Not reliable8/17/2010 8:57:28 AM

Pros: -- Fast. My original laptop hdd took over 4 min to load Vista, upgraded WD just under 3min, Vertex takes 30sec to get to workable desktop in Win7-64U. Definitely great performance and worth the price. -- Forums. If you have a problem OCZ forums are a great destination to find answers and people will be glad to help you or at least offer you a shoulder to cry on. Official staff are dedicated to better the experience. -- RMA. After submitting request it took 1d to approve it. It took them 3d to ship new drive after they received mine. Shipped from Taiwan, received in 2d. Pretty easy and fast.

Cons: -- Not reliable. SSD died under 3mo of light usage. I used it about 3hr/d x7d x10wk ) = 210hr = not good! -- Forums. It is the fact that customers have to rely on forums for more information and help. They are poorly organized and have loads of irrelevant info. OCZ needs to create some great database not linked to forums -- sticky's should be stripped of wordiness and mirrored in that database. -- Rebates. The $20 you are waiting for are going to have little meaning by the time you get it. I still have not gotten mine and at this point it will not make me any happier.

Overall Review: OCZ SSD's are cheap because of their reliability. If you have limited resources and a lot of time on your hands (HS or college student) who does not mind restoring everything after the drive fries -- you are good to go. Remember to image your drive often or at least store your docs and pics elsewhere. I unloaded my 2GB SD card with pics and videos because I needed it free immediately and never archived on the external. The drive died 4d after that and I lost my pics. Lesson learnt. I asked half a dozen recovery places and they all give a flat $2k independently if it is 2GB or 60GB. One technician called me on the weekend from his personal phone offering "to help me" for $500. It was obviously going to be out of sight from his bosses. I would probably pay that for the pics, but already RMA'd my drive. Bottom line: just because you have a lot of reviewers who have it for a week or a month giving OCZ 5 eggs, does not mean they will feel the same way in several months' time.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, we are very sorry for the problem and the inconvenience. We are confident that your replacement drive will work out fine for you. Thank you
Nice memory8/30/2009 10:10:06 AM

Pros: I am using this batch for the past 2 months in my HP tx1220 (tx1000z). Going from stock 2GB (which was surprisingly great) to 4GB was not that much of a WOW. But Vista Ultimate 64-bit is snappier and there are noticeable improvements in program access speeds. This memory is something to consider in any event, because for this price it is a great mod.

Cons: None

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Great Drive8/30/2009 10:00:36 AM

Pros: I have had this drive for 1.5 years. I upgraded the stock that came with my HP tx1220us (tx1000z). It improved my Vista Ultimate 64-bit load times by 25%. Access speed and transfer rates are great! BEVT is a definite winner and turned out to be a great line. I probably will be upgrading to 500GB soon, unless there are larger capacities that will be available at that time.

Cons: None.

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