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Awesome Laptop!

MSI GT Series - 17.3" 120 Hz - Intel Core i7 6th Gen 6700HQ (2.60GHz) - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 - 16 GB DDR4 - 1TB HDD - Windows 10 Home 64-Bit - Gaming Laptop (GT72VR Dominator Pro-288 )
MSI GT Series - 17.3" 120 Hz - Intel Core i7 6th Gen 6700HQ (2.60GHz) - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 - 16 GB DDR4 - 1TB HDD - Windows 10 Home 64-Bit - Gaming Laptop (GT72VR Dominator Pro-288 )

Pros: - 1070 - 120hz screen, G-SYNC - m2 2280 SSD slot - Laptop build and keyboard are both solid. Nice LED behind the keyboard. - Adjustable fans - Plays BF1, Witcher 3, Titanfall 2, on high settings at a really good FPS @ 1080p.

Cons: - No m2 SSD bracket to hold your m2 SSD in place. Really stupid, but not too big of a problem. I used paper, scotch tape, and a bit of creativeness to build an improvisation that didn't let the SSD fall out, while using the back laptop cover as pressure to keep the SSD down and straight. - My 1TB HDD definitely came defective, thing was super slow, disk usage always at 100% when not running anything, computer was running at turtle speeds. Took forever to open even chrome. Once I switched out for my Intel 600p m2 SSD everything was fine. Not too big of an issue since I was gonna toss that thing anyways. - CPU usage was stuck at 100% out of the box, had to delete Dragon Center and reinstall to fix it. I honestly recommend just getting an SSD and doing a clean install from a USB to start out which also removes all the bloatware, then install whatever drivers you need. - Fan was not controllable from Dragon Center at first. Had to update BIOS, install SCM, update VBIOS, and update EC firmware to get it to work. Not sure which one of those installations/updates fixed it, but one of them did and I can control fan speed from Dragon Center. - Nvidia drivers past 375.63 would not recognize my 1070 until the latest one as of writing this, 376.19, but 376.19 gives me fps drops in LoL (LOL!) so I reinstalled 375.63 and all is well. - Ethernet port was doing some strange things, ethernet would not work after every reboot unless i re-connected the ethernet cable (wifi works perfectly fine). Tried doing everything like reinstalled ethernet drivers from Killer, etc. Finally what worked was downloading the INF driver from Killer website and letting Windows update find the folder and install it. - Thing is huge and heavy, but that's expected. Power brick is also big and heavy as well.

Overall Review: - The other review says that removing the warranty sticker and upgrading to SSD voids all warranties, but that's not entirely true. If you Google it, MSI has stated something along the lines that you're allowed to do certain upgrades if you don't damage them during those upgrades. Of course, do them at your own risk. - If you get this laptop at a good price (was almost halfway between 1k and 2k during Black Friday) it's a very good deal. The 120hz monitor with Gsync is honestly a game changer and the main reason why you'd want to get this laptop over other gaming laptops.

Most Critical Review


GIGABYTE M6800 GM-M6800 Noble Black 4 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired Optical 1600 dpi Gaming Mouse
GIGABYTE M6800 GM-M6800 Noble Black 4 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired Optical 1600 dpi Gaming Mouse

Pros: Cheap, comfortable, good budget mouse

Cons: This thing **cannot** handle fast acceleration, the 800/1600 dpi on this thing is useless. For everyday purposes, this mouse is fine, but for FPS gaming, when you need to swipe the mouse across very fast, this thing twitches and can't handle fast swipes at all.

Overall Review: Not a gaming mouse as advertised, but for every day purposes, this mouse is a great value. Just don't buy it for FPS gaming. For games like Starcraft, it works fine.


Great Mouse! Good customer support

RAZER DeathAdder Chroma USB Gaming Mouse
RAZER DeathAdder Chroma USB Gaming Mouse

Pros: Lightweight, colorful, easy clicks. Back and Forward button. Pleasant experience with Razer support. Adjustable DPI and polling rate setting.

Cons: Right click unresponsive after about half a year. Razer Synapse may seem like a pain, but you can set the settings you want and uninstall it. Your computer will still remember those settings after you've uninstalled it.

Overall Review: Contacted Razer Support after right click problems. They have a warranty of 2 years on mice, so I shipped it back and they sent me a new one for free.

Pretty Good

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC Game
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty PC Game

Pros: -Fun campaign. For a RTS, this story was pretty well made. It may not be up to Mass Effect or something of the sort, but it's good enough. Voice acting is pretty good, and the campaign has much replay value with achievements and stuff. -Many achievements -Excellent online play, you get 5 placement matches, and then you are placed in a league (bronze, silver, gold, platinum. you may even get promoted to diamond.) and play with people of similar skill. This is where I've spent most my time, playing 3v3 and 2v2 and 4v4's with my friends, it's very addicting and fun. Blizz did a good job in this one. -Pretty balanced, with a few issues here and there (see other thoughts) -You can add friends that are on your facebook. -Graphics. Although not top notch, it's pretty enough, and a million times better than Starcraft one. (Since it's not top notch graphics, many older computers can run it)

Cons: Couple of things here. -No lan. (Although if you have internet connection, this shouldn't really be a problem) -No chat rooms ( Throughout my playing, I found that I didn't really have the need for one, there already is party chat, and my friends and I use ventrilo anyways. ) Now, this next one's a bit of a problem. -Custom games sorted by popularity, and you can't name it. Really? How is anyone ever supposed to join a less popular game near the end of the list? They should have just kept it like Warcraft III, where you can name the game whatever you want and then it EQUALLY shows up on the list like every other custom game. With this current system, all the "popular" maps get played, and nothing else. In order to see less popular games, you have to actually click the "show more games" button, which many players won't do. Just a flawed custom game system in my opinion. Hopefully Blizzard changes this later on.

Overall Review: Couple of weird issues in gameplay, such as marauders killing buildings very very fast, and zerg being slightly weak, with some maps favoring Terran and Protoss (Lost Temple, with cliffs near the natural expansion). Hopefully those will be addressed as the game goes gets older. There should be a "automatically save replay" button like in Warcraft III. All in all, Starcraft II is very much worth the 60$ spent. A couple of negatives here and there shouldn't really affect the game much, not enough to give it a 1 or 2 star/egg rating. This game is fun, addicting, and will be played for a very long time.

Awesome Mouse!

GIGABYTE M6800 GM-M6800 Noble Black 4 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired Optical 1600 dpi Gaming Mouse
GIGABYTE M6800 GM-M6800 Noble Black 4 Buttons 1 x Wheel USB Wired Optical 1600 dpi Gaming Mouse

Pros: The weight feels just right. Feels nice/sturdy DPI switch (Although I just use 800 dpi with 6/11 windows) Good price

Cons: The cord might be a little short, although it works just fine for me.

Overall Review: I was about to buy the MX518 for more than twice the price of this mouse, but after I saw this mouse and the reviews, I decided to give this mouse a shot. Turns out, this mouse is great! I highly recommend this over higher-priced gaming mice if you're on a budget.


Microsoft  Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points
Microsoft Xbox 360 Live 1600 Points

Pros: Free shipping, 1600 points. Don't have to give the manufacturer your credit card, just type in the code on the card.

Cons: None. Gotta wait a few days for it to get to your house :)

Overall Review: Better than buying from the manufacturer, or paying tax to get it in a store in person.