Old PNY Quadro 4000 2GB8/15/2014 7:19:28 PM

Pros: Works for me with AutoCAD, LightWave 3D and all the regular stuff'. Original purchase from Newegg in 2010. Works well with my SyncMaster 305T (30" Monitor at 2560 x 1600). I would buy another one

Cons: expensive in 2010 at $780 = $195/year

Overall Review: I just wanted somewhere to tell owners of the Quadro 4000 that the black screen issues I was having for some months seems to be resolved now. After sweating for many hours trying working to recover my PC with Windows 7. I got a black screen - monitor went black- during a Windows upgrade and I couldn't properly shut down the PC so I had a really difficult time. Finally I installed to the latest Nvidia Driver (version 340.66) and went to the Nvidia Control Panel and under "Manage GPU Utilization" the default setting was checked "Use for graphics and computer needs"... It was trying to help my CPU which is why I was having unrecoverable monitor blackouts. Changed the setting to "Dedicate to graphics tasks" and now I start to see some quick performance. I was not able to find any documented fix for months. Problem always indicated a memory conflict, but nobody had the answer...until now! I hope this helps somebody!

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