Not too bad for the price10/27/2012 10:28:03 AM

Pros: -Small, sleek and stylish -Good weight (there is a removable 18 gram metal weight inside) -3 on-the-fly dpi settings -Subtle blue light for the scroll wheel -Some sort of dust protector for the sensor eye underneath. No more bright red light when you pick up your mouse either.

Cons: -Even though it is small, it still favors the palm grip. I'm a claw grip guy so this will take some getting use to. -Cord length isn't that long -Louder than usual buttons (there are mods online where this problem can be fix)

Overall Review: For the price it's a great little mouse. Don't expect it to last forever though.

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Acer 23 inch1/26/2012 1:02:52 PM

Pros: At first I was planning on buying a refurbished 23 inch monitor for the same price. Thankfully this one was put on sale and I jumped on it. For what I paid (129.99) this thing is beautiful. It's super thin and super light. Hell, even the UPS guy commented on how light it No dead pixels and after a little calibration the picture looks amazing. I can't wait to get a nice discrete GPU to start playing some games on it. It comes with 2 HDMI ports and 1 VGA port. Screen is not glossy but the bezel and stand are.

Cons: None really that I can think of. No DVI might be a con for some but I plan on using the HDMI when I get a discrete GPU. The buttons are on the bottom of the monitor. I actually like 'em there but some might find their location a bit cumbersome. Also when you turn on your PC the monitor will cycle through the different ports going HDMI 1, HDMI 2 then VGA. There's about a 4-5 second space in between. I don't know if that might effect people who love that their SSD is booting windows in 15 seconds but it might.

Overall Review: Besides the cons I listed this monitor is sexy. I don't know what its original price was, but at 129.99 this things a steal IMO.

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great grills12/27/2011 4:14:02 PM

Pros: there are what there are. i like the black color.

Cons: none

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It is was it is12/27/2011 4:13:04 PM

Pros: Great looking Black

Cons: none

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Acer 23"1/27/2011 11:24:46 AM

Pros: -Great monitor. This thing is huge! It dwarfs my old 19" Acer monitor that it's replacing. I was thinking about using my old monitor as a second one but it just looks too awkward sitting next to this beast. Colors are awesome (see other thoughts), full HD resolution at 16:9 ratio, no dead or stuck pixels...oh and did I mention this thing is huge?!

Cons: -The buttons on the underside of the monitor that controls the color adjustments can be a little tricky to use, but if you have an I.Q. above 20 you should be fine. -The on/off button light is bright and can be annoying if that sort of thing bugs you. It has a simple fix though, a black piece of paper and some clear tape. -No HDMI, but I knew that before I bought it.

Overall Review: The colors were a little washed out when I first turned it on, and the brightness was set way too high for me. But after running it through Windows Calibrate color feature in the Display settings of the Control Panel, everything is great now. I got this baby for $146.99 free s/h which is an incredible deal. This monitor would still be awesome at its MSRP price of $179.99.

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HIS ATI HD 577012/11/2010 9:56:58 AM

Pros: Great so far. I know I shouldn't be writing a review so soon, but I'll be sure to come back and write a followup if something goes wrong (knock on wood). I bought this to replace my HD 4670. It's more then doubled my FPS in all the games that I play at their highest resolutions. It was very inexpensive. I was debating getting this card or the newer HD 6850. But the prices of the 6850's kept going up while the prices of the 5770's kept going down. So it was a no-brainier for me on which one to buy... My little HEC 585W PSU handles this card pretty well at stock speeds. Idle temps hover around 30-32c and full load at 52-54c.

Cons: It was bigger then I thought it was gonna to be. It just fits in my mid tower Raidmax Altas case with little room to spare. Fan can get pretty audible at 50%+ speed, but it rarely ever gets that high on auto.

Overall Review: If you're on a budget and still want competitive FPS without having to sacrifice fan noise and heat, then buy this card. It's the best there in this price range.

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Raidmax Altas11/18/2010 4:25:21 PM

Pros: -Design/look -Black interior -Tool less drive bays -Decent cable management -Removable fan filters on front drive bay doors and bottom mounted PSU. Non-removable fan filter on front fan. -Large hole on motherboard tray to reach CPU cooler back plate -Very roomy

Cons: -Power light is SUPER bright -Top mounted I/O panel (I like mine to be on the front of the case so the hanging wires don't interfere with my DVD drive. Also my audio and microphone jack came broken) -No hole on motherboard tray for CPU power plug -Drive Bay doors difficult to remove even with neat looking clips -Because of front fan, your HDD's are going to stick out a good 2" causing you to lose space for larger graphic cards -Overall this case feels a little flimsy

Overall Review: Pretty big case for a mid size. Nice discrete front blue LED fan. Cool side mesh window, but it's not meant to be looked through. Because of the side mesh window's viewing angle, you can only see the inside of your case when you're directly in front of the window. Good airflow (especially if you plan on putting a 180mm fan on the side). Plenty of room for larger graphic cards, from the back of the case to the back of the HDD enclosure measures 12". I removed one egg because of the broken audio and microphone jacks. Other then that and the other cons, this is a great case for the price I paid (49.99+9.99 S/H).

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12" CPU extension11/18/2010 3:49:15 PM

Pros: Does what its suppose to.

Cons: none

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Bernie9/22/2010 9:48:54 AM

Pros: None. I couldn't get it installed on my AM2+ motherboard.

Cons: The screws were too short to reach the backing plate on my motherboard. Getting 'em to reach would have required me to force the pump down onto my MB which I didn't feel comfortable doing.

Overall Review: If you have a AMD broad then avoid this. I don't think ECO ever meant for it to be compatible with AMD boards. I had to RMA it which wasn't too big of a deal because Newegg has a top-notch RMA service; they waived the restocking fees and return shipping.:)

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