Awesome CPU4/6/2014 2:54:02 PM

Pros: Huge performance boost over Intel DuoCore series. Very stable and making all of my games run many times better, even with my old GTS 450 video card.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I am using an Enermax T-40 heatsink instead of the heatsink that came with the CPU

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Great Value4/6/2014 2:51:47 PM

Pros: Success POST on first attempt with 4770k CPU! Runs great. No crashing while playing hours of Rage, Dark Souls, and Star Craft II. Board not getting overheated at all. 4 RAM slots. Dual Bios

Cons: BIOS may be a little off. I clicked on option while checking things out (can't recall which one) and everything just froze. Rebooted and everything was fine. Only one graphic card slot, but additional slots was not a requirement of mine.

Overall Review: I tried 3 other boards ranging from 230-270$ for a known-working 2011 socket Sandy Bridge a friend offered to sell me. None worked. Decided to go with 1150 socket and had total success and zero problems using this motherboard and a 4770k CPU as the base for my build.

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Fail2/19/2014 12:25:21 PM

Pros: Installation was easy

Cons: Will not POST after about 20 tests. Red CPU error LED just stays on while fans and everything else spins. CPU works fine in friend's system. Tried known working CPU and breadbox test. Updated BIOS with USB stick. Nothing works.

Overall Review: I really wish I could have refunded this and got a board by a different brand now that is has given me such a hard time. Also, I did not realize that the actual CPU socket is made by FoxConn. Now I've just RMA'd the board for a replacement. I really hope the replacement doesn't come from the same bad batch that this came from.

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