5/2/2014 3:19:50 PM

Pros: I just built 2 PC's using this case. What a great case. Tons of room. Room for a Full power supply, Full sized video card, Can easily fit a huge CPU cooler if needed, and has a lot of great built in mounting for 120mm fans or radiators. Easily one of the best micro-cases I have worked with. The handles are a little odd looking because they are this soft touch plastic stuff, but actually very durable and functional as they keep the case off the floor.

Cons: The only real negative I found is the fact the font panel is on the side, which happens to be the side you remove to access the inside of the case, so you have to be aware of that otherwise you will yank out your PLED, Power,Reset connections.

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Excellent Card1/31/2012 12:46:32 PM

Pros: Card is excellent. OC'd to 1280Mhz GPU and 1800Mhz on RAM. I used EK Waterblock. Stable at 1.2v. Stock, I could max out CCC Overdrive with no issues. Once on Watercooling used Trixx to increase OC and Volts.

Cons: Price. However with no competition from Nvidia they have the ability to price these higher. Hopefully once we see Nvidia's answer to the 7xxx series the prices will start drop.

Overall Review: Excellent card on stock cooling. Amazing card with upgraded cooling.

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Regret not Purchasing Sooner!6/3/2011 10:39:04 AM

Pros: 2560x1600 resolution IPS Panel Excellent View Angles Amazing Color Depth Great Response Time - No Ghosting Clean Bezel Low Reflection Excellent Stand

Cons: Price PC to power games at that resolution. You will need a fairly high-end pc to game at 2560x1600 with all the eye candy turned on. But you should already know that if you are even considering this monitor.

Overall Review: I upgraded from a 1920x1200 3ms 24" TN monitor, was a very nice monitor as well. However, the upgrade was huge/profound/amazing. The color depth on this monitor from my previous is amazing. I purchased mainly for gaming and running 2 screens didn't appeal to me because I do not like the screen being split by bezels. I have not noticed any issues with ghosting. This monitor truly immerses you in whatever you are doing. Gaming especially. The lack of an OSD is not in my opinion a negative. I made a few slight adjustments in Catalyst because it seemed a little on the blue/green side at first. Not much. Just made a minor adjustment and it is perfect for me. I have ZERO buyers remorse and as my title suggests I only regret not purchasing this monitor sooner. The price tag is a little step, but it is totally worth it. I am really impressed with this monitor.

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Excellent Netbook4/5/2010 2:56:07 PM

Pros: A very nice Netbook/Laptop. L335 is one of the fastest chips you can get for this class of netbooks in the sub $500 price range. It can easily compete against standard full size notebooks for several hundred more in price. Add in some ram and this will easily beat the Acer Ferrari which is priced much higher than Wind12 and price of ram kit. It is so nice to have a powerful and extremely portable laptop like this. It is very light, yet feels very well made.

Cons: With PowerNow disabled in the bios and streaming hulu @ 720p the battery lasted 3 hours 45 Minutes. A little shorter then I expected. With PowerNow enabled this increased to 4 hours 45 minutes. However you are cutting your speed in 1/2. It goes from 1.6Ghz down to 800Mhz. The screen doesn't open a full 180 degrees. More like 140. I think this could use a little better cooling. Once the CPU gets over 50C the fans kick in and they are louder than I expected, not a deal breaker, but they could have used better fans.

Overall Review: The installed 2GB of ram is a single stick. I purchased a 2x2gb kit of OCZ low latency memory for this. Very noticeable improvement. Windows Rated the stock ram at 4.9, with the upgrade 5.7. Another nice upgrade is a SSD. I just purchased a new one for gaming rig and the old ssd from that is going in this. Should yield longer battery life and better performance.

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Watch out!6/26/2007 8:17:33 AM

Pros: This motherboard is great and I only have one complaint...although I consider it a major one, and I also didn't find any mention of this complaint.

Cons: All the copper heatsink and heatpipes are attached to the backside of the motherboard. This makes upgrading your CPU cooler next to impossible.

Overall Review: You can no use any cooling upgrades that require a backplate. Due to the copper back plate. Do not purchase any Zalman coolers for this board.

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Very Solid RAM2/17/2006 12:13:56 PM

Pros: Able to hit 260Mhz (DDR520) with 1T timings @ 2.85Volts. Excellent timings for 2Gb's. I would highly recommend this product.

Cons: I would like tighter timings, but with a 2GB kit this is still really good. I used to run OCZ VX 1T 2x512Mb kit. It was a tiny bit faster.

Overall Review: To the poster below. Don't tell people they HAVE to overclock their CPU to hit DDR500, thats insane. That is what a Memory Divider is for. Im running a AMD 64 3000 (winnie) @ 2.6Ghz and using a Mem Divider of 180/200 for a FSB of 260Mhz. If I went 1:1 ratio it would be running at 289 Mhz and yeah that would not work.

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Be Carefull2/15/2005 11:11:52 AM

Comments: Im a serious OC'er, and this board is great in that aspect. However if you are water-cooling as I am, then be aware you can-not fit any water blocks on the NorthBridge, there is no room. In fact there is very little room for the stock HSF. In my opinion this board was laid very poorly. So I had to remove my Chipset cooler from my loop, and used a Vantec (Very thin) Copper HSF. Which sucks compared to water. Also don't expect to run dual water cooled-video cards as there is no room for that either. Im running 1 ATI video card, so obviously SLI is not a consideration for me. Its a good motherboard, and has excellent OC abilities. But it could have been laid out MUCH better. And I could attain much higher stable OverClock with a water-cooled NorthBridge. Food for thought.

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OverClocking - Heck Yeah.6/30/2004 2:50:02 PM

Comments: This chip just replaced my older XP2600 FSB/133 which I had OC'd to 2.4Ghz. Out of the box this Processor hit 13x200 @ 1.8 Volts. Once everything is burned in I would expect this to hit 2.7Ghz. This is by far THE BEST Overclocking chip available. Running at 2.6Ghz I smoked the FX-53 on Sisoft. Granted I can't compete with the memory, but on raw calculations, and Mutlimedia I beat the FX-53 signifcantly. Awsome chip, just awsome. New Egg shipped it within 3 days, New Egg is the best!!

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Off-The-Hook2/10/2004 11:48:54 AM

Comments: This is an excellent motherboard, and I only have one major complaint. I noticed that the DFI LanParty NFII did not come with the 4 holes in the motherboard for extreme heatsinks. The DFI LanPart NFII Ultra B does,...But the layout of the board is a little questionable. After mounting my Swiftech MC462-A heatsink my computer would no longer boot. After looking into this, turns out my heatsink had mashed a resistor pack located VERY Close to the mounting hole. So word to the wise, be VERY Careful when mounting this type of Heat Sink. I think in DFI's next revsion they need to move all the compents about 1/8inch from the holes. This is a good board for overclocking. I was able to get my Xp2600 FSB133x2 up to FSB140x2 with a multiplier of 17. Thats 2380Mhz, stable. I have pushed it past this, but in games not so stable. AquaMark = 41,256 3dMark03 = 6128 Someday I will upgrade to the XP3200 FSB200x2. Newegg was awsome and RMA'd it for me, no problem.

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