1080Ti is a solid card4/24/2017 5:46:52 PM

Pros: Idles at 22C on a cold day Idles at 30C on a hot day These are with the fans off. The fans don't really turn on until you hit around 50C I think, and it's low. Highest I've hit is 60C on Battlefield 1 and the fans hit 50% twice. This card is most definitively over-clockable if you're into that. I'm seeing reports of boosting over 2k without the temperature spiking. Low energy consumption.

Cons: When the fans do hit 50%+ it's extremely loud. I've had this happen only a couple of times and doesn't drown out my headset (I did think it was raining at one point).

Overall Review: I use to run a 780 SLI setup. In some cases I'm disappointed in what I got, I don't feel like the performance is justifiable. I play everything in 4K and games like Rainbow Six Siege, I only see about a 20 FPS gain. I'm not blaming GIGABYTE for this, maybe the card is too restricted and they are still working on updates? With all the over clocking that I've been seeing without any temperature impacts, I feel like there is still a lot left in the card then what stock offers. I've also experienced some weird FPS spikes, I'll play to a random spike that will drop me below 10 FPS and take a couple of seconds before it recovers. I'm not sure what would cause this, but I don't recall having this issue with my 780 SLI setup. I'm still testing things to see if it's me or hardware. I don't have a VR setup to test what it's capable in that area. I put these in other thoughts because I can't really say it's the card and I'm not sure what's causing it. In comparison to what I use to run doesn't seem like a "Huge" upgrade, but maybe I'm missing something? I will continue to test performance. Edit 4/24, The F4 Bios released and I got it installed. I've experienced better FPS, 50+. I haven't tested a lot of games yet, but so far so good. I tested PLAYER UNKNOWN's Battleground, and for those of you that know, it's an optimization frenzy. Lowest I tank is around 70FPS, avg 95, 4K max settings (I ran 2k before at around 30FPS). I will test on my other resource hungry games. Cooling has even managed to get better. Will update with further testing of the new bios.

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