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12/26/2013 2:09:43 PM

Pros: Cheap price but don't let that fool you. Do not order or you will be disappointed in the performance.

Cons: First the mouse: pure junk. The loudness of the mouse click will wake up your next door neighbors. Then there was the problem with the mouse tracking. I never could stop the jittery, sticky movements. All drivers were current but it was just a pain to get the mouse pointer to move to the correct position. I could plug my old Microsoft Explorer Mouse back in and it would work fine but trying to get this one to work was an uphill battle that I lost. The keyboard was OK but my big fat fingers just could not handle the "chicklet" style keys which seemed too close to each other. Press one key and you'd likely get 2 or more characters appear on the screen.

Overall Review: I ordered 2 of these, one for myself and one for my wife. I thought I was being too finicky until my wife finally told me to send them both back. RMA issued. I reordered a Logitech MK550 combo and it works perfectly. Microsoft should be embarrassed at having their name on this piece of junk.

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Great power levels and features2/1/2007 4:23:09 PM

Pros: Great price for the outstanding power output. Voltage levels are all well within tolerance. Newegg has yet to update their web specs: its now 20A on +12V1 and 18A on +12V2. Even the 20+4 main connector is all sleeved together now, not the two separate sleeves as shown on Newegg's product pictures. In addition, I believe earlier versions of this PSU provided only 1 SATA power connector whereas there are now 2 and 7 4-pin Molex connectors whereas there are now only 6.

Cons: As others have mentioned, what the hell was RaidMax thinking with the screw-to-case design? It doesn't appear to be a problem with the screws themselves as the ones supplied as slightly longer than ones normally supplied with other PSUs. The extra length is needed to reach the threaded material inside the PSU. The problem seems to be the body material into which the screws are supposed to be threading. It appears to be black plastic which has not been previously threaded. The screws supplied are not "self-tapping" so some brute force is needed to start the screw into the blank plastic hole. Gee, by leaving out solid metal in these areas, they must have saved all of 2 cents.

Overall Review: I was initially confused by the decal on the fan which indicated "Fan Control". Other models made by RaidMax included a switch on the back of the case but this decal only mentions three different speed settings. The 120mm fan is a "sleeve bearing" design; translation: short life. I could find no thermistor mounted on the fan itself so it is NOT thermostatically controlled but there is a third wire separate from the 2-pin power connector that runs deep into a congested area of components. I'd rather not dig around trying to trace out the design just yet. Supposedly it all works, magically.

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