Bought a new wifi card and still no stable internet7/14/2021 8:25:38 PM

Pros: The pc runs really smooth right out the box. It also comes with a 512Gb ssd so boot up time is really fast when trying to launch a game or any program is general

Cons: The pc is really good but if youre not using an Ethernet cable to play games good luck on trying to play with a stable connection.

Overall Review: I bought a new wifi card cause the wifi adapter that built into the motherboard was terrible. I spent over $100 extra to find a solution and no luck. I tried full restarting to see if that would help but no it did not. I tried updating and troubleshooting everything but nothing came up. I also tried to looks for solutions on the internet and I could not find anything helpful with that I was experiencing. So I am really disappointed in this purchase. Everything sounds really good but i just feel like its a motherboard problem. So I hope in the future people wont buy a GIGABYTE B560 DS3H AC If they are not going to use an Ethernet cable.

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