reasons why: 1. GTX 670 works with the Alienware X51 2. No case mods 3. Incredibly powerful GPU 4. No crashes or BSODs 5. More than twice as fast as the GTX 555 6. AA in pretty much every game, no problems

Cons: The bad. Only the heat and the fan sound are noticeable. The heat was easily solved with MSI Afterburner software to increase the fan speed to 80% (full speed) when the processor reaches 70C. This prevents the processors from going over 80C. BF3 = 75C after 7 hours of intense multiplayer large map conquest on full ultra at 1080P. 83C was reached with Furmark. The only game I've played that got remotely close to 80C was Crysis 2 with DX11 pack and Tesselation at 1080P, and even then 78C. The other con, the fan sound, is ONLY an issue during intense gameplay. Usually during which time, I'm wearing headphones or have the soundsystem turned up, in which case I can't hear the fan. During non-graphics and low level games the fan is hard to hear at all.

Overall Review: Final thoughts: This is a fantastic upgrade for my X51, really making it the entertainment system PC that I was looking for with full AA on everything. Skyrim looks amazing, Batmam Arkam City amazing, BF3 super amazing and smooth as silk at ultra 1080P, and every other game just screams. I even went back to Crysis 1 to play maxed out on every option and it doesn't even get the GPU up to full speed to run maxed out. Warnings: You need to increase the stock fan speed on the GPU with MSI Afterburner OR EVGA Pricision X or other software of this sort. Otherwise I cannot recommend this upgrade to those who can afford it enough.

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