Less than Advertised3/20/2021 7:21:48 PM

Pros: - Fast, but not as fast as described- Large capacity, but not as large as advertised

Cons: - Size is less than 494,000,000,000 bytes (494 GB), which is significantly less than the advertised 512,000,000,000 bytes (512 GB)- Benchmarking via the gnome disks utility

Overall Review: - While the device I received probably fulfills my needs, I won't accept a product that fails to meet the advertised specifications in a manner as definitive and spectacular as failing to meet the capacity specifications.- Don't buy this if you have the self respect to not want to be lied to and sold something literally substandard.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, I am Jose from SanDisk® Global Support Team. What you are observing is the difference in the definition of one Gigabyte by Operating Systems versus all Storage device manufacturers. Operating systems use a binary system which will present a lower number of GBs than the decimal based system used by Storage Device manufacturers to define the capacity of products. This is due to the binary system representing a GBs as a higher number of actual bytes. For example: Operating systems define a 1GB as 1,073,741,824 Bytes. Storage device manufacturers define 1GB as 1,000,000,000 bytes. Also, you may research on the internet by reading tech blogs/ articles to know more about the same. For any other suggestions/ queries regarding SanDisk® products, please feel free to contact SanDisk Support and we would be happy to help! Thank you, Jose, SanDisk® Support.
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Built Like a Brick $hithouse8/23/2012 3:42:46 PM

Pros: This case has the best build quality of any case in it's price range that I've seen. Be aware that it's fairly heavy. It comes with a number of handy thumbscrews. When I filled all of the open fan slots the ventilation was incredible.

Cons: It is a little bit small for my dual crossfire 4870 cards with the power connectors right up against the hard drive frame, but I suspect that any case in this form factor would have the same issue.

Overall Review: The title really says it all. If you like sturdy products that feel built to stand up to years of use you will like this. Occasionally this goes on sale with a rebate. I suggest picking one up when it does.

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Drive Failed, RMA Time6/29/2012 3:32:22 PM

Pros: Worked alright for a couple months. 3-year warranty.

Cons: Failed after only a few months. Now I have to deal with the manufacturer.

Overall Review: Luckily I was only running the OS off of it, and I had moved my users directory to my HDD so all my data is safe and sound on the HDD along with my handy linux partition that's perfect for occasions such as this. Disk utility's SMART check determined that there was a high reallocated sector count and the self-test came back with read failure.

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