Shaky Start But Sterling Finish5/21/2021 4:43:53 PM

Pros: Delivery was fast! Setup was smooth and easy SDD drive is fast to boot up Product support was surprisingly good via SJ Computers

Cons: After setup I got blue screens Chat support not for New Egg customers

Overall Review: Received this PC in 3 days (fast!). Initiated setup which went super quick and after just a few minutes I had a new PC up and running. I put the PC to sleep for 3 hours then went back to use it and got a blue screen. Rebooted and got another blue screen. As it was after hours for a phone call or chat I sent an email to the provider. They responded within a couple hours and asked for screen captures (can't do that on a blue screen), took pictures instead. The next morning I had an email with detailed instructions. Ran through the instructions to reload Windows and the PC came up perfectly. I'm still only 3 days into using it but it works well, is fast and has plenty of USB ports. PC came with keyboard, mouse, power cord and Wifi /Bluetooth USB dongle. For the price this is a great deal. I'm not a gamer but do work with large spreadsheets, stream shows/movies and view pics. It's smooth, fast and does all that I need. The email customer support was surprisingly good. Note that the mouse and keyboard are super economy but these are easy enough to replace. The proof will be if this PC keeps up and running over the long haul. I'll be back to let you know!

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