Very nice12/22/2011 10:36:56 AM

Pros: 150 watts max (stock speeds) for low heat and pretty fast mid-range card. Runs amazingly cool with stock fan.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I'm impressed with the overall performance gain versus GTX 285. This is mostly due to lack of heat. I will very likely consider getting another - this is an ideal SLI card.

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Yep!7/2/2009 7:46:51 AM

Pros: Had a PNY 8800gts that's been great so went with PNY for GTX285. Reference or near reference design but oc'able. Flawless and very fast so far for me!

Cons: Need 42 amps @ 12v so minimum ps would typically be 650w+. My original 550w with ~38 amps was NOT enough. Not a con - but somewhat mis-advertised.

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OK for price8/15/2007 10:53:38 AM

Pros: Easy to install, does what it says for cheap. Includes 1 PATA and 2 SATA cables.

Cons: Corrupting large files occasionally - BAD! I will drive different drivers though. SATA, not SATA 2. Instructions vague. External ports should really be eSATA.

Overall Review: I added SATA drive to older Athlon 3000+ system for Vista, installed Vista by just adding the driver during the installation, and am booting off it easy enough. I have only tried included driver so far. Had to look up the chipset (Via 6421). As SATA 2 cards are only a little more I recommend looking for one of those if your drive(s) is/are SATA 2.

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Big but good so far on Conroe9/2/2006 2:06:22 PM

Pros: I have this with a Scythe SFlex fan (also newegg and I recommend!) on a Conroe E6600 which is probably overkill. I have oc'ed it from 2.4 GHz to 3.2 and leave it at 2.88 now. Idles at a cool 33 deg and stays under 40 even oc'ed.

Cons: Need a larger size case - it sticks out aways - but you should be ok with any of the standard larger cases. The clips to hold the fan on are a little dorky but work fine. Fan not included but at least you can pick your own then.

Overall Review: Good deal for such a nice big well designed air cpu cooler.

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Great deal, no complaints9/2/2006 1:56:18 PM

Pros: Works great, fast and cool.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I've been a Seagate fan after I've had problems with most other drives not lasting past a couple years. This one is a winner too so far.

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Great video card!9/2/2006 1:53:13 PM

Pros: $xxx for this if my rebate comes! Runs great stock out of the box and very overclockable with hot air vented out the second slot. In fact I can max out ATI Overdrive at 690/800 (stock is 621/720) no problem. I have a big well cooled case and mine runs 49 deg. idle/ 62 deg. load and scored 12,079 3DMark05!

Cons: Takes 2 slots. The stock fan is LOUD when full 3D mode kicks in. It is a fairly hot GPU - think about another cooler.

Overall Review: I now have a Thermaltake Tide Water (easy liquid GPU cooling) on mine that works great and costs little more than a good air cooler. Max ATI Overdrive settings (see above) and I am at 36 idle/49 load degrees.

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Decent memory for the price9/2/2006 1:44:59 PM

Pros: I have 2GB with an E6600 and an Asus P5B deluxe. Good value for a Conroe and moderately overclockable! To get better memory you will be paying more.

Cons: When really pushing my E6600 cpu (air cooling) I am having to resort to 4:5 ratio so far. Timing is 5-5-5-18 at stock - not real impressive but competitive at this price.

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Great sound, works perfectly9/2/2006 1:29:07 PM

Pros: I have only used the main output and mic in for game comms so far. Sound is great and so are most of the effects - 3D with headphones, EAX, etc. are nice.

Cons: Some of the effects like crystallize are dumb. IMO 2 speaker setting sounds better through headphones than headphone setting. Mic input level seems a little finicky and I got low mic volume with some headsets.

Overall Review: Minor complaints, it is a great sound card if a little pricey for what I use it for.

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Great cooling if you have the room9/2/2006 1:21:30 PM

Pros: MSI X1900XT went from 49idle/62load deg. with stock fan to 36/47 with this and even at *max* Catalyst oc'ing (690/800 MHz) is running at 36/49 with fan set to low! Took 10 minutes to install for water cooling without hassle. Much quieter!

Cons: Directions are badly translated but it's easy. Need lots of room internally - it's double slot and full ATX width. Fit is not perfect and I made a custom bracket so the radiator would line up better with the outside case slots.

Overall Review: This costs only a little more than the best air coolers and will give you far better cooling and be much quieter.

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