Absolutely Terrific!9/15/2012 2:10:51 AM

Pros: First thing you notice is that they are extremely comfortable. I happen to prefer earphones which sit on the ears, not over the ears, and not in the ears. These have a very soft high quality leather which sits very well. But that's only the start. It's the sound which is unbelievable. I've had a two pairs of Sennheiser 250s over a a few year period which do an excellent job of shutting out ambient noise, and I thought the sound was pretty good because there was no annoying distortion. I'm very sensitive to, and adverse to what is termed a "chemical sound"., i.e., distortion in the upper ranges. The Sennheiser lacked this which made them pleasant to use. These not only lack a chemical sound, but they have a concert hall richness, and mellowness while still preserving the sounds of the individual instruments, with a pleasant bass. And the bluetooth range is strong. I was able to walk over 30' through my apartment, with the connection going through walls and closet.

Cons: I haven't yet tried to use them for conversation, so I can't comment on the microphone. I also have not yet tried them in the health club with background noise.

Overall Review: They're such a terrific buy, how can you not get a pair?

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