Very Happy..6/20/2014 3:51:15 PM

Pros: I recently obtained this tablet on a 199.99 special for a refurbished model on another seller and I have to say I am impressed for 200$. -Snapdragon 600 (1.7Ghz). This is a snappy little thing. On par with something like an Galaxy S4 or an HTC One (M7). It's one of the top mobile CPUs today. This will be the Note 8 and the Nexus 7 (yes the 2013 refresh) in terms of overall performance. -2GB of ram. Awesome. Multitasks like a beast, swaps between apps fast. -11GB of Storage + microSD slot. It's worth noting that 4.4.2 bring some mSD write issues. These issues can be fixed if you are rooted and edit the platform.xml file under ect/permissions/platform.xml with any file explorer that has root support. It's literally a single line you add under WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE. <group gid="media_rw" /> and your SD card should work for everything. -Awesome DPI. It's nice to see tablet makers pushing their 7/8 inch tablets past the terrible 1280x800, up a notch. This device comes in at a very health 272PPI and gives me a very crisp image. Great for watching HD videos, and text looks very clear.

Cons: -Camera(S). Both of them are pretty mediocre. I don't use my tablet camera, I assume most people don't either, but it would be nice to see some effort on this part. Even for skype I found the front facing one to be a little fuzzy. -Bloatware. While I found some of the features like Knock-on/off and Qpair to be really handy, there was a good bit of bloatware to clear out via Titanium-Backup. I really hate that device makers pre-install this junk and it's a trend that should really stop. At the very least make it so normal users can uninstall it without rooting their device. -Software. I'm also not a fan of LG's skin and bloated software. I'm still trying to find a rom I really like for this device, CM11 doesn't really do it for me. -Speaker Placement. After using a HTC One for the past year, any device without front facing speakers really sucks. While I don't use the speakers that often, I feel no android device should have rear-facing speakers in this day in age. -Battery Life. I'm not sure what I expected, but I get a subpar 6hrs while watching videos. I was hoping for something a little better, but I may just opt for a backup battery. With low brightness and all off the extras (wifi/bt) turned off, I do get a solid 9+ hours of reading though.

Overall Review: All-in-All, at a ~200$ price point, this is an amazing buy. But if you are buying at MSRP, there are better options out there and better things on the way.

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