Great PC Gaming Headset12/25/2013 11:09:46 AM

Pros: - 7.1 Dolby Digital audio is surround sound allows you to hear opponents that are behind or beside you in the game. The sound is loud and clear with uncompressed audio. - Large headphones that enclose your ears in the speaker which helps keep external noise out. You'll look like a real pilot wearing these things. - Comfortable tension against your head. I have a narrow and long head, and perhaps that's why audio leaked from the headphones. Someone with a round, wide head will have a better experience with these headphones. - Inline volume and mic mute control with bright blue and red LED lights. The LED light flashes between blue and red when the mic is muted. It has a small plastic clip on the back to clip it to your clothes. - The cord is about 10ft long! It feels like a shoe string or a hoodie string. It has a velcro wrapped attached to it to adjust the length of the cord. - Works out of the box with Ubuntu 13.10 (Linux)! No driver required!

Cons: - Leaks sound from the headphones, so if someone is sitting next to you, he or she can hear the sound as clear as you can. - The speakers sound more like 7 instead of 7.1 because the bass is low. - Doesn't work with gaming consoles such as the Xbox 360, or any device that needs a 3.5mm stereo jack. These headphones pass both power and audio data through USB.

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Dual core ARMv7 router!11/7/2013 7:12:50 AM

Pros: *** REVIEW UPDATE*** I've had a good and bad experience with this router. The good experience is that I finally got it working with my DSL modem from AT&T after getting around the problem. I found out that this has some pretty powerful hardware in it as well. Overall, I'm very pleased with this router.

Cons: The bad experience relates to all the bad reviews on this product here on Newegg. It took me several hours to find out why it wouldn't work with my AT&T DSL modem. The problem lies in the automatic configuration of the routing table. D-Link has assigned the network permanently as the guest WiFi network even if it's not turned on. The router automatically adds a route for this network, enabled or not, in the routing table. Unfortunately, is used by AT&T in their DSL modems as the internet network. As you can already see, this causes big problems. The router automatically assumes that all is going through the LAN interface rather than the WAN (internet) interface, and this is revealed by looking at the routing table. The Destination IP (any network request) is sent to gateway over the LAN interface when it should be the WAN interface. Anyway, D-Link doesn't allow you to change it in the Web GUI, so you're stuck with a router that doesn't work with AT&T DSL... Unless you upgrade the firmware of the router to dd-wrt. Google it for more information. It has worked well for me, and if you have this problem, I'm sure that it will work well for you too.

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Dimmable LED light bulb9/29/2013 10:27:05 PM

Pros: - 3000K color temperature which is slightly cooler than a standard incandescent bulb (about 2700K). It looks white rather than amber. - Slightly smaller than the size of a 40W incandescent bulb - Provides more light than a standard incandescent bulb and CFL bulb at 450 lumens. - Consumes less energy than an incandescent bulb and CFL bulb at 6.5W. - Works with a standard dimmer switch, but begins to flicker at the lower end of the dimming switch. - Because this light bulb lasts longer, you'll spend less time changing light bulbs and more time with friends and family. - Doesn't radiate UV or IR light (unlike incandescent and CFL bulbs) which causes less damage to artwork and other light sensitive applications. This light will not help plants grow. - Comes with a 3 year limited warranty

Cons: - Gets hot around the metal base and can only be used in open light fixtures.

Overall Review: - I think this light bulb should be used with an LED dimmer rather than a standard dimmer, so that it won't flicker when it's dimmed low. I don't have an LED dimmer; I'm just making a good guess. - Colors appear clearer and sharper under this light bulb in comparison to an incandescent light bulb--most likely due to the higher CRI. - I'm very impressed with this light bulb. It's brighter and cooler in color than a standard light bulb, and it has a slight spotlight effect. It would work well in a modern atmosphere, or a room that has artwork to showcase it. It would also work well in a kitchen or dining room where delicious food is put on display. I would not recommend these light bulbs for a bedroom.

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Linksys RE20009/16/2013 9:46:46 AM

Pros: - Small size, about an inch bigger in height and an inch bigger in width than the size of a credit card. It's also about an inch to an inch and a half deep. - Comes with a modular plug in case you don't want to mount it to the electrical outlet. - Easy to configure - I used the webpage to set it up. Simply connect to your WiFi router using the webpage and you're done. You can also use WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) to connect. - Setup application comes prepackaged on a CD and is available for download online. - Connection range to the router is pretty decent. I'm able to connect about 50 ft away from my router in an open hallway with obstacles in a the middle of a 3 flat apartment (both neighbors above and below have WiFi routers) in an urban city on 2.4Ghz. - Connection to the extender is good. I'm able to connect 50 ft away from the extender at -50dB.

Cons: - Can't turn off the WiFi or LAN extender individually. Some people may want to use this device as a wireless bridge only or disable the Ethernet port for a wireless extender only. - Can't change whether it re-broadcasts on 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz. - Extends WiFi only using 20Mhz rather than 40Mhz.

Overall Review: - By the nature of the product, this device will cause a speed drop when connected to it in comparison with just connecting to the WiFi router itself. This is because the extender has to receive the signal and re-broadcast it to the WiFi router which takes additional time. You can expect the speed to be cut in half when using this device. That's a general understanding with all WiFi range extenders. The speed also depends on the distance, interference, and other factors. - I'm using this device primarily as a wireless bridge. In other words, it allows me to bring wired internet to the other side of my apartment. I have some devices that don't have built-in WiFi, so I need this extender to bring internet to those devices. I've got the WiFi extender connected to my router and the extender connected to an 8-port Ethernet switch via an Ethernet cable. Then I'm able to plug in all my wired devices to the switch and they receive internet now. - The WiFi connection doesn't automatically switch to the closest access point as you move, so you need to reconnect to the closer access point. - Always avoid using WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) if you're concerned about security. - You can use metageek's inSSIDer program to measure WiFi signal levels. I used this program to measure the signal level recorded above --My Configuration-- Linksys E1000 WiFi Router

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Unique Product8/26/2013 7:28:16 PM

Pros: - Allows you to stream HD video or audio over WiFi to any device that supports a USB flash drive - It's a USB Flash stick connected to a WiFi chip configured to be an access point. - It's able to connect to a nearby WiFi network or 3G/LTE connection to enable internet. - Has a bright blue LED to indicate activity. - The bCoda Jak app works the same on both iPhone and Android mobile devices

Cons: - The video and/or audio has to be in the format that the receiving device accepts. You'll need to pull out the manual of any device that you want to use with it to determine the video and audio codecs needed. You may have to use a video or audio transcoding tool to get your files in the right format to play out. - Due to the size of the embedded WiFi chip, the range is limited to about 12 feet. - Required to use the app to configure the Jak. You can't use a web browser or any other method. - You have to create a playlist even if you only want to play one file. You can't just play the file. - Get's pretty warm. I wouldn't want to use this hot weather. - Due to the fact that it's broadcasting a WiFi network, it may cause some interference with preexisting WiFi networks. - Can't configure any of the WiFi properties such as encryption type or broadcast channel. - Had to close and reopen the bCoda Jak app several times on the Samsung Galaxy S2 to update the firmware, change the network name, and change the password. When you close the app, the mobile device remains connected to the Jak WiFi network, so you have to manually go back to the WiFi list and click on the previous WiFi network.

Overall Review: - I was able to achieve around 1.6 to 2.2 MBps transferring a 732MB file to my computer from my phone. - It broadcasts a WiFi signal at 2.4Ghz. If you have other wireless devices such as a cordless phone, this device may cause problems. Microwaves can affect the range of this device. In summary, if you want to use this device, you need to have some understanding of video and audio codecs as well as WiFi networks. It's a great idea, but not very user friendly. This product gets four stars for being original, stable, and somewhat easy to use for those who understand the concepts. -My Configuration- Yahama HTR-3065 Samsung LED LCD TV Samsung Galaxy S2 iPhone 5 Gateway FX510XL

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Doesn't work on Linux8/12/2013 7:15:19 PM

Pros: - Manual is well written and easy to follow - Comes with both Windows 7 and Windows 8 driver discs. It appears that the Windows 8 drivers were just released when the product was packaged because the drivers come on a CD-R Memorex disc instead of a mastered CD-ROM. - Comes with a cradle to position the WiFi adapter. Most WiFi adapters do not come with cradles to position them. This is very nice because it helps you to position the WiFi adapter for a stronger signal with the built-in antennas. - Dual band WiFi adapter. Most WiFi adapters are not dual band. Dual band means it can broadcast or receive signals at 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. 2.4Ghz is a crowded frequency as many wireless appliances use this frequency whereas 5Ghz is not utilized as heavily. Because 5Ghz isn't used as much, it can produce a cleaner signal and maximize range. 5Ghz is best for urban environments where nearby neighbors have WiFi routers as well. - WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) allows you to touch a button on your router and a button on your WiFi adapter instead of typing a WiFi password. It's great for convenience, but terrible for WiFi security. Use with caution if you're concerned about security. - Bulky for a WiFi adapter, but good for signal strength. There's vents on each side to dispense heat. Small blue LED in the front/top of the adapter close to the male USB end. - Range is outstanding. It can connect to my Linksys router over 50 feet away with a steady signal of -57dB whereas other WiFi adapters would see it at -60dB to -65dB. Signal strength is more important than speed because the signal strength determines the speed. If the signal is weak, the speed will be closer to 0 Mbps than a stronger signal. I live in an urban environment in a 3 flat apartment building, both neighbors are using 2.4Ghz for WiFi.

Cons: - USB 2.0 only allows for a maximum theoretical speed of 450 Mbps (Mega bits per second, not Mega Bytes). This WiFi adapter is USB 2.0. - Mac and Linux are not supported, nor is there an unsupported way of getting it to work on these systems. Doesn't work on the Raspberry Pi via Raspbian.

Overall Review: - Do not use the drivers provided on the discs. Always download the latest driver software from the manufacture's website: D-Link. - The product is advertised to run at a maximum theoretical speed of 867 Mbps for 11ac @ 5Ghz. The speed from the WiFi adapter to the router or other WiFi 11ac access point will run at near 867 Mbps. However, USB 2.0 only allows for 450 Mbps max, so when the data reaches the WiFi adapter it will be reduced to less than 450 Mbps back to the computer. The bottleneck of the setup is the USB 2.0 port built into the device. - Both bands (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz) do not run simultaneously on this adapter nor on any other WiFi adapter yet. This WiFi adapter runs at 2.4Ghz (11n @ 300Mbps max) OR 5Ghz (11ac @ 867Mbps max). You must have a wireless ac or 11ac router to reach near 867Mbps. - Use metageek's inSSIDer program (google it) to optimize your wireless network with this adapter. --My Configuration-- Gateway FX510XL 4GB DDR2 RAM Pentium D 3.20Ghz Dual Core Windows 7 32-bit SP1 Home Premium Linksys E1000 router

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Best WiFi Router8/12/2013 5:45:53 PM

Pros: --ROUTER-- - Manual is well written and easy to follow. The router is very easy to setup. - Can be setup using a mobile device via QRS (Quick Router Setup) Mobile app or via hard wire into a computer. - Can be configured from the cloud (D-Link's website) or in-house. - Feature-rich product with QoS (Quality of Service, or bandwidth throttling), Access Control (schedule what times of the day the internet is available), IPv6 routing and Firewall, Guest Access (separate network for guests with a different wireless password) on both bands, NTP, Syslog, Email logs and Alerts, DDNS (Dynamic DNS), Scheduling, MAC Filtering (24 rules only), Website Filtering (24 rules only), and WPS (Wifi Protected Setup; Can be turned off) - Built-in USB 3.0 port for sharing an external hard drive or storage device via Shareport Web Access. A User access list can be defined in the router - DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) server built-in and an iTunes Server for playing content from the router. You must have an external usb storage device to use this feature. - Cloud access (D-Link's website; Can be turned off). This feature allows you to control your home network from D-Link's website anywhere where there's internet access available. The cloud access portal is very nice if you have multiple D-Link devices that are cloud enabled such as a D-Link cloud camera. This allows you to access all your D-Link cloud devices on one portal website. It basically functions like a free DDNS service. - Powered using open-source software as stated in the manual. You can request the source code for the GPL licensed features of this router. - Unlike most wireless routers, this one is equipped with Gigabit speed ports and WiFi 802.11 AC for high-speed access. - Range is outstanding. I can connect at about 200 ft with a max data rate of 450Mbps 802.11n in an open hallway, not a straight shot, with furniture and walls in its path. The signal level is at about -76 dB to -86 dB on the 5Ghz band 802.11n. I live in on the second floor of a 3 flat apt building in an urban neighborhood. No one else is on the 5Ghz band yet within range. --APPS-- mydlink Shareport: - Local or Remote Access. You don't have to use the cloud service to access the usb storage device. You do have to use the cloud service for remote access. - You can view pictures, videos, music, folders, documents, or any of the above marked as favorite on your mobile device. - When playing music, it plays as if it was stored on your smartphone. In other words, you can play the music while not in the app, unlike YouTube. - Easy to use mydlink Lite: - Allows you to see who's connected to your router, turn off WiFi networks, view the router's internet ip address, and control email notification all from your smartphone or mobile device. It also allows you to remotely reboot your router and see the download and upload speed. - Easy to use and a great way to manage your networks remotely.

Cons: --ROUTER HARDWARE-- - Comes with a CAT 5E patch cord which barely fills the requirement for Gigabit Ethernet. CAT 6 has been out for years and CAT 7 is on the brink of becoming a true standard. You'd think that D-Link would provide CAT 6 patch cables instead of CAT 5E. - Mounts horizontally against a wall. This may be a problem in some situations. - Gets warmer than most routers. Don't leave this router in an area where it gets really warm or the router might not work as intended (eg. freeze, crash, etc). --APPS-- mydlink Shareport: - Requires the router's admin password to login and access the content even though you can configure other users in the router. This is a disadvantage because you might want to share content with friends and need to give them the admin password to your router when you don't want to give them the password. mydlink Lite: - Doesn't allow you to access all the settings of the features on the router. - Must be registered with mydlink cloud service for this to function properly. QRS Mobile: - Designed for the older iPhone, but still works with iPhone 5 - Only allows you to configure the most basic router features.

Overall Review: - Before using this router, update its firmware by downloading the latest firmware from D-Link's support site or through mydlink cloud service. The latest update fixes a problem with Android QRS Mobile setup and DLNA stability. It also adds support for the mydlink SharePort app. Always upgrade the firmware over a hard wire Ethernet connection. - If you're concerned about wireless security, always disable WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) on the router. - To assist in choosing a good location for your new router, use metageek's inSSIDer (google it) to measure signal levels of wireless networks. - The parental feature isn't written in the router configuration menus, but you can control access by using a combination of "Access Control," "Website Filter," and "Schedules." Access Control and Website Filter are found under "Advanced." Schedules is found under "Tools." - If you're an advanced user and understand router terminology, you can skip the setup wizard by clicking "Cancel" on the first setup page. Overall, this router is an outstanding wireless router. It has the latest technology built-in from USB 3.0 to 11ac WiFi. It has a lot of great advanced features that may come in handy sometime in the future. The range is better than most WiFi routers that I've used, and the cloud service makes it very easy to manage away from home. You don't even need a computer or tablet to set it up. You can configure this router from your smartphone and be up in running in less than 5 minutes. The applications that work with this router are well made, and some can work in both local and cloud configurations. Great job D-Link! You get five stars from me. -My Configuration- Gateway FX510XL Pentium D 3.20Ghz 4GB DDR2 RAM Windows 7 32-bit TP-LINK TL-WDN3200 Dual Band WiFi adapter iPhone 5

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Dual Band WiFi Adapter8/6/2013 10:30:54 PM

Pros: - Manual is well written and easy to follow - Unlike most WiFi adapters, this one is dual band. This means that it can connect at 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequencies. Several legacy WiFi applications (802.11 b/g) use the 2.4Ghz frequency to communicate as well as cordless phones, radio equipment, wireless microphones, microwaves, etc. New WiFi technologies (802.11 n/ac) can use either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz frequencies to avoid interference with other equipment. You must have a WiFi router that can broadcast at 5Ghz frequency to be able to use the 5Ghz frequency with this WiFi adapter. - Setup process is easy and intuitive with the WPS button. See notes in Other (1) - Connects at 300 Mbps unlike some other wireless adapters that connect at 150Mbps or 54Mbps. It can connect at 300 Mbps using 2.4Ghz band OR 5.0Ghz band but not both at the same time. To get 300 Mbps, your router must support 802.11n. The connection speed degrades in proportion to the distance from the wireless hotspot. - Comes with a 1m USB 2.0 extension cable - Utility is easy to understand and provides helpful information. It even assists you in setting up AP mode with "SoftAP" - Works with Linux both x86 and ARM architectures. Tested and verified on a Raspberry Pi (w/ Raspbian) See notes in Other (2). - Works with Windows 8 (beta driver available on TP-Link website). See notes in Other (3).

Cons: - Range is less than 50 feet lightly obstructed, due to a small antenna on the device itself and the Linksys router that I'm using. This is not unlike most wireless adapters on the market. If the adapter had a larger antenna and used more power, it could connect further away from the router. - Not as small as a nano WiFi adapter, and it's a little more bulky than a USB flash drive. The product feels cheaply made. - Does not work with Mac. - TP-Link support is not as written on the box. I called the support number in the middle of the day and no one answered. I also emailed their support email and haven't received a response in 12 hours. This effectively makes 24/7 support useless.

Overall Review: - (1) The manual does a great job explaining how to connect to your WiFi router using WiFi Protected Setup (WPS). Caution: It's not recommended to use WPS, because it can give others access to your router while trying to establish a connection. - (2) Internally, the WiFi chipset being used is Ralink RT5572 802.11 n WLAN. Even though TP-Link doesn't support Linux, Ralink does provide the source code (also unsupported) on the Ralink (MediaTek) website for the Linux driver. You can find the instructions to compile the source code elsewhere. - Draws 450mA of current when in use. If you use a non-powered USB hub and plug this device into it, it may not work as intended. Either plug it into the computer using the provided extension cord, directly into the computer, or in a powered USB hub. - (3) The TP-Link website provides additional product information that isn't written on the box, the manual, or the mini cd. - Driver and Utility come prepackaged on a mini cd, and can also be downloaded on the TP-Link website. - "Dual" is misspelled on the back of the box as "Daul" - Information on the box is misleading. WPA/WPA2 doesn't provide "active defense." It's an authentication mechanism that's difficult or impossible to break in a reasonable amount of time. The personal shared key (PSK) is static, whereas "active" could be misunderstood as a dynamic PSK. Also, the box says the product helps you "avoid signal interference" on the 5Ghz band. The product won't help you avoid ALL signal interference if all the wireless equipment that you and your neighbors use is broadcasting on the 5Ghz band. The 5Ghz band is relatively new for WiFi equipment and therefore there won't be many devices using it. There's a setting called IEEE802.11h in the driver properties that allows this device to optimize your signal over 5Ghz if you experience problems, but it may not help in all cases. -My Configuration- Gateway FX510XL Pentium D 3.20Ghz 4GB DDR2 RAM Windows 7 R-Pi Model B 4GB SDHC Raspbian 3.6.11+ armv61 Linksys E1000 Wireless N router

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Feature Packed Camera for Home7/21/2013 6:47:22 PM

Pros: Camera: - Easy to setup and configure. Follow the manual, download the setup software from the D-Link website, and your camera will be setup in a very small amount of time. - Can work in dark (black & white) or light (color) areas and automatically adjust to the amount of light in the room with good accuracy - Easy to view and control from the internet on a PC, mac, or mobile device via Java applet - Can extend your WiFi range with the built-in WiFi extender - Long power cable (about ten feet measuring with my eyes) - Comes with a wall mounting guide to help drill holes for the mount - Cloud service can be turned off, and a third party DDNS service can be used. This may be a good feature for those who are concerned about privacy over convenience. - Can change audio detection sensitivity and area of motion detection. - Can configure preset camera views in case the camera needs to be reset or adjusted. D-Link D-ViewCam software: - Easy to configure. The menus are intuitive and well laid out. It has several advanced features such as auto cleanup and auto reboot where it will cleanup hard drive storage after it reaches a certain pre-configured point. - Can be configured to collect audio from other sources connected to the computer or server. - Camera can be viewed full-screen with pan, zoom, sound, and day/night adjustments. mydlink Lite App (iPhone & Android): - Good controls to adjust the camera from the internet such as pan, zoom, day/night, and sound. - Easy to use and understand

Cons: Camera: - WPS setup is not listed in the manual, but is listed in the setup software. You'll need to look at your wireless router's manual to see if it has WPS if desired for convenience. For security reasons, it's best not to use WPS. - Can't turn off the red lights around the camera, but you can turn off the power and WPS LED lights - Setup program has to be downloaded from the D Link's website. It's not provided on a disc with the camera. Be sure to save this program in a safe place. The setup program is required to set up the camera. - The camera dropped off the WiFi network while at the edge of the WiFi network in an urban environment. - Have to hard wire it to update the firmware. - Only allows a maximum of 5 connections to the extender portion - Doesn't have external storage. In other words if the WiFi fails and the camera is not hard wired, the camera won't be able to send emails, record video, or take photos. - The camera's picture has barrel distortion. D-Link D-ViewCam software: - Needs to run as administrator under Windows 7/8 and Vista. Otherwise, the program will fail to run with an a message that will cause the program to continuously reboot. To fix this, you need to right-click on the shortcut icon and choose "Run As Administrator" mydlink Lite App (iPhone & Android): - None

Overall Review: - Setting the camera up with WiFi may be convenient, but if you are truly concerned about security and reliability, I highly recommend hard wiring this camera with a CAT6 cable especially in an urban environment. - This camera doesn't re-broadcast WiFi at 5Ghz. It uses 2.4Ghz. This may be a problem for those that use older cordless phone sets. You'll need to check your cordless phone set and make sure that it doesn't use 2.4Ghz. - The camera has a bird's eye view Despite its shortcomings, I was very impressed with how easy it was to configure and use the camera. It has rich features such as the ability to control all the basic settings of the camera from an iOS or Android device, the ability to extend the range of your WiFi network, and the ability to send an email when the camera detects motion or hears a sound. The picture quality is just good enough to see basic features on faces. The limitations of these features place it in the home and small business market. I would not recommend this camera for corporate use due to the lack of redundancy--the ability to store videos and photos on a built-in memory card in case the WiFi connection goes out.

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Reduced noise6/19/2013 9:41:47 AM

Pros: - Designed to be quiet. These fans provide just as much airflow as my stock fans at about half the noise level, and half the RPMs. The rubber mounts on the fan also help to reduce fan vibration against the case. - High Static Pressure. These fans provide consistent airflow through obstruction which is great for heatsinks, radiators, or case intake - Ability to customize the look with solid neon blue, red, or white. The color is easy to change - PWM cord is 1ft long from the edge of the fan

Cons: None

Overall Review: - PWM for these fans reports properly my motherboard which is Intel - Doesn't come with PWM to molex adapters or PWM to 3-pin fan adapters. If you don't have a PWM port on your motherboard, you'll need a few of these. - If you're looking for about double the airflow, go with the high performance edition rather than the quiet edition - I used these fans to replace two case fans: intake and exhaust. The intake fan has a duct that doubles as a heatsink fan.

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Good wireless camera for daytime4/28/2013 8:25:30 PM

Pros: Camera: - Easy to setup and configure if you have WPS on your wireless router - Reliable & packed with features - LED lights on the front can be turned off if needed - Cloud service can be turned off if needed - Can be viewed from the internet or the "cloud" - Can be viewed from a smartphone, Android or iOS - Can be hard wired or Wireless SecurView Server Software: - Ability to manage 32 different TrendNET cameras - Motion detection & scheduled recording - Camera can be viewed full screen & includes digital zoom - Manages disk space on multiple disks & allows overwriting if it gets full - Internal or External Audio Recording - Includes a WatchDog service to restart the software or computer if there's a problem. TRENDnet CloudView (Smartphone App): - Manage & view/hear multiple TrendNET cameras - Ability to take a save a photo from the camera to your smartphone - Digital Zoom - Easy to use

Cons: Cons: Camera: - Needs to be hard wired via an Ethernet cable to update software and I couldn't update the software (firmware) using Firefox. I had to use Internet Explorer. - Can't focus the lens, so objects farther than seven feet are blurry. - No wireless strength indicator. - Power adapter cord length is short--about four and a half to five feet long. - Internal Microphone has a lot of static. - No assembly instructions included. You have to look at the picture on the box and guess how the mount fits on the camera. - Needs to be initially setup using the program on the CD. Don't lose the disc! - MAC users have to download the camera setup program. It's not included on the disc. - Setup software doesn't tell you the IP address of the camera. You have to use the URL initially to get to the camera's configuration. SecurView Server Software: - Not intuitive to configure--the schedule recording & motion detection settings are found in the camera setup wizard. There's a lot of controls regarding compression and bandwidth control that basic users may not understand. - SecurView Server Client has to be run as administrator in Windows Vista or greater. If it doesn't run as administrator, you'll never be able to login to the software. To change this on your desktop, right-click the SecurView Pro icon, and click properties. Then click the Advanced button, and finally, check "Run as administrator." - Only available for Windows. TRENDnet CloudView (Smartphone App): -Can't record video to smartphone

Overall Review: Before you start to set it up: - Check your wireless router manual to see if it has WPS - Make sure Java is installed on your computer if you use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browser - If you want images emailed to you, get the SMTP server address, port number, username and password from your email provider. - Make sure Adobe Reader or another PDF viewing program is installed, so that you can read the PDF manual that's included on the disc. - Open the User's Manual on the disc and follow the instructions in the manual. Be sure to mount the camera in an area that is well lit, has a nearby power outlet, and is not far from an audible source for the best experience with it. After the camera has been setup and you can access it and see the video, you can use a smartphone or laptop as a guide to position the camera. If you don't want to record video, don't install the SecurView Pro software. The camera itself can email or FTP still images when motion is detected or based on a schedule. You can find these settings in the configuration section after you login to the camera via the provided URL or address. If you need the SecurView Pro software, install the camera first, and then install the SecurView Pro software.

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Good cable6/7/2012 6:42:23 PM

Pros: *12ft long *Quality thick cable *Matches white walls really well

Cons: None

Overall Review: NOTE: It comes with no instructions on how to install the cable. Both ends have a plastic cap to protect the fiber ends from getting dirty. Take the plastic caps off before inserting into your device. I didn't do this originally, and the cable wouldn't work. I took the plastic caps off, and the cable worked like magic.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Excellent system!6/3/2012 2:21:00 PM

Pros: *Comes with a real receiver and very sturdy set of speakers. *Supports advanced HDMI features such as audio return and 4K pass-through *Sounds absolutely amazing *Comes with everything you need to set it up, including antennas and speaker wire

Cons: None

Overall Review: *Consider upgrading the speaker wire for clearer sound

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Fantastic!6/3/2012 2:09:46 PM

Pros: *Heavy duty mount *Comes with all the tools you need, except a power drill; stud finder worked perfectly. *Can slide it left or right to center it perfectly on the wall. *Fits several different sizes of TVs

Cons: *Directions were vague at times, but still helpful *Doesn't come with the power drill.

Overall Review: *Calculate the angle of tilt that you need by measuring the distance from your eyes to the wall, and then against the wall from the height of your eyes to the center of the TV. Use inverse tangent from trigonometry.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Outstanding TV6/3/2012 1:54:50 PM

Pros: *Outstanding Color, Contrast, and Brightness *Excellent over-the-air digital receiver; I received more channels in better quality on this TV than I did my Dish DTV converter box. *Optical audio in

Cons: *2 HDMI Inputs, but not a big issue if you have an audio receiver or an HDMI switcher *Clear Motion Rate (CMR) isn't the greatest, but it's nice that you have a choice between Smooth, Standard, or Clear. I have it set to Clear.

Overall Review: *I work at great TV station with broadcast engineers and color gurus. *Best no-frills, big screen LCD TV. *LCD screens are much more fragile than glass, so if you have kids that throw things indoors get a plasma TV instead.

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Outstanding TV5/15/2012 7:58:12 AM

Pros: *High contrast picture - the blacks look unbelievably black *Great color *Choice of clear, standard, or smooth motion *Picked up more dtv broadcast channels than my dish dtv box *Remote has a light button *Built-in speakers are loud and clear. It's very audible at 12 out of 100 *Near 180 degree viewing angle but looks best head on

Cons: *Fragile screen - the first one I received was cracked and box wasn't punctured or torn.

Overall Review: I work in TV broadcast engineering and this TV provides a real in-home movie theater experience. Buy a Kinivo hdmi switcher to get more hdmi ports.

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Good drive5/11/2012 8:24:28 PM

Pros: Fast and Reliable unlike the new terabyte drives that do not last past a year of usage. New drive (not OEM) and shipped properly. Hard drives are fragile and can be destroyed while being shipped if not handled properly. Thankfully, Newegg ships new hard drives right.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I bought this drive to replace a western digital "green" drive that ran at 5400 RPM's and did not last a year.

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Meh, could be better.10/31/2009 11:23:34 AM

Pros: HDMI w/ Intel 3100 integrated. 4 DIMMs for lots of memory. Lots of USB ports on the motherboard.

Cons: Only one USB connector on the motherboard for more USB ports (bad if you have an all-in-one memory card reader that uses a USB connector). The memory configuration is terrible, double check the manual (I didn't and I lost 1 GB of memory because of it). Four pin connectors for all the fans.

Overall Review: I have 3GB of DDR2 memory (2x 1GB; 2x 512MB; 4 chips total). The memory configuration on this motherboard won't address all the memory because it can only do a single pair of double-sided memory, not two pairs of double-sided memory. My 1GB chips are double-sided; 512MB chips are single sided. Like I said above, read the fine manual.

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Wonderful10/31/2009 11:15:31 AM

Pros: It's smaller than most ATX cases. The air ventalation seems to be pretty good (there's plenty of places to put extra fans). The power supply blows/pulls in air from the front of the case. Screwless drive installation. The logo rotates which is a plus, and there are rubber studs for whichever way you want to set it up.

Cons: None, except a miniture Yoda doesn't come with it. ;)

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Phenomenal stuff!9/17/2009 5:56:31 PM

Pros: Cheaper than arctic silver 5, looks almost like it, and performs better.

Cons: It's sticky so don't get any on your hands.

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Wonderful!9/17/2009 5:51:22 PM

Pros: Easy to install. Comes with the screw driver to install the hard drive in it. The USB-Y cable is heavy duty, and the pouch is leather. =) Works as advertised perfectly.

Cons: Yoda doesn't come with it.

Overall Review: I've got a 250GB SATA hard drive in it. Works with Windows and Linux (Ubuntu) from what I've been able to test.

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Best Router I've ever used!8/5/2008 1:11:17 PM

Pros: MIMO (Multiple In, Multiple Out) Technology. o.O Excellent Range as advertised. If you buy RangeMax Wireless Cards, it increases the range by one/two bar(s). What kind of router's range gets BETTER after a few minutes? None, but this one! Internal Antennas are great because you don't have to worry about them being broken off and damaging the router.

Cons: The blinking super bright LEDs where the wireless antennas are, are kind of annoying... but thank goodness netgear put a on/off button for them in the back. Smart. =)

Overall Review: About the review below that talked about no autodetecting internet... is not true if you have cable. Mine detected DHCP from Cable internet just fine. I don't know about DSL though. If you want to make dialup wireless, use Internet Connection Sharing to share your dialup connection to the router and tick the box to auto connect on the main computer that's hosting the dialup. Also, to extend the life of digital equipment, always keep your house clean. Dust and static electricity float in the air which kill electronic equipment.

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Xbox Fan Upgrade7/30/2008 10:22:25 PM

Pros: High Performance fan for the xbox. Temp. sensor works like it should. This fan definitely blows out more hot air than the stock fan.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I used electric tape to attach the temp sensor to the base of the gpu heatsink. I also used my dremel to cut the corners and sanded down the bridges so that it would fit. =)

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Xbox HDD7/30/2008 10:06:00 PM

Pros: For those who are upgrading the Hard Drive in the Xbox, this is perfect. It's faster than the stock Hard Drive and it locks like it should. Slimmer than I thought it would be. Great Price as always with Newegg.

Cons: None.

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Did somebody call for performance?7/21/2008 8:46:11 PM

Pros: Heat spreader, timings, the amount of GBs, and the price = must buy.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I installed this in my ASUS P5N-EM HDMI Motherboard and I was only getting 1.87GB showing up under windows. Ran a memory check on it... checked out good. Took one search on google to find out that the motherboard reserves some of the ram for the video. o.O lol.

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