Shocked1/31/2014 2:00:38 PM

Pros: Shockingly Fast. I was aw struck when I first got this card up and running. Batman: Arkham Origins 60 FPS maxed. WoW looks beautiful and stays at 60 FPS maxed. Really excited for the expansion to see what this card can (probably easily) do. This card is amazingly quite. I honestly can not here a thing. Really good bang for your buck.

Cons: Snug fit, But it skinned by perfectly. does run warm after excessive game play usage. This has nothing to do with the card hence the 5 star rating. When I wen't to purchase this card it said i would receive assassin's creed black flag as a bonus gift. I got really excited for a new game to test out the new power on my hardware. Delivery day came and no black flag. however I did call new egg and they said they were out of stock and offered me Batman Arkham Origins. I would have rather had Black flag but Free is Free =D.

Overall Review: This has nothing to do with the card hence the 5 star rating. The Devilery service ( that was a pun for delivery lol =D ) Service OnTrac is one of they most lowest rated delivery services i have ever seen. I was really worried about my package do to the fact that i live in a studio apartment that is locked off from the community. I called new egg to change carriers but i was to late it was already shipped. The tech asked if i would like to recall it and they would ship it though some one i found more reliable, But it was already half way here. So he re-insured me that if anything were to happen i would be reimbursed for my package. So i called OnTrac to give them instructions to call me when they get here and i will go down stairs to receive the package. Delivery day came and they did just what I asked. I received a call that my package had arrived. I took no more then 3-5 mins to get dressed and go down stairs to pick my package up. There was no one at the door? I looked around out side and he just left it out side the door (I don't live in the most honest community). I thought to my self, kinda funny, Shouldn't i have signed for this or something. Just as i look up they start driving out of the complex and he catches me picking up the package. His EXACT WORDS WERE *Irritation in his voice* Yeah your supposed to sign for that.... He honestly was upset that i came down stars and got the package before he could dip off. It takes less then a few secs for some one to decided um i'm just going to grab that and run. Only good thing would have been i didn't sign for the package so he couldn't put that b.s. on me. This is an Honest shout out to NEW EGG. ((((STOP.... USING..... ONTRAC...))))

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