Excellent motherboard, 10GbE needs excellent cables to match10/17/2017 2:52:25 AM

Pros: Full featured, 10GbE was a big point for me. 2 extra 1GbE's a bonus. Lots of room for super fast PCI-E SSD modules, lots of memory, tons of SLI capability.

Cons: 10GbE can be tricky, even though I only ran 25ft direct between 10GbE machines, Cat 5e, Cat 6, or so-called "CAT7" from vendors I have previously trusted ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT WORK AT ALL for 10GBASE-T. Solution: Blue Jeans Cable, every cable individually certified. 10GBASE-T is very sensitive. 25ft costs about $45 delivered. Can't trust anything that does not have a certification report, which comes from a $12000 Fluke tester. Even then, protect those cables, as kinking or stomping it can ruin it.

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cheap junk9/8/2011 10:22:59 AM

Pros: None

Cons: 2 helicopters, both broken despite good packaging. One broken main rotor, one missing the tiny drive gear for the counter-rotor. Ultra-cheap build quality. No spares for main rotor blades, only linkage and tail rotor.

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BEWARE THEIR REBATES!!2/11/2009 2:27:42 PM

Pros: The hardware seems ok so far. Decent price even without rebate, but....

Cons: I ordered on 12/14/08, received in a couple of days, on 12/16/08. My records show 12/17/08 rebate submission. On 2/10/09 I get rejection postcards. I call rebate center about this - they claim over the phone that postmark date was 1/17/09. Funny, I log into web-rebates and track it myself. THEIR records show my submission was received by them on 12/20/08. What gives?

Overall Review: Hmmm... this purchase req for 6 D-Link DGS-3627G switches... what should I do with it?

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Not as billed8/25/2008 12:03:21 PM

Pros: Well, it sortof allows 4 2.5" drives in a single 5.25" bay.

Cons: Description on here says it has two 40mm fans. Of the 3 units we got, no fans were installed and the circuit board is missing the power plug where fans could be installed - there is a silkscreened location for it on the circuit cards inside. There is also a jumper wire that apparently corrects some design defect, but the wire is not staked per standard electronics assembly practice. Included screws are a wee bit too short to work in all instances.

Overall Review: Well, at least the mechanicals are less messed up than the Startech BRACKET25, which has too long screws and holes that don't match standard drive hole standards.

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Note those PCI-E Power cables7/17/2008 10:38:24 AM

Pros: Modular and high efficiency.

Cons: Modular PCI-E 6-pin cables need to be keyed to avoid mistakes! The modular power hookups have +5, +3.3, two +12 and two GND pins. The keying allows either end of the PCI-E 6-pin connector to plug into supply. The supply uses almost the same connector as the PCI-E cable. It _IS_ keyed differently, but someone goofed as despite the keying the connectors will work either way. This is because the 6-sided barrels will go right into the square holes - the 6-sided holes would prevent square barrels from being inserted, but they didn't test-fit to catch this goof. Be sure to note this when assembling as it would reverse rails and short a lot of stuff out! This might be why so many people report DOA supplies! The manual mentions it but not with proper warning. Assemble PC in well-lit area and READ the PCI-E lettering on the correct end - the unlabeled end goes to the supply, the labeled end goes to GPU!

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Great Results for Me9/14/2005 12:57:49 AM

Comments: DVD+R DL must be a bit touchy since the standard is rather new. Unlike the other reviewer, my experience has been PERFECT with these DVD+R DL's. Inkjet printable = heaven with an Epson R200. . HP DVD Writer 640C burns these RiDATA ones without complaint 25th one is burning right now.

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