Premium, yet affordable10/26/2020 8:56:42 AM

Pros: 1. Inexpensive for a RTX 2060 model 2. Comes overclocked for an out-of-the box performance boost 3. Fans are excellent - great cooling (65 C max at 80% fan speed) & low noise (compared to my MSI Gaming X 1660 Ti or EVGA 2080 Super, both dual fan) 4. Metal backplate for rigidity and a quality feel 5. (Subjective) super "clean" black finish with a minute lighting highlight on the side 6. (Subjective) nice packaging adds to premium feel

Cons: 1. With about two weeks of use under my belt with this card, I've experienced one random instance of flickering while using Chrome 2. Because of the pre overclock, there isn't much OC "headroom" 3. Similarly, VRAM can't be OC'd too high (around 450 Hz boost on my card is all Icould manage without artifacts) 4. (Subjective) ketchup and mustard colored fan cables slightly visible coming out of fan motors

Overall Review: Overall, this card has very few cons. I highly recommend it for smaller builds, gaming/creative work on a relative budget, or those looking for a clean blackout theme.

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