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William T.

William T.

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Sounds great

Klipsch K-100SW 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer
Klipsch K-100SW 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer

Pros: simple to hook up to a denon receiver...

Overall Review: Paired this sub with klipsch tower speakers and klipsch center channel speaker and 2 surround speakers of another brand...great addition to the set up not an audiophile but this set up puts out pretty good sound quality

Most Critical Review

Good speaker for home office...but not without issues.

Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Streaming Speaker - Series 2 (Black)
Denon HEOS 1 Wireless Streaming Speaker - Series 2 (Black)

Pros: This little speaker produces pretty good sound and is great for a small office.

Cons: It is proprietary to denon and vice versa which limits what you can do with it. You need the HEOS app to make it work with your Denon receiver and the the Denon/HEOS apps are garbage imo. I have had nothing but problems especially with the Denon AVR app. I have had multiple problems with it connecting to the home router and if the HEOS app won't connect the speaker is pretty much a useless paper weight. It is also overpriced..even though I got it on sale for $150.

Overall Review: The other major complaint is that you have to purchase the battery separately..which is another $100 which is also overpriced. For $150 - $200 the battery should come with the speaker...without the battery the speaker is tethered to a wall outlet. Overall the speaker is OK..but for what I have spent on the Denon receiver and the additional expense of this little speaker..I would probably buy something else if I were doing it all over again. I really had much higher expectations from Denon.. I replaced an old JVC receiver that I have had for 40 years and used every day and never had a problem...

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The HEOS 1 speaker arrived on time in perfect order and at a very good price.

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