Dongle is prone to failure!/Wireless functionality is iffy.2/28/2021 11:15:12 AM

Pros: Wonderfully silent switches, precisely what I was looking for. Backlight can be quite bright if that's your thing. Full size keyboard layout is nice, and the media controls have not gone unused. Programmable buttons are nice to have. Included lengthy charging cable, which will be needed for more than just charging.

Cons: The ONLY thing I have not liked about this product, and it's kind of a deal-breaker for future wireless keyboards, is that when I switched motherboards, the wireless dongle suddenly wouldn't be recognized by my PC. Like, not recognized by device manager or by the Corsair iCue software (across several versions, but currently 3.37.140). Unfortunately I am far from the only one to have this issue. When the dongle no longer is recognized by the iCue software, it will display, immediately above Wireless App Firmware, Dongle Firmware v.? Even though absolutely NO damage has occurred to the dongle, it has stopped operating as if it got crushed by a hammer.

Overall Review: Great keyboard? True. Great wireless keyboard? Not so much. Why get a wireless keyboard when it won't be wireless for long?

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