Bug, confirmed by Linksys5/28/2009 2:05:06 PM

Pros: PCs connected via 802.11n are much faster than my previous G router (WRT54G). I have had success streaming DVD content as well as some HD content (WMV-HD) from one PC to another across the house with no issues over the wireless network.

Cons: I immediately started having issues streaming DVD and HD movies to my XBox 360 after setting up this router. My XBox 360 is wired to the router and I never had these issues with the WRT54G. The files I am trying to stream are DVR-MS (converted from DVD) and WMV-HD (converted from Bluray or HD-DVD). This issue can be replicated by using the Network Tuner Wizard in Media Center while your extender is connected; you will notice that the available bandwidth on the bar graph will erratically go back and forth from the highest to near the lowest bar. After countless hours of ridiculous troubleshooting with Linksys, they determined that this is a product issue.

Overall Review: Linksys was able to reproduce the issue I had on a PS3 and I have seen online posts were people experienced the same issue on other extenders (even Linksys extenders). Although they do seem to be working on this issue, the communications I have received from them do not inspire much confidence (they sent me an e-mail recently asking me to determine if the issue was just with XVID files...). I have received a beta firmware, which did not resolve the issue. I have also tried DD-WRT, which did not resolve the issue. If you plan on using this to stream movies to an extender, I would highly recommend that you wait until this issue is resolved or purchase a different product.

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Very cool looking2/25/2009 3:07:50 AM

Pros: 802.11n range and throughput seem decent. DD-WRT is in the works and you can run a working beta on this already.

Cons: QOS management in Linksys firmware is pretty basic. Manual shows 10/100Mbps light indicator should be green and 1Gbps should be blue, but the opposite is true.

Overall Review: I experienced major packet loss on my wired devices. Contacted Linksys tech support and after speaking with a few techs, they are sending me a new router. The problem I experiences was only noticable when streaming HD content to my wired XBox 360. This worked find with my previous WRT-54G. The Media Center Network Tuner showed the bandwidth between my PC and Xbox jumping all over the place.

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Sweet10/27/2007 9:12:06 PM

Pros: Solid construction, looks and works great! I also prefer the locking method on this than a key lock like many other bays use. I am planning on purchasing more of these in the future.

Cons: There is only 1 small sheet of instructions for the manual, and it's mostly pictures with no instruction. Also, each bay uses non standard screws to hold in the drive, which are completely flat on the head. It's understandabe why they need to use this type of screw, but it would suck if you lost some.

Overall Review: There is a small on/off switch for each drive that you must use a pen to activate. These switches are all turned off out of the box, which may be why the one person who gave this a low review thought it was DOA (I thought mine might be too at first). It may not be completely obvious by looking at the pictures, but the drives are standing on their side on this, rather than each laying on top of each other. This may also be why the low reviewer couldn't get it to fit in his case. I am using a CM Stacker and the spring clips that hold in 3x5.25 drives work great to hold this in. Also, you can use either the SATA or the Molex power connectors, in case you were wondering; you don't need to use both.

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Unacceptable support!6/22/2007 12:21:02 AM

Pros: I was using the onboard RAID5 on an ABIT AN8 32X and an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe and the performance increase was huge. However, keep in mind that this card is not 100% compatible with these mothboards as well as most other consumer level boards with PCIE slots designed for video cards in SLI mode. Areca's compatibility list is outdated, but basically it sounds like you need a server board to get this running at peak performance.

Cons: I came home from work one day and the card wasn't being detected at all anymore. I tried the card in a different computer with the same result. As it has been said before, Areca's customer service is HORRIBLE!!! I can't stress this enough. Every time I called they answered "Hi.", not "Thank you for calling Areca...", which made me feel like I had the wrong number. The tech I spoke to sounded fairly knowledgable, but didn't speak English very well. They promised to call me back with the status of my card several times and never did. At one point they tried to tell me that the card was damaged from a static discharge. This is the first time I have ever sent a product back to a company and worried that I was going to get taken advantage of. I sent the card in on 05-11-07 and it is supposedly comming back Fed Ex tomorrow (06-22-07). They originally told me that it would take 2 weeks, but didn't mention that ALL repairs are done in Taiwan.

Overall Review: I bought this card based on the reviews it was getting from sites like Tomshardware, etc. Bottom line, I think this card has excellent performance and would be a good fit for some home users that don't mind taking a risk on getting a bad card; but I would NEVER recommend this card for a business due to the poor customer service. In contrast, I sent an AMD 3800 X2 back to AMD for RMA on the same date (05-11-07), received an e-mail on 05-16-07 saying the RMA was approved, and received a brand new FX60 on 05-21-07.

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Surprisingly decent!7/21/2006 10:29:19 PM

Pros: I was very skeptical about this adapter due to its low cost and no-name (at least to me) brand. However, I was pleasantly surprised that after installing the drivers, the utility was very quickly able to find my access point and connect to it. Typically I hate using the third-party software that comes with wireless adapters and revert to the Wireless Zero Configuration service, but this utility actually loads and connects faster than any other 3rd-party utility I have used before. It has a pretty decent UI as well!

Cons: The signal strength wasn't great, but the computer is several walls away from the access point and I am still easily able to stream HD video from another computer on the network.

Overall Review: Overall, unless you really want to spend the extra cash on an adapter with a directional antenna or go with an adapter that supports higher bandwidth, I think this is a really great buy! I'm happy to say that this is incredibly better than the piece of junk 802.11b D-Link adapter it is replacing!

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IS A SOCKET 754 MOTHERBOARD!3/10/2006 6:27:53 PM

Pros: Disregard my last review of this board stating that this was not a socket 754 motherboard. I ordered this board and actually received the GA-K8N51GMF-9, which is socket 939. I did not realize that the model was different at the time. NewEgg has sent the correct motherboard and reimbursed me for return shipping.

Cons: None

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Maybe the best monitor in this price range3/9/2006 12:40:17 AM

Pros: Bright, clear, no dead pixels, looks GREAT.

Cons: The OSD is confusing and not what I expected from using previous Scepter monitors.

Overall Review: Of course there are monitors out there with faster response times, but I think this is definitely adequate for movies and would be fine for a budget gamer too. I've tested this with many high quality XVID, DVIX and DVD's and saw no noticible tracers.

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NOT A SOCKET 754 MOTHERBOARD!3/9/2006 12:28:54 AM

Pros: I bought this motherboard because it has many of the features I was looking for and I have had good experience with Gigabyte in the past. Unfortunately, it was advertized as a socket 754 motherboard and is actually a socket 939 motherboard. This looks like a really nice motherboard, but that doesn't help me with a socket 754 processor.

Cons: Can't say anything bad about this board since I didn't get to use it. Just don't buy it for a socket 754 processor!

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Great budget case9/15/2005 2:47:02 AM

Comments: I was a little dissapointed when I took the case out of the box and discovered that all 6 of the plastic clamps that connect the front panel to the case had broken off. Probably just bad luck since I haven't seen anyone else comment on a similar experience. A little super glue and I was back in business. The hard drive rack is a little bit of a pain if you are used to working with a rack that disconnects from the case. The power supply that came with mine actually had a SATA plug and it came with an additional SATA adapter, although I read reports from others who did not have a SATA plug on their power supply. The power supply was not attatched to the case very well and gravit pulls one end of it down towards the motherboard. Other than that, this is a decent case for the money. It sure looks cool at least, if you are into that kinda thing.

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9/3/2005 8:30:57 PM

Comments: Installed on an older P4 with only 64mb or RAM running XP. Made a BIG difference in performance and had no compatibility issues with pre installed OEM memory (I think it was a Gateway).

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