A beast when working6/22/2020 2:12:26 PM

Pros: Easy set up. Asus app is great. Lots of options in it. FAST speeds. Long reach. Used to get 10-20 Mbps in bedroom on 2nd floor with previous AC2900 router. This bedroom is a floor up and at opposite end of the house of the old router location. The Zenwifi XT8s boosted my speed in that bedroom up to 160-180 Mbps.

Cons: When working these are great, but continually lose connection, sometimes up to 3 times a day. Firmware is the latest. I was on the verge of returning these to Newegg with about a week to go in my 30 day return window, but decided to give them one more shot. They worked great for 2 weeks, but then went flaky again. Now I might go 5-6 days without losing the connection, or just 1 day. Asus needs to improve quality control here. Past Newegg return window now. Hope a firmware update comes out to fix for good. App has an small, odd problem. There is an LED color guide in the app, but no mention is made on the green color I see when rebooting. Not a big problem obviously, but just odd.

Overall Review: So much hope. So much disappointment.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Steve F, We certainly understand your disappointment and the inconvenience this may have caused you. Please provide us your network topology for a better understanding of your issue, along with any log details. You can reach us via ASUSWRT(ASUS router Web UI), or ASUS Router App, or send a tweet or direct message to our Official ASUS North America Support twitter at AsusHelpUS. We’ll do our best to provide a quick resolution to your case. Your feedback is important as it helps with improvements to ASUS Support channels. Your case for reference is N200682220. Thank you for choosing ASUS! Best Regards, Adrian ASUS Customer Loyalty – US Support
Great Case!3/29/2020 9:13:48 PM

Pros: Really nice case. Phanteks did a great job with the design, inside and out. Nice detail and paint job on the outside. Panels feels solid. Front panel is plastic, but comes with a nice brushed metal finish. One of the few cases that offer a space for an optical drive, as long as you mount only up to a 240mm AIO in the roof (see more in cons). Front panel pops off easily for cleaning. The front open mesh front allows good airflow thru the entire case. Only two USB 3.0 ports on the outside, but that is fine with me. Nice dust covers. Lots of room to work inside. Plenty of holes/cutouts inside for routing cables thru on the front and back. Rubber flanges on the main cutouts are a nice feature. Several velcro tie downs pre-installed on the back panel are helpful in routing your cables. Plus you can use the black cable ties that come with it for securing/routing your cables. Two mounting points on the backside and one on a lower front panel (power supply cover) for mounting SSDs. Case comes with two 140mm fans. One was mounted on the back and one in the front. There is room for two in the front, so I moved the back fan to the front to give me two for best airflow. I replaced the Phanteks back fan with an RGB 140mm fan in the back. All in all, fairly quiet case Sure, you can hear the fans, but it's something I don't even notice, unless I focus on it..

Cons: Only comes with one SSD bracket. Should come with two. And Phanteks overcharges big time on accessories if you want to buy more, such as that SSD bracket. Phanteks specifies that you have to remove the optical drive cage to mount a 360mm AIO in the roof. That is true. I just wish they would have offered more info on a 280mm AIO. Yes, you can leave the optical drive cage in the case mounting a 280mm AIO in the roof, but forget having any room for an optical drive itself. My 280mm AIO fits up tight against that optical drive cage, leaving no room between it and AIO radiator for an optical drive. Phanteks really should tell you this in their description, but fail big time on that point. This is the only reason I gave it four eggs, not five. If you mount a 280mm AIO in the roof, be sure your memory is low profile. There is little room for memory clearance with the wider 280mm AIO. My G.Skil Flare X fit fine, but anything taller would be difficult. Do wish the power supply cover was removable, to allow for more room to work with the cable, but not a big deal. There is OK room on the backside to work with it. Some of their more expensive cases offer a removable power supply cover as an option. Like most cases, space on the backside is tight. No matter how I routed and cable tied the wiring/cables, putting on the backside panel was kind of a pain. An additional 1/4" to 1/2" Would have really helped. Could have used a few cable tie cutouts on the back side, near the rear or right side of the case. No RGB bling on the outside. This will be a con for some and a pro for others.

Overall Review: I know I noted quite a few cons, but most of them are minor, and I am really pleased with this case.

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Easy set up on my Ryzen 2400G X470 system.3/3/2020 4:07:53 PM

Pros: Installed and got it running at rated speeds with easy tweak to bios. Been rock solid for over months. Decent timings. Low profile is a great feature if space is an issue, as it was with my ITX mini case. Anything taller, and my CPU fan would not have cleared the memory. This went into a new home theatre system I built, so I was grateful that it has no LEDs.

Cons: No LEDs. Pro for me, but might be con for you.

Overall Review: Haven't tried to overclock it, so can't speak to that, but I'm happy with purchase.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Steven, We appreciate your 5-eggs review! And thank you for choosing Team's product! We also have other great products; feel free to check other TEAM products on Newegg! Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions about the products. We will assure that our customer always gets high-quality goods and excellent customer services from us. We would be happy to hear from you Technical support email: techsupport@teamgroup.com.tw RMA email: rma.usa@teamgroup.com.tw TEAM GROUP
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works great2/19/2020 1:45:29 PM

Pros: Been using for years. This 2020 version was easy to install and set up backup schedule to my external drive. Completes my backup on schedule each time. Used it on 3 PCs and it works perfect on each one. I find the set up program to be fairly easy to understand and work with.

Overall Review: I'll would buy again. Don't think this is the subscription version. If it is, I'm gonna be ticked, and will revise this review.

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Works great.1/22/2020 3:13:17 PM

Pros: Great wireless controller. Comfortable ergonimic design for long play. Good battery life.

Overall Review: Got it on sale, so very happy with purchase.

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Kept losing connection11/14/2019 5:41:08 PM

Pros: Original install/pairing was pretty simple. When working, it was pretty good at picking up people in my driveway at a distance of about 25'. Video quality was good.

Cons: Very disappointed in this system. Updated firmware and then had it installed for a week. The connection was fine for a couple of days, but after that it would lose connection repeatedly. Uninstalling and pairing again didn't fix the problem. Moving the base closer didn't help. Returned it after that week of testing. Not surprised that it only came with 2 batteries. Thats pretty standard, but was shocked to see it did not come with a charging base for the batteries. Without that base, you have to remove the cameras and plug them in for charging. How do you omit a basic part that should be included with ALL rechargeable battery systems. Way to cut corners in the wrong way Arlo.

Overall Review: I had read reviews mentioning the connection being lost before buying this. Hoped I would be lucky, but nope.

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Good case for a media center.11/10/2019 10:33:50 AM

Pros: Chose this case for it's compact size and good looks. I do like the back finish. One LED at the front is not too distracting. Installed a Ryzen 2400G with Stealth cooler. The Stealth cooler that comes with the 2400G fits fine, leaving about 1" space between the PSU and cooler. PSU temps are decent at 28-35 degrees C at no load. During Blender testing, my temps sat around 60-72 degrees C. This case will fit regular size PSUs no problem. No need for an SFX compact PSU. For a compact case, it's fairly easy to work in. Ability to add an optical drive if needed. 2 front USB 3.0 ports.

Cons: The room between the PSU and motherboard is too tight for any kind of decent sized CPU fan/heatsink. I had an unused Wraith Spire cooler from a Ryzen 2700 that I built in another PC laying around. Obviously this would offer better cooling than the Stealth. Unfortunately, while the Spire fit, there was only about 1/8" between the top of the cooler and the PSU. No room for air to move, so CPU temps soared. Had no choice but to take that out the Spire and use the Stealth cooler. You will need a modular PSU, as there is not a lot of room for extra cables without impacting cooling.

Overall Review: Do wish the case offered the choice of installing the motherboard at the front or back. That would allow a taller cooler to be used at the front.

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Great drive!8/31/2019 2:12:19 PM

Pros: Installed Windows correctly the first try on this drive. Tested with Crystaldiskmark and speeds are as advertised. In other words, fast. Been rock solid for weeks. 5 year warranty. TLC, not QLC. Great price for what you get. Free SSD Toolbox download.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I'd buy again.

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USB 3.1 headers do not work.8/31/2019 2:01:24 PM

Pros: Installed this in a new build with a Ryzen 2700 (no overclocking). Install went well. Board boots up fine. Nice looking board. Good EUFI with lots of options. LEDs are nice. Lots of rear ports. Except for issues noted below, board seems solid.

Cons: Neither USB 3.1 header works on this board. Confirmed that it was not my new cases ports at fault. I added a USB 3.0 card, and connected the case ports to it, and they work fine after that. Took Asrock over a week to respond to my request for help on this issue. Enabling FAST Boot opt in the bios fails booting into Windows. Boots fine with Fast Boot disabled. Wish they had put LEDs around memory area instead of around the chipset. Video card ends up covering up the chipset LEDs.

Overall Review: I've owned 3 ASrock boards in the last 5 years or so, but have had problems of one sort or another with all of them. 1st one had glitchy USB ports that didn't always work. 2nd one wouldn't boot in Windows with Fast Boot enabled. This current one, the Taichi X470, has faulty USB 3.1 headers and Fast Boot won't work. Don't think I'm going to RMA this Taichi X470. I've worked around the bad USB 3.1 headers with the add on card. Losing Fast Boot is an irritation, but not the end of the world. Who wants to take their new PC apart, and then pay to ship the defective board back. Then wait for who knows how long to get another board (probably a refurbed one) back. This will be the last Asrock board I ever purchase though.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Steven, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. For the fast boot enable issue, please check if the Windows 10 was installed UEFI mode. If Windows 10 was installed legacy mode the fast boot setting may not be boot. For the front USB, we will be more than happy to assist you if the mainboard is malfunctioned. Please contact us at https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp Thank you ASRock Support Tech Support Email: https://event.asrock.com/tsd.asp
Awesome tool.7/17/2019 7:05:47 PM

Pros: Makes my grilling life much easier. I'm able to walk about thru most of the upper level of my house and maintain connection. App is easy to use. Offers directions in app. Just set type of meat and desired temp. App estimates time to completion. It even tells you when to take it away from the cooking source, as you get within about 5 degrees or so of the desired temp. The meat will continue to cook for several minutes after removing it from the heat, and cook to the temp you desired. I've used it 3 times and the single battery in the charging base is still providing a full charge

Cons: Expensive.

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So far, so great!4/1/2019 8:31:52 PM

Pros: While no where near the claimed 300MB/s, I do get speeds consistently faster than other flash drives I've tried. Usually around 30-35MB/s when transferring files to it. Really like the design and color. Metal body a plus. Worked like a champ in the 2+ months that I've had it.

Cons: Should come with a lanyard. No cover, but I knew this when ordering, so no big deal to me.

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Great tax software3/22/2019 12:27:27 PM

Pros: I've used this for years. Easy to use. Walks you thru the entire process. It does a final review of your completed taxes, looking for anything that might lead to an audit. 5 free e files.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I'll buy this again for next year's taxes.

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Fully Ryzen compatible3/1/2019 9:28:58 PM

Pros: Installed and enabled XMP in Bios and memory runs at 3200 MHz, with no problems at all. Nice design. Cool LEDs. Good price.

Cons: Timings not the fastest, but they clearly advertise timings, so no surprise.

Overall Review: I'd buy again.

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Good buy!1/9/2019 7:30:06 PM

Pros: Attractive. Compact size. Good price. Solid. Easy to assemble and install SSD into. USB 3.0. Includes USB cable. Bright LED. Works great. Worked for my son's Xbox as external drive.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I'd buy again.

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So slow (response to Michael C)1/9/2019 1:53:36 PM

Pros: Hmmm, nothing really.

Cons: This SSD does not come close to many of Crucials claimed speeds. Some times speed is half of the claimed speeds, which means Crucail is flat out lying to us This is one of the new DRAM less drives that I suggest you stay away from. They deliver much slower speeds for only a small price reduction. It makes no sense to buy one of these DRAM less BX500s when for just an additional $5, you can order the Crucial MX500 (this has DRAM) from Newegg. Plus the MX500 offers a 5 year warranty, while this BX500 only offers 3 years. Why would anyone buy the BX500 given the poor performance and much shorter warranty for just a measly $5 savings over the MX500? I would understand if the BX500 was $25 cheaper, but otherwise stay away.

Overall Review: Michael, I appreciate your feedback in your review. All good points. I could have been clearer that not all speeds are slow. I built my PC less that a year ago (Ryxen 1600X, X370 motherboard). All Sata III, so the use of Sata II is not the issue. Not all speeds are slow. Some are just fine, but many are considerably slower than the MX500 (with dram), expecially write performance. I've read 2 professional reviews on the BX500 and both are poor. One is Tom's Hardware. I pasted a link below if you wanted to look at it. Tom's gives it a 2.5 out of 5 rating. You'll see results posted do show some slow speeds. They praised the BX500 for strong sequential burst performance mainly. But the cons overpower that positive. Their cons are ...lower than average application performance, low endurance (hence 3 year warranty vs the MC500's 5 year), low sustained write performance. https://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/crucial-bx500-ssd,5377.html Maximum PC gave the BX500 a 5 out of 10 with many of the same negative points. I think the BX500 would be fine if was substantially cheaper, but at the time I'm writing this the MX500 is .13 cents CHEAPER than the BX500 on Newegg. Why settle for lower write performance and only a 3 year warranty vs the superior performance and 5 year warranty that the MX500 offers at the same cost to you??

37 out of 53 people found this review helpful. Did you? 
Manufacturer Response:
While we appreciate your guys open discussion of this drive, could you please refrain from making multiple reviews. This isn’t a forum, subsequently every post with a 2 egg rating you make is effecting the overall rating of this listing. You guys are free to go discuss over on the SSD forums on our website. It’s much better suited for this sort of thing, and it allows us to give more prompt and direct replies, with more detailed information if either of you have further questions. https://forums.crucial.com/t5/Crucial-SSDs/bd-p/ssd Toll-free for US & Canada: 800-336-8915 Phone: 1-208-363-5790 Email: crucial.support@micron.com Hours (MST): Monday - Friday: 7am - 6pm Community: http://forum.crucial.com/ We are committed to providing exceptional products and value, and we welcome the opportunity to help with any of your questions or concerns.
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For $50, this keyboard is a steal!!1/2/2019 8:46:15 AM

Pros: Got this keyboard for my son for Xmas. He loves it. Very solid frame. Detachable palm rest. Sweet mechanical keys. Lots of LED light patterns to choose from before installing the Viper software with the touch of the Fn and F keys. The software offers even more flexibility. Be sure to download it from Patriot's website. Programmable macro keys. Sturdy USB cable. USB pass thru port.

Cons: If you must have quiet, look elsewhere. I love the clicky clack sound when typing, but in an office environment, probably too loud.

Overall Review: I bought the Viper V730 for myself months earlier, and liked it so much, I jumped on the V760 when I saw it pop up for only $49.99.

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Run away! Run far away!12/18/2018 8:43:02 PM

Pros: Small size. Great price.

Cons: Where to start? Spent 2 hours, over 3 nights, trying to connect and setup 2 plugs with little luck. Kept getting red flashing light on button. No mention of what that means in instruction or how to videos, which is just sad. I had to read John L's review here on Newegg to figure what to do when you see a red light. Thanks John....good info to share. Regardless of blue or red light, I couldn't get these to connect. The elf app loves to disconnect my 2.4 GHz wifi, and then reconnect it, but getting Ok-Sp3 to come up under connections in wifi settings so I could then select that connection, was almost impossible. Both plugs failed time and time again. Finally got it to connect to Ok-sp3 in my wifi on my 3rd day of frustration. I was able to set up device name and turn plug on and off with the elf app. The excitement lasted all of 60 seconds. I reviewed the how to video to connect it to Google Home. That process went fine until the Eques elf app login screen came up. It refused to accept my login info, telling me username and/or password were incorrect. I confirmed the user info was accurate. Even logged out of the elf app, and then back into it with the same user info successfully. Updated password, but nothing worked. That roadblock kept me from getting these to connect with Google Home. Rarely have I seen two pieces of the same device fail so spectacularly. I'm done. These are going into the garbage, as I've had them too long to return, plus I broke a ground plug one in frustration (dumb, but felt so good for a brief moment). Won't even try to connect the final two unopened ones. They're going into the garbage as well. One other thing, you cannot use the same elf app login to log into the Eques home page. You have to create a second account I'm told just for the website. What company does that?? So dumb.

Overall Review: The only positive in this Eques experience was that I did get very quick responses to my questions from Eques "contact us" site. The end results were failure still, but I was very impressed with those fast responses. I'm going back to TP-Link.

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Incredible deal for just $39.99!!12/12/2018 4:46:10 PM

Pros: A mechanical keyboard on sale for just $39.99?? That's a steal for this high quality keyboard! Still a good buy at full price of $59.99. Love the battleship gray aluminum frame. Feels very solid. Nice clickity clack keys. Lots of LED lighting effects options on keyboard. 8 multi media keys. Includes very nice wrist rest with soft touch coating. Since keys sit high on frame, I think cleaning around the keys will be easy.

Cons: So software to tweak LED effects or change colors, but for the price, this is not expected. Attached wrist rest is not removable. Not a big deal for me, as I always use it. If you hate wrist rests, look at the Patriot V760 with removable wrist rest. No USB ports for pass thru.

Overall Review: All cons listed above are not a problem to me, and for the price offered on this keyboard, cuts had to be made somewhere. Patriot made the right choices here. Home run by Patriot. Can't recommend this keyboard enough. I liked it so much, that when the Patriot V760 went on sale at just $49.99, I ordered it for my son for Xmas.

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So far, so great!11/23/2018 12:17:35 AM

Pros: While no flash drives reach the ridiculous speed they claim in the advertising, this is still a fast drive. I see 40-50 MB/s on average, which is much faster than my other USB 3.1 drives. I see short spikes up to 80 MB/s at times. I've had it for about 4 months and have experienced no problems at all. Good looking design as well. Slides back into housing for protection. No cap to worry about losing.

Cons: Why advertise speed that is only achievable in dreams? Patriot is not alone in this. All other manufacturers do it as well.

Overall Review: Nice, quality drive. Would buy again.

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Great deal at under $20!10/31/2018 9:59:00 PM

Pros: Have only had this for a couple of days, but am impressed with what I see so far. Well built. Nice aluminum frame. LED power level indicator. USB and USB--C ports. Quick Charge!! This charged my Samsung Galaxy S7 from 28% to 99% in just 52 minutes. Very fast. 3 LEDs still active after the charging of the S7, so still lots of juice left for future charging. Got it for $19.99, which seems like a deal. Packaged very well. The amount of cardboard around this this makes it seem bullet proof.

Cons: Not tiny with a long frame. Longer than my S7. Wish it had one more standard USB port.

Overall Review: I'd recommend and buy again no problem.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Thanks for choosing ORICO as your preferred choice, this is Sherry from ORICO customer care team. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Your kind feedback is the best encourage that keeps us moving forward and constantly improving our goods and services. Should you have any further problem ,please feel free to contact ME. Our E-Mail is newegg@orico.com.cn ,we will try our best to help you. Thanks again for choosing ORICO as your preference. Best Regards Customer Care Team
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Good sound for the price!7/19/2018 8:03:14 PM

Pros: These were a deal at the sale price I paid. They are comfortable and stay in my ears. Sound is good, but over time they've sounded better and better as they break in.

Cons: Not a lot of bass, but that is improving as they break in.

Overall Review: I'd buy again.

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So far, so good.5/19/2018 12:42:28 PM

Pros: Installed just fine first try. Lots of options. Great price at under $20. Nero mobile free apps offered.

Cons: Continually tries to sell you additional options.

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Great tablet for under $200!5/19/2018 12:01:15 PM

Pros: Great hardware specs for the price. 8.4" screen is the perfect size for easy handling. Very nice screen with great resolution. Will accept memory card. Been using it since Xmas, with no problems at all.

Cons: Only reason I gave it 4 eggs is the lack of 5 GHz wifi. Only 2.4 GHz. For such a nice tablet, that is a serious omission.

Overall Review: I'd recommend this tablet as long as you have access to solid, dependable 2.4 GHZ wifi.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Steven, We are thrilled to hear that you are satisfied with your amazing MediaPad M3! Sleek, stylish curves give emphasis to modern industrial design cues. Crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum, each light, yet sturdy, the unibody shell is sculpted by a 5-axis CNC machine, exemplifying Huawei MediaPad M3's cutting-edge technological heritage. Slim, yet confident in the hand, the Huawei MediaPad M3 is a pleasure to use and an example of ergonomic brilliance. Here at Huawei, We are committed to providing you with the best products and services at the lowest prices. We look forward to serving you for many more years. IG.
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Works great every year.4/11/2018 5:12:57 PM

Pros: I've used this program for years and always been happy with it. Walks you thru most of your tax prep easy. The program does a final audit at the end and points out any concerns. Love the donation deduction walk thru. It evens gives you the value of most donations.

Cons: The sales tax deduction process could be a little clearer.

Overall Review: I'm sure I'll be buying again next year. Unless you have very complicated taxes, why pay someone hundreds of $$, when this program will do it for much, much less?

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Great phone at a great price!3/4/2018 12:24:17 PM

Pros: Got this phone for my adult son as a Xmas gift. So far, he is very happy with it. Got it on sale for $239.99, which for this class of hardware is a great deal. He stopped by Verizon, got a new sim card, and was up and running. Very good reception and call quality. Removable battery!! This is a great feature. It's so sad that more and more phones are getting away from removable batteries (in hopes you don't keep that phone as long). My son tells me that the battery lasts for an entire day for him without a recharge. With Good, not great, camera. Nice 2K IPS screen. This is a perfect screen size at 5.3". Comfortable to hold and put in a pocket. 32GB storage. 4GB RAM. Metal frame. Fingerprint reader works well. MicroSD card capable. Gorilla Glass 4. US warranty. Works with both GSM and CDMA carriers. All phones should offer this flexibility.

Cons: If you must have the best camera possible, look elsewhere. The camera on this phone is very good, but not the best in low light. While the battery lasts all day for my son, with a 2800mAh size battery, you may find that a heavy user will need a recharge to get thru the day.

Overall Review: The Snapdragon 820 processor is not that far behind the latest Qualcom CPUs, and does everything he uses it for, including gaming. Any phone with the 835 CPU will cost you 2.5-3 times the price, making this LG G5 a great deal. Motorola is selling their phones with the much older Snapdragon 625 CPU for more than this LG G5.

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